Daland Nissan at El Camino Millbrae Complaint - Rude and Impolite Customer Service

Review by Leonorag on 2011-02-27
460 EL CAMINO REAL MILLBRAE, CALIFORNIA -- The Sales Representative [snip - no names please] who said right away that I cannot help you. At that time they have customer and all of them are just sitting down. So, Frank said if I want my Mom can run her credit, since I know the information of my Mom I gave the information so the Filipino guy asked as two referrence. So, I was putting the address of my brother but I left the phone# at home, I only remember the 650-837 then I forgot the 4 numbers, then he on telling me that I have to give the right number, I really can't remember it then He told me that " not be nervous" which I'm not because I'm trying to remember the right number. I told I can remember I will asked my Mom then he said I'm nervous I said No. I'm a stroke patient and that is the reason why we want a car.

So, my Mom sign the form and the score of my Mom's score is low. The told my Mom we cannot get a car, we cannot afford to buy a car. Is that how the customer service they need to with the people. We look fine our clothes our clean. I would like you to do an action to these people, I really upset and stress to this kind of attitude. I will report this to all Nissan.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2011-02-27:
"The Sales Representative which is a Filipino"...I'm not sure why that has any bearing on your complaint.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-02-27:
So what I can get from this review is that your Mom's credit score was low so they wouldn't sell you a car (or, presumably, finance a car for you). I see nothing wrong with this. The fact that you have clean clothes has nothing to do with the fact that your Mom's credit score is too low to get financing for a car.
Again, this is what I could understand from this review. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Posted by momsey on 2011-02-27:
I got the same thing as Ontario girl. Just because your mom didn't qualify for a loan doesn't make them rude.
Posted by T on 2011-02-28:
I concluded the same as the others. Your mom's score is low and so they wouldn't finance the car. I don't think they singled you out because they thought you were nervous or dressed wrong.

Unfortunately, banks lent money to people they shoulnd't have a handful of years ago, which got us in quite a mess. I'm glad they are being more careful. Just because they lend money, doesn't mean everyone can borrow it.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-02-28:
From what I can understand of this review, you are saying the dealership was rude because of something that had no bearing on the financing. I have a shock for you, they run credit checks when someone wants to finance a vehicle. If the scores from the credit reporting bureaus is too low, you can't get financing. It is not rudeness, but simple business. They have to know they will be paid, and the only way they have of knowing that is a person's credit history. Sorry, but that's life.

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