Property Resources West Complaint - Rental of Posada del Mar, Aguada, Puerto Rico

Review by jt78028 on 2005-04-28
AGAUADA, PUERTO RICO -- The following letter was e-mailed to PR West. They did not reply. This is not a good company to deal with. They do not care and absolve themselves of all responsibility. They advertise "Posada del Mar" in a most irresponsible way and the house is not much better than a shack! Photos of the squallor are available!

We have been unable to find an interactive site for Puerto Rico Tourism to send the letter to. Maybe this review will rattle a cage ot two!

PR West Vacation Services. Dated 3/28/2005

Dear Sirs,

Having now taken time to review our thoughts and emotions since our return from our vacation at Posada del Mar, Aguada, we are writing to you to complain about the experience. Unless we receive a satisfactory response to this letter we will copy it to the Puerto Rico Tourist Authorities.

Firstly we appreciate that in your “rental terms” you absolve yourselves from any responsibility regarding accommodation. However, as you advertise and promote this property on your web page you must accept some measure of responsibility. If as a “reputable company” you promote a property you surely must owe it to clients to insure that the property is of a standard that is generally acceptable and reflects the rental that you are asking.

Before our comments regarding the actual property, we should point out that we were less than happy when in whilst booking we were asked by your office to pay a rate inflated by 25% over the advertised rental rate. In addition, whilst we were in Puerto Rico, it took us three conversations with your office to gain some assistance in contacting the “manager” (Nike) of Posada del Mar in order to get the keys. In addition to these problems we were less than happy that the instructions on how to reach the house were inaccurate and incomplete, indicating that whoever had prepared them had probably never been to the house. Even had a visit been made it was clearly a long time ago.

Now to the house:-

(We will not dwell on the visual aspects which left us initially shocked when we reached the house and we will restrict our comments for this letter to a few of the many issues that we had with the property.)

The house when we took it over was very dirty. We had to clean the every item in the kitchen and the cabinets and counter tops before we could use it. The bedrooms and living room had clearly had no more than a superficial wipe before we arrived. The bathrooms were a disgrace. We were disgusted.
There was no hot water in the house; Nike tried to prove that the heaters on the shower heads gave hot water. This was not the case. If the flow was reduced to a trickle lukewarm water could be achieved. Every time we showered we were both concerned that we be electrocuted as the house wiring is clearly unsafe.
The electrical services in the house did not conform to reasonable safety standards. When we arrived we pointed out to Nike that there was no cover plate to the bathroom light switches. He indicated that he was aware of this and on our pointing it out did go to get one and fit it.
We have attached photographs of other blatantly unacceptable electrical issues, including an unattached bathroom light fitting, open connection box, outlets and plugs located in a shower, etc..
The house was advertised for 10 persons thereby raising our expectation of a reasonable amount of space and useable bedrooms.
~ The master was so small that one could not walk around the queen bed.

~ The other two bedrooms were like jails with inoperable window shutters meaning that there was no natural light or air. (These shutter problems existed throughout the house and in particular in the bathrooms where there was no ventilation.)

~ You photographs are clearly years out of date judging by the growth of the palm in the back yard.

There were many other problems with the property with electrical equipment and mechanical items. Even the yard was fenced with a scrap sign (photo) and the “barbeque pit” was a disgrace. Generally this was an expensive, bad experience for which we blame PR West for irresponsibly promoting and the owner for allowing.

Hopefully there is effective legislation in Puerto Rico that controls rental properties and those that promote them so that this house can be prevented from future rentals until it has been brought up to acceptable safety and living standards.

Finally we suggest that you visit this house to see what we have referred to (noting that my wife spent time cleaning the entire house) and that having visited you and the owner refund to us a significant proportion of the excessive rent in compensation for this appalling experience.

We left Puerto Rico loving the island but happy to “escape” from this house, which left us with disgust that a Realtor could allow such accommodation to be offered under its name

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