Morrisons Discount Automotive Complaint - Auto repair saga on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

Review by dfazzi on 2011-03-03
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

12/9/10 car was towed to Morrisons Discount Automotive due to motor problems
and that was fixed.
12/20/10 then told axle and transmission problems. I had to go to Tampa to pick up Megan for Xmas. Megan went back to Tampa to wait for car.
1/10/11 was told car was fixed and ready. Megan went with the money to pay mechanic but he was not there.
1/11/11 was told burned hand on radiator overheated and that had to be replaced.
1/17/11 was told that car was fixed and ready again and that he was going to send it down by truck on Wednesday.
1/19/11 No car no call.
1/20/11 Thursday came and went, no car, was told it would be there on Friday.
1/21/11 Friday came and went no car. Driver' name Marcus.
1/22/11 was told car was sent back to Tampa and mechanic would drive it down on Sunday 1/23/11.
1/23/11 no car still, no calls either and no answer when called.
1/24/11 was called at 8am and told car would be on it's way down today, leaving Tampa at 3:30 or 4pm. He said he did not drive the car down on Sunday because of hands. Dave called at 3:35pm and asked for address and said on his way down by 4:15. At 6pm got a call saying that there was a problem with the car. He said hat when the car was taken off the truck on the weekend, the driver {Marcus}tore off bumper and headlights. He said he fixed it all say Sunday except the lights He was working on the lights and would call me when done. 7:15 that night no call.
1/25/11 He called and told me the car was ready and I told him I was coming up.
When we got to Tampa, and went to see the car everything under the hood was sitting on the side of the car. He told me he was still waiting on light and then had to put everything back under the hood. Was not able to go home that day so he paid $65.00 of the $82.00 the hotel cost.
1/26/11 was told still working on the car and have to stay another night, again he paid $65.00 of the $82.00 the hotel cost.
1/27/11 told car would be ready by 1pm. At 12:30 was called and told there was another problem with the car. When the motor was put back the motor dropped and the suspension is bent. The suspension has to be soldered and that the car would not be ready until Saturday so go home. He would bring the car down on Sunday or Monday.
1/29/11was told car just got back to shop at 1:30 and would work on it on Monday.
I told him I didn't have the money to come back up again to Tampa since I lost a whole week of work. He said he would drive it down to me.
1/30/11 was told has to put back engine and would either leave today or Tuesday.
2/1/11 was told needed wheel alignment and would be back by 3:30 and will leave 1st thing Wednesday.
2/2/11 car got back to mechanic to late, leaving 1st thing in the morning. 1st thing turned out to be 11:30 and then 1:20. Finally on road according to Dave. Received call and Dave said stopped for gas and car won't start. 86 miles north of Naples. Took to auto zone, the charged battery. Called back again and he stated car started again. He called again between 5 & 6 pm car car died again. Called AAA and I spoke to him at 7:10 said AAA was there and he would call me back. No show, No Call again. Did not know if car was on side of road or what.
2/3/11 Dave called and said had car brought back to Tampa thinks alternator or electric. Will call back.
2/4/11 was called and told car was ready and he was going to leave on 2/5/11 to drive it down.
2/5/11 was called and told his daughter's b-day and would come down on 2/6/11.
2/6/11 called at 8:30 and said would be there around 2pm. At 11:30 he said with Superbowl, he didn't want to drive down here with all the drunk drivers so would be leaving Tampa on 2/7/11 @ 5:30 am.
27/11 he called @ 5:30 am and said he was getting breakfast and wold be on his way about 6:15am. He called back at 6:15 and said leaving. Called again @ 7:30 said in Sarasota. 8:45 called again to tell me car died again and it was the motor. Something he was supposed to have fixed back in December. He got the mechanic that sold him the 1st one to tow the car back to Tampa and replace the motor and had them put it in the car. Said that it would take 2 days and he would rent me a car. That never happened. No car because I do not have a credit card.
2/8/11 spoke to Dave and All Jap Imports is going to fix the new motor and install it.
2/9/11 and 2/10/11still working on motor.
2/11/11 finally done and working well. Now I am told computer problems so put a new computer in it. Done and now the keys had to be flashed. The person to do that was out of town until 2/14/11. Now as told that was done but now a sensor light is flashing.
2/15/11 still flashing, went to VW dealer, wrong computer
2/16/11 he had VW dealer order another computer by serial number and waiting for that to come in.
2/17/11 new computer arrived, put in car and now was told the car is running fine and will be bringing it down to me on 2/18/11.
2/18/11 was told by Dave that car is being driven down with wife and child following him in their car. First said leaving 1st thing, the noon and finally 2:00pm.
He called almost every hour with update status as to where he was. At 6:30 called to tell me that they were stopping at Applebees for dinner and would call when back on the road. At that time they were 60 miles from Naples. At about 9:30, he called and said they where driving and the headlights went out and that he could not see anything so they were stopping for the night and would fix them in morning. He said would call at 5:30 am.
2/19/11 Did not hear from him until 7:30 and I called him 3 times. Said he was going to Walmart to get fuses and fix the car. Called me back said having breakfast and then on the way. 10:30 called said driving and would call later. Called back said ran out of gas and that he was going to drive to gas station and bring gas back. I called him back and he said he was on his way back to car. He called and said road warrior was there and that they put in 5 gallons of gas in car but still not starting. He said he was having car towed and I said to me. He agreed. At 5pm I spoke to him and he said tow truck was there and it would be between 1 and 2 hours because the tow was picking up another car and then coming to me. I called him back, he had a fit and accused me of not believing him when I asked him for the tow company. Finally had to call me back with info and the info was not correct. M & H Towing Tampa 813-217-1888. When I called the number it was someone's personal number and has no idea who the mechanic was. I called Dave back and he said it was through his insurance and he would have to go back to Tampa for the number. Now he is not answer his phone. It is now 9 pm and I do not have my car and he is still not answering the phone. I called the police and their suggestion is to come to Tampa and file a small claims lien with the court. I had a friend of my daughter's go to the repair shop and he said that the car was in the shop with hood up.
2/20/11 He called me and told me the car was back at his shop and that it needed a fuel pump. He told me car was outside shop since he did not get back to Tampa until 2 am, so he was going to bring it into the shop this morning and call on 2/21/11 and get the fuel pump.
2/21/11 he called me at 8:23 am and said he has to take the fuel pump out of the car and will know in about 1 hour if there is a fuel pump available.
2/22/11 we left and went to Tampa to get car. When we got to Tampa the car was not ready and we had to stay overnight and the car would be ready the next morning by 11 am.
2/23/11 received call from Dave and he said the car now would be ready by 12. We went there and the car was still not ready. Checked at 2 pm and still not ready.
Checked at 4 pm and finally the car was ready. He then handed me a bill for $338.00.Since it was too late and I would not travel with this car at night especially over the alley, we stayed another night( $49.27).
2/24/11 we left the hotel at 10 am and started home. Got in the car and the engine light came on. I called him and he told me that because of the new computer, it would take a 100 miles before it went off. Well we got on the road and the car broke down. Road warrior came and charged the battery and we were able to get to the next exit. That was Brandenton and we went to Walmart and they told us it was the battery or the alternator. It turned out to be the alternator which by then blew out the cell on the battery. They gave us a new battery and gave us the name of a mechanic that could fix the alternator. I called Dave and he said to fax all the receipts to him and he would take it to his insurance company for reimbursement. They fix it and we got on the road again. We then got to Fort Myers exit and the car died again. I had to tow the car back to my mechanic in Davie. He said it was a bad alternator and had it fixed in one half hour. So far the car is running fine.

I feel that when this problem happened back on 2/3/11 when he said he broke down on highway and it was either alternator or computer, if he had fixed the alternator, he would not have had my car all this time, put in a new computer (for which he charged me) and I would not have had to go back to Tampa to pick up this car and having to stay 2 more nights.

This problem of having my car for 10 weeks is so very unreasonable and very costly to me. I fell that compensation is due for all the times I had to go without the car and for all the stress this situation has caused. I understand that there are several violations with the BBB.( some resolved and some not) He has told me so many lies and kept changing his mind ( regarding reimbursement) that I feel that something should be done.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-03-04
Posted by T on 2011-03-03:
Who's Megan? I asked Lisa and she didn't know.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-03:
I gave up reading about a third way through. You need yo hire a tow truck and take it to a good mechanic and take the first one to court.
Posted by Thelma on 2011-03-04:
This is way too much information. I'm getting cross eyed just trying to read it all. At this point I would either dump this money pit car or find a new mechanic. I hope Megan is still not waiting in Tampa.

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