Aldi's Foods Compliment - Always great prices and a great experience

Review by janepantyhose on 2011-03-08
SEYMOUR, INDIANA -- My recent trip into Aldi's was, as usual, a nice experience. They had some really nice red grapefruit for just 29 cents each, and milk was just $1.49 a GA.

I know Aldi's isn't for everyone, but I have come to know their brands and stock up on numerous things that are good values, whenever I get by one, since there is not one locally. I really like it that their stores are pretty well all laid out the same, thus making it easy to find things regardless of what store I am in.

The Aldi's I have visited in Seymour, Madison, Columbus, and Greensburg, IN are always clean, well stocked, and the checkout folks are really swift. Having to 'rent' a cart for a quarter is a plus also, thus the lot is not littered with empty carts everywhere as it is at so many other supermarkets.

Are there any other Aldi lovers?
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Posted by S on 2011-03-08:
Nice review. I've never heard of them. But going to see if we have any in my area. Do they have much organic stuff?
Posted by T on 2011-03-08:
My brother is an Aldi regular, and he likes it a lot. He is fairly picky about food, and I think he is satisfied with their fruits/vegetables, as well as the value on a lot of their groceries. I have never tried one myself. Don't know about organics.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-03-08:
There is an Aldi's in Richmond, IN. It is my considered belief that organics is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American public. Yahoo News just had the 7 greatest rip-offs at the supermarket, and the first ones were organic onions and avocados. Spending a lot more for produce you peel is ridiculous, as anything some people consider harmful are removed by peeling. People should view Penn & Teller's Bull S**T episode on organics. If we converted totally to organic farming we could feed three billion people, but we have seven billion people in the world. Who wants to decide which four billion people will starve? Not me.
Posted by janepantyhose on 2011-03-08:
I think they are mainly located in the Eastern 2/3rds of the US. If you Google 'Aldi' they have a store locator, an FAQ, Specials, etc. Is it all right to include such a link in a review? I'll admit I'm new here.

This a very bare bones discount supermarket and on a lot of things they only carry their 'store' brands, but I suspect in a lot of cases they are packaged by plants that also package the same things only with big name brand labels.

Taken from their FAQ:
"On occasion, you will find a national brand at ALDI. These are usually “special buys”—limited-time offers of products that score you huge savings, but are only available while supplies last."

I really don't recall seeing organic produce there, but they 'may' have a few organic packaged items. I'm just not sure as I'm not an organic shopper.

Something that sometimes turns off shoppers, is the fact that they only accept debit cards and cash. Credit cards are not permitted and there are no 'check writers' holding up the checkout line. The customer has to bag or box their own purchases also, again cutting down check-out time.

It seems they can check out 1 or 2 'huge' carts in the amount of time, or less, that it often takes a customer to rummage for and then write a check. After you learn the ropes there...renting cart, becoming familiar with the stock and layout, paying, and bagging your own, you can quickly get in and out.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-08:
Nice review. I've also never heard of them, but glad you are pleased.

Posted by SB on 2011-03-08:
I too love Aldi but think their fresh produce is hit or miss a lot. I wish all grocery stores would implement the 25 cent cart program. Brilliant idea and then those poor workers won't have to go chasing carts in snowstorms/desert heat all over the parking lot.

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