DBJ Corporation (Hardee's) in Cleveland, TN 37312 Complaint - Customer Service - Greeting, Waiting On Customers And Serving Customer

Review by suzyhowdy49311 on 2011-03-14
My mother and I go to this Hardee's almost every day and lately there are two people who seem to find it so funny about waiting on us. The girl is constantly whispering something to this guy who is there all the time. I have had brain surgery and I am not very pretty to look and. Sometimes it is so hard for me to say what I want to order. I also have a short term memory loss and may have to repeat myself for assurance. I have worked for Hardee's and was a Manager in the ones in Virginia for many, many years. I nor any of my employees had ever treated any customers the way these two did me. I was very upset today about this service. One day they may find themselves in the same situation as myself and my Mom or even worse. We are people too, just because we look, act, talk differently, etc.; we are still paying customers and deserve respect just like all the others. Our money is just as good and the next, and there are plenty of other restaurants out there that we can spend our money at.

You are not the only ones out here in this area. We had always felt atmosphere very nice and friendly. We have no complaints about them only the servers/cashiers here in this restaurant. I thought all employees are suppose to where name tags so the customers know who is serving them.
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-03-14:
Have you spoken to the store manager? I would inform him or her of the situation.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-14:
I agree with BEJ. Talk to the manager. You and your mom should not be made to feel uncomfortable.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-03-15:
As a disabled person, I totally agree with the OP on this one. There have been a few places where the service was above and beyond the call of duty, like the BK where th girl came out from behind the counter and caried my tray to a table for me, not really necessary, but a nice touch. lot of times, people don't seem to see you if you are different. I use a cane, arm canes or a walker, depending on how I feel, and we have two hearing assist dogs (mine is cross-trained fo diabetes.) I have seen workers act like it is a pain to serve us, and one time, in a WalMart, I was making a purchase totaling about $400, and was had my mmoey and I allout, and was told to move aside, some guy had a basket of groceris he wanted to check out, in electronics. After he left, I let the assciate know that I did not appreciate it one little bit, and they almost lost a $400+ sale. Just because I move a little slow, and sometimes fall down for no apparent reason is no excuse for lousy service. I would remind everyone that we are all just seconds from being as I am. You never know when an accident or illnes will lay you low. Would you wish to be treated as you treat others now?

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