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Review by marymskoger on 2011-03-23
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I went with Verison Fios last year. Went with the Fios TV, telephone service and internet. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! The service was horrible. TV always going out, sending back equipment on numerous occasions, and after months of that crap, I cancelled the T. V. service and kept the telephone and internet. Now my internet sucks! After months of battling with their internet service I finally had to cancel that service. Then.....they mess up the bill! Can't get that straight. After trying to get a final bill they add a $350 dollar early cancellation fee! Bull to that. I tried to get them to remove it. No way. Now they send it to collection.....It's now on my credit. Now I'm battling with them to remove it. I even filed a complaint with the FCC and FTC. They don't care. They're sticking to their guns and will not budge on the early cancellation fee.

Anyone out there considering Verizon for TV, internet or home telephone service? DON'T DO IT! They're misleading and they participate in false advertising. Even their commercials now state they have "No early cancellation fees"

This has been a terrible experience and damaging for sure.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2011-03-23:
This is a major problem that the FCC should address. The fact that companies charge an early cancellation fee even if they can't make their service work is totally wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-23:
They are clear about the early term fee. I was in the same situation with them. I don't mind riding out a contract but in that instance it meant riding out the contract with no Internet because it just didn't work!! I don't remember it being that high though. I think it was $200 at the time. You should have paid the bill. You can pay and still fight. The damage to your credit report isn't worth it.
Posted by momsey on 2011-03-23:
The new commercials indicate that they no longer require you to sign a two year contract, which in turn would not subject you to an early cancellation fee. You probably agreed to a contract and therefore are subject to the fee.

Listen to bluediamond, pay the bill immediately and then fight for a refund. You're not hurting anyone but yourself by ignoring the bill. You're not sticking it to Verizon by not paying it, you're sticking it to your own credit rating.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-23:
If it's already in collections paying it won't make any difference to your credit score. The damage is already done. If it were me I'd beg them to sue me because around these parts the judges would dismiss the cancelation fee as punitive thereby unenforceable unless Verizon can prove actual harm in that amount (they can’t). Doesn't matter though this will never see a court room and the collection will be reported for seven years.

Report it to your state's AG that is probably your best bet.

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