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Review by cosmofairy4 on 2011-03-25
NEW HYDE PARK, NEW YORK -- This company:
Universal Exterminating Inc.
119 Lakeville Road
New Hyde Park NY 11040

Phone numbers (516) 354-0021 & (516) 354-0601

Ok here goes I knew it was Bed bugs since I had bed bugs in my bedroom four years ago. Now I used the very same company Universal Exterminating Inc to get rid of the little vampires the first time. Ok the exterminator came out his name was Mr. Khan was polite did the spraying and my things were placed in bags and I was very happy with the service and did not see my unwanted visitors anymore.

Fast forward to March 25,2011, three weeks ago found the red bites with the white center! Alright being the person I am I said No its my imagination!!! Can't be the Bed Bugs since I am a clean freak and believe that the Bed Bugs can Jump from my ceiling and fly and tell the other bed bugs where I sleep! So I passed it off till the next night whole arm had the bites!! Ok There Back can't explain how or why But They always find their way back into my room!!!! Freaky but True!!!!!!!

Ok called the same exterminating place Hours are between 10 a. m.-6 P.M. Mon thru Sat. Sundays are between 9 A.M. or 4 P.M. So I called on a sat. the 5 got the voicemail left a message explaining the situation. fine did not receive a call back Tues the 8 of March again Mr. Kkan still polite explained how sorry could not call back don't woory coming that Sunday the sat the 12! Fine By this time I had not slept in my room I don't have any spray the spray I bought from Nat's hardware store smells like soap not going to kill the Bed Bugs!!!!!

Waited still not a word from the exterminator Sat it rained!! The exterminator could have called to tell me he was not coming did not call and still sleeping on the sofa. Ok called sat night at 5 still not reply! Called again on Sunday since the website said open on a Sunday not a call back nothing!!!! Ok this is ridiculous and had to find someone else to come to the house and spray my bedroom!!!! I understand how hard it is to kill the bed bugs being that I hear they flying on airlines now!! Yet as a paying customer I do expect the decency to call if you will be unable to make the appointment!! Very disappointed with their lack of service this time and will not be referring this company as a reliable exterminating company to anyone!!!!!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-03-25:
Heat is you need to kill bedbugs, not spray. Must be at least 160 degrees, which means of course you and your family must leave while this is being done.

They showed this on Animal Planet, a family had spent thousands of dollars to get rid of the bedbugs, and finally a pest control company came in, and told them, you can spray forever, they will not die. You must treat the problem with heat, which kills the bedbugs and all their eggs. It worked and they've been bedbug free.

Sorry you are having such a nightmare.
Posted by T on 2011-03-25:
Interesting, Skye. A concern would be what this does to things within the structure. Beyond the obvious things like electronics, a few examples are vinyl windows, and anything wood (eg kitchen cabinets). I'd even be concerned about the walls expanding and then contracting, causing cracks.

They say the heat has to be increased rapidly, so the bugs don't go hide in crevices, and then stay at 160 for hours. Sounds effective under the right cirsumstances, but not necessarily simple. Nasty problem.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-25:
Skye is right on the money. The problem with bedbugs is they are highly resistant to almost all approved pesticides on the market. A female bedbug can lay up to 12 eggs a day, around 500 over her lifetime. They were almost eradicated during the period DDT was a legal pesticide but have now become epidemic.

It is not a matter of cleanliness, as the bedbug can travel in to your home in almost any item carried in, and are prevalent in luggage. They can live almost a year without feeding.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-03-26:
If you don't treat the entire apt/house they will eventually come back again. They are survivalist and while one area is being treated they will move to another area until the treated one is safe again. Spraying will do almost diddly squat since the little buggers are very mobile.

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