Paul's Auto and Tire Complaint - Overpriced Towing!

Review by jasmntljj on 2011-03-27
HART, MICHIGAN -- Back in December 2010 I put my husbands Jeep on its side on the side of the road. Vehicle was driveable. This company was dispatched by 911 to come to my rescue. I wasn't there when the company arrived but returned before they had my vehicle up on their tow truck. They refused to drop my vehicle back down and just let me pay the fee to pull it from the ditch. They threatened to impound my Jeep til Monday (this was Saturday) if I wanted to argue the price. I ended up paying $325 for something every other towing company in the area would have only charged me $75 for. They only brought my Jeep 5 miles. Impound fees were $75 a day if I wanted to argue it. I felt very raped financially by this company. I hope no one ever does business with such a dishonest company. Apparently this company because it is a "service" can charge whatever it wants and has no regulation. Shame on you Paul's Auto! You ruined my childrens Christmas and made me feel so much worse after an already horrible day!
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Posted by fire4511 on 2011-03-27:
You rolled the jeep over, and left the scene. The police called a tow truck to winch and tow the vehicle.

If someone will deal with an overturned vehicle for $75 that is going to be rare. Normal tow hookup (no winching, car on the wheels is $85 and there is a $3/per mile fee. Recovery (winching and overturned vehicles) are additional.

$325 for an overturned recovery and towing does not sound out of line. Understand that in most areas, the tow rates for police calls are set by the state or county, not the tow company.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-27:
My car was towed about 15 miles to my mechanic and it cost me 125. Straight tow, no ditch or anything.
Posted by T on 2011-03-27:
I had a functional but well worn car go into a ditch once (all by itself!). I only had $40 on me (before I had a CC) I was there when they arrived, and arranged with the operator that if they pulled it and it was inoperative, they could keep it for junk in exchange for pulling and towing it. They attached a cable in a manner that would have clearly ripped the front end off. I pointed it out to the operator, who acted ignorant of what I was saying, but moved the cable to a different spot. Pulled it out, and I was able to drive away for $40.

You have to watch these people very carefully, but your situation sounds like it may have been as fire4511 suggests.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-03-29:
I would contact the Michigan State Police. In most states the stateys or Highway Patrol regulate towing services, I have to agree here, it sounds to me like they are ripping you off, take them to Small Claims court, I saw a similar case on People's Court last week, and the plaintiff won and got a complete refund plus court costs. It's worth a shot.

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