Dr. William Hwang on Wheatland in Dallas, TX Complaint - Looks Like We're Not The Only One!

Review by Xtreme on 2011-03-29
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Today, 3/29/11, my mother had a visit at the same Dr. Willam Hwang office that you are referring to. Yes, she did arrive late, but there was no one in the waiting room when she arrived (10 minutes late). They called her back-she waited over a hour for the dr to come in and somewhat examine her, then asked her to undress and he would be back. She waited over a hour again. She called me at work, and I suggested she ask the nurse for an estimated time, considering she had already been there over 3 hrs. The lady asked the dr and he was upset because my mom questioned him. WHAT!!!! He told her he was coming back to give her a treatment-but again, he had never communicated anything to her. What happened to bedside manners? After my mom told him she would have to reschedule, he was so upset and said she needed to reschedule while she was there. She told him that was something she couldn't do because she had other dr appts on other days as well, so she would have to call back and reschedule. He told her if she couldn't do it then, he would not be her dr and she cannot return. SO WHAT!!! The test can still be adminstered. Does he think he's the only dr? OMG, what a jerk. I definitely plan on taking this to another level. My mother is almost 70 years old. I've been in contact with dr's, but none ever of this caliber. If people would stop using him, I'm sure things would change.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-29:
Some drs sit on the high pedestal. I hate those drs. Its okay for THEM to leave YOU waiting in the waiting room past your scheduled time, but god forbid they end up having to wait.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-29:
Not to be mean, but if your mother did arrive 10 minutes late, and they agreed to see her anyway, they were making an exception. In this case, I would expect the actual exam and/or treatment to take some extra time.

Not seeing patients in the waiting room, does not mean there are not patients already being seen or treated in the exam rooms.
Posted by BEJ on 2011-03-29:
Sounds like he overbooks--double or triple booking-- and goes back and forth between many patients at the same time. Change physicians
Posted by Xtreme on 2011-03-29:
Trust me, I am very well aware of of time permits with dr office visits. Customer service should have kicked in sometime or another. Also, after viewing several comments regarding this dr, I beg to differ, but really appreciate your comment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-29:
If he was too busy to see her, then he should've told her to reschedule instead if waiting 3 hours . It's okay for them to have you wait for hours, but god forbid a client is late.

The last GP I had, kept a strict policy. If a client was ten minutes late, they were cancelled and fined 25 dollars. The,last time I stepped foot in there was when I watched a girl run in for her app. She was just under ten minutes late. She started crying that there had been an accident on the highway and couldn't help being late. They said she had to pay the fine and turned her away. Yet when it was my turn to go back into a room, I waited nearly two hours for the doctor, and got no apology or explanation.

I hope your mother can find another doctor who she's happy with.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-29:
+ 100 leet. Having worked in professional offices, I can say you are probably spot on with your assessment.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-30:
Nicole, I agree. If he was too busy, he should have told her to reschedule. I really don't think being ten minutes late mattered. He obviously did not have the time for her.

Causing a patient to panic over being late, to the point of tears, is cruel. I would never step foot in that office again. It's true. Doctors are notorious for keeping patients waiting but have little tolerance if they are left waiting themselves. I'm not saying patients should be allowed to always arrive late, but sometimes it's unpreventable, and doctors need to be a little more understanding.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-30:
Venice, + 1000.

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