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Review by burnedbyge on 2011-03-29
Please read complaints regarding any and all insurance companies. The Auto & Home cancel your policies after 30 years for no reason. They don't pay claims, and are allowed to raise rates to unaffordable levels. You are forced to raise your deductible because you can't afford the premiums and they never pay for anything because it never reaches your deductible amount(this is there intent). Medical Insurance Comps. discriminate against us with terms like "pre-existing condition" to not allow you coverage or charge additional unaffordable rates. They refuse treatments to shorten lives because the faster you die, the less they pay, and the higher their profits at years end. The insurance industry takes your premium, gives millions of dollars to the Lobbiests, who give it to the political parties in power so the senators and legislatures allow them to raise rates, stack the rules against you and steal you blind.
Health insurance companies want you to be afraid of a government option because it will deeply hurt their profits. It will not effect your care, or you freedom, only the profit of the insurance companies.( you must have a license to drive and you must have home owners insurance so having medical insurance is a necessity also that benfits and protects everyone)The difference between government run health insurance and private insurance Comp. run, is the government will follow guidelines to keep granny alive. The way it is now, the insurance companies refuse granny treatments so she will die faster. Google "insurance company deny treatments for terminal children" and learn. This goes on all the time by insurance companies to all of us. The problem is people don't want believe it until it happens to their child, parent or spouse. Insurance companies have put themselves into the position of being unnecessary. They charge higher and higher amounts for service and blatently pay as little as possible to their customers. They blame the doctors, the hospitals and the lawyers but it all comes back to them since they set the prices for most medical procedures not the medical professionals. Medical Insurance/Care/Treatment should be a moral right not a privilege in country as great as the United States. That is what people with morality in a moral country do. It takes care of its people.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-03-30:
The best thing that could ever happen is 100% of the people stop paying insurance companies entirely. If that happened doctors, hospitals, body shops would only charge what people could actually afford. You have got to get shed of the lawyers as well. Just a judge to listen to a dispute presented by the litigants themselves.

That would sure be better than the way it is now.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-03-30:
There are some places that have insurance that cover pre-existing conditions. I work for one. The only insurance company I've ever had a problem with is Geico. I think insurance is a good idea, in theory, but when people abuse it on both ends, it becomes a problem.
Posted by burnedbyge on 2011-03-30:
Insurance companies that cover "pre-existing conditions" are merely companies that punish people by extorting extra money from them due to a condition that was of no fault of their own.
Many, many good hardworking Americans who can't afford or pay the Insurance companies fees, created to extort extra money for acne, controlled slightly high blood pressure, controlled slightly high cholesterol etc. Insurance companies offer bogus policies called "continuance policies" charge $2-3 thousand a year and pay nothing when a real claim is filed. Ex: (1)You must pay the inflated rate for a procedure like $18,000.00 to get back $800.00. But if you negotiate the fee to $12,000.00 they won't pay anything.
(2)I know of a case where a person was told that a lower bowel series was $1961.00(Insurance inflated rack rate) but without insurance and immediate pay it goes to $701.00. If continuance insurance company was involved the negotiated rate was $1651.00. This amount would have then had to be paid because you had insurance.. If the Mafia was running medical insurance , we would be treated more fairly because they would want to stay of the radar with such blatant fee scams.Of course they push the peoples buttons to fear government regulations and controls. We are talking insurance company profits that are larger then many countries gross national product.
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-03-31:
Bbge, I don't pay anything extra for the coverage of my Pre-existing condition so I'm not sure where you're getting that idea.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-31:
The insurance company I work for covers pre-existing and doesn't charge more for it. You're review is all based on your opinion of health insurance with no real facts to back anything up
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-31:
I worked in the medical profession for many years. After dealing with every insurance company in existence, I can assure you that many insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions and do deny claims that should have been covered (has happened to me several times, but I turned them around with an appeal). They were also notorious for giving the incorrect benefit information. Of course, some were worse than others, but it seems that they all could be realigned at this point.

I agree with Chuck. We pay out way more in premiums than we ever get back. Insurance companies have become very aggravating to deal with. I have often thought that we should take our premium money and put it in an account. If we needed it, it would be there and I wouldn't be arguing with an insurance company over a $56 claim. I might be willing to take the risk. There is no guarantee that if I have a serious medical condition that the insurance company is going to pay up anyway.
Posted by burnedbyge on 2011-03-31:
For the record.. The examples I gave are real and I am totally correct regarding the specifics and the examples. If your insurance is via a large company, you would think its great. But, to those millions of millions of hard working Americans who are not able to pay the big bucks like large companies do or who have lost their jobs, or who have those crap policies that minimum wage workers pay for that make them feel safe until they have to use those policies, the present system is discriminatory and immoral. It trades human life for profit..For the record, I am one of those who benefitted from some of the best policies offered. I believe it is our moral obligation to help other fellow Americans who are going to get screwed or are getting screwed by these discriminatory insurance companies and their policies. Most of the people don't know that their insurance does very little until they have to use it. Then they find themelves incapable of paying the bills that they thought would be covered and are financially punished for life because they wanted to save their childrens, or spouses life. I apoligize for being so long.

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