Unitrin Complaint - Buyer Beware

Review by _Summer on 2011-04-01
Strongly advising ALL auto insurance consumers to "steer clear" of Unitrin.
The initial claims representative I spoke with was shockingly unprofessional, exhibited ambivalence and thinly veiled passive-aggressive demeanor when I attempted to report the details of a wreck, which occurred due to the serious negligence of the other driver- A crash which caused injuries and totaled my vehicle -a crash that required emergency responders and police -A wreck documented via police report and witness statements-Still...The Unitrin representative treated my stated details about the wreck with an aloof disregard, as though my statements as to the details were questionable. When I stated there was a police report showing the other driver at fault, the representative treated that information with skepticism and carelessness. Then, later, this representative also denied having received the police report after it had most definitely been sent for review. I believe this representative denied receipt of the "no error, successfully transmitted" fax because it was quickly realized (upon seeing the police report) that they were in error. This reps arrested emotional development and negative, toddler-like, stubborn nature coupled with the clearly documented facts of the police report served to place the representative in an "eating crow" position. Do they even make a Gerber baby food out of crow? *smirk* You know? A "genuine" apology for the unprofessional, insensitive behavior from that insurance representative would have gone a long way. And, considering the circumstances it was the right thing for this person to have done. But, it didn’t happen. This representative is one of those unhappy, negative people who are miserable in their job, miserable in their life. This person certainly does not need to be employed in the customer care industry.
This Unitrin reps demeanor of ambivalent cynicism grew to all new lows during my call as I requested advisements on rental car, as well as the associated injuries caused in collision with the driver at fault. This claims reps communications skill set was completely void of any genuine demonstration of professionalism, customer service mind-set and sensitivity. These are required traits for that kind of work -especially considering what I had been through as a result of someone else's negligent driving.
As I tried to get assistance/guidance/advisements on what process I should follow, and how I should proceed, regarding my injuries and a rental car, (this was my insurance company, after all, and I had been in a wreck)this representative exhibited even more disregard by telling me that I needed to call the other driver’s insurance company. I did so. And, I was of course met with, yet, another integrity and personality-challenged "insurance professional" that proceeded to interrupt me, disrespect me... and, finally, to tell me not to call them anymore. Then, this second insurance company representative added that "they didn’t know why my Unitrin company claims representative told me to call them, but that I should only deal with Unitrin".I felt like a ping-pong ball at this point. And the final insult of this second call for assistance? I was, curtly, instructed to "get my car out of storage" - that "they would not pay for the storage fees" associated with the towing of (what was left) of my vehicle.
These two conversations, the initial one with the Unitrin "stepford" representative and then the at-fault drivers' insurance company rep, had the psychological impact of being slammed into all over again for me. CLEARLY, THESE ARE NOT THE KINDS OF EMPLOYEES THAT A "QUALITY", SERVICE-CENTERED INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD STAFF.
Can we all say, "Three ring circus with claims clowns posing as ring masters"?!
My advice? Take good care of yourself. Choose your car insurance company deliberately and wisely. Take the time to find out about the customer service philosophies of the insurance company before you choose. CHeck out as many consumer reports/complaints that may apply before you buy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Take the time to find out if your potential car insurance company values and prides itself on staffing dedicated, compassion-capable, fair and balanced, responsible professionals who take pride in "their chosen" work.
This unconscionably sub-par Unitrin auto insurance was "less expensive". Let me tell ya’ from experience, now... Saving a few dollars a month is not worth your health and safety-especially in the case you actually need your insurance company to advocate for you in the case you are slammed into by a negligent driver. Pay the extra folks. Go with a reputable, vetted, established company. Buy off brand catsup and paper towels? Sure. But not car insurance! You get what you pay for! Your peace of mind and health is too important to go "offbrand" just to save some money. It's not worth it in any "cents"!
Just say NO to Unitrin Car insurance -on behalf of your own health and peace of mind.
What have I learned? It appears the Unitrin intent and business model is to deny all claims validity -EVEN THEIR OWN INSUREDS despite irrefutable, police-generated documented evidence. That’s got to be an all time low in lows in the car insurance industry!
The at-fault driver’s company admitted liability, quickly, after getting police report. But, neither company representative that I spoke with ever contacted me to apologize for their lack of professionalism. Unconscionable...
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-04-02
Posted by Alain on 2011-04-02:
I wouldn't deal with a discount web based insurance company, myself. I also would have gotten an attorney involved when the company started giving me the run around. Hope this all gets straightened out for you.
Posted by Johanna on 2011-04-02:
This was your insurance company? And the other guy was at fault? I don't usually say this, but in addition to calling an attorney, give the other person's company a call and see if you can't get a humanoid on the phone to help you.

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