Five Guys Burgers and Fries Compliment - Love These Burgers And Fries

Review by oldgram1 on 2011-04-19
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- We eat at the Five Guys restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. Prices are great and food is wonderful. Just wish you could order smaller portions.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-04-19:
Been there. The food is great. There is NO WAY you can leave hungry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-19:
I agree the portions are too big. They give you an insane amount of fries
Posted by FlShopper on 2011-04-19:
First time we went there we thought it was good but overpriced. But we also didn't realize they would give ridiculously big portions of french fries. Now that we know the proper amount to order, all is well.
There is also a FiveGuys at Dulles airport; my daughter and I had some burgers there last year when we were flying home from DC. Those burgers definitely hit the spot!
Posted by T on 2011-04-19:
The portions are too large, especially the fries. It just can't be healthy to eat that amount of fries.

I am a huge beef fan. The beef at 5 guys is weird, because they cook it well done and it is still juicy. Maybe it is 65%/35%. Whatever it is, I don't like it because I eat my burgers medium rare. The well done was a deal breaker, and the juicy was downright strange to me.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2011-04-20:
Does anyone here have self control? I agree about the portion size, but instead of complaining about it, why not take half and give it to the next person in line? Saves them money, gives you a sense of satisfaction and finally, saves you a ton of calories. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-20:
My husband and I ate there once and we ordered one "small" order of fries. We split them and there was still tons left. I think there was enough to feed a family of five! We simply threw them out. Problem solved. I really don't know who could eat that many fries.
Posted by momofbron on 2011-08-23:
I love my 5guys burger with mushrooms and onions. It's a little expensive ($13 for a bacon cheeseburger and small fries), but it's a great treat once in a while. Their french fries are excellent, and a small order can easily feed 2 people.
Posted by T on 2011-08-23:
The portion size is a problem - I agree with you. I can eat like a horse, but at 5 guys they feed enough for a pig.

Personally I hated their burger. You have to get it cooked to death. I eat my burgers medium rare, and get them out only if the restaurant serves them cooked to order. At the price of a 5 Guys burger, they should be cooked to order IMO.

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