Fayetteville Auto Park (AR) Toyota Division Complaint - Price Bait and Switch

Review by happyelmo on 2011-04-21
FAYETTEVILLE, AR 72704 -- This was a price bait and switch. We received a trade in voucher on our car so took it in to talk with the gentlemen whom we purchased our last car with at the dealership because we liked him(Ron) and felt his word was good. We had met with the Toyota division of this dealership last fall and got the run around with them doing the switcheroo with numbers with the same out come. We left mad. Anyhow as we had the trade in voucher in which the trade in price on our car was $8750 we had Ron run all the numbers and decided to go through with the purchase of a Prius with the trade in. Ron took our voucher and also wrote all the numbers down and we agreed. We went to pick up the Prius and somehow the Toyota Division of this dealership had no paperwork(probably got shedded by them). They first said they would only give us $6300 on it but raised it to $8000. We were not happy but wanted the car so did agree but felt totally cheated out of $750. Our mistake was not getting copies of the paperwork that was written up with Ron for proof. As we highly trusted this salesman with a previous history with him so felt a handshake was sufficient. I still do not think Ron had anything to do with this situation. The salesmen working for the Toyota Division and well as all management (I believe we spoke with all) had the same attitude and I feel like they regularly play games like this with their customers. Anyway we were told our trade in was not even worth the $8000 they gave us but they turned around and sold it for over $12,000 a few days later. Anyway we received a feedback call from Toyota the day after the purchase and told them exactly what happened. It seems the dealership was able to listen to the taped phone call(we did not know this) and then called us and had my partner so upset he finally had to end the phone call. This was a typical price bait and switch and I want others who purchase from this dealership to be very careful and get copies of everything.

I feel the Toyota Division of this dealership is very corrupt. It takes a lot of effort on our part to post this with nothing coming out of it for us. I just hope it helps other prospective customers. I plan to this this information on every site I can find as well as open a case with the BBB.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-21:
So you are upset about the 750 dollar difference you agreed to. This is how dealerships work. You could have easily declined the offer, and left....im sure they would have stopped you anyway. Take it as a lesson learned, and hope you enjoy your prius.
Posted by yoke on 2011-04-21:
If you felt you were being wronged all you had to do is walk away. You had your car you were planning on trading in so all you had to do is tell the manager you will take your business elsewhere. Dealerships do not want to give up sales, not in this economy.
Posted by Josh on 2011-04-21:
While they buy it back for $8,000 and then try to sell it for $12,000 it doesn't mean that they are making a $4,000 profit on the trade in. They have to get the car cleaned, checked out, repaired (if needed), and tuned up so that it is ready for the next owner. Then they put it on the lot and wait. It could take hours, days, weeks, months, or longer for it to be sold. The longer it sits, the less it's value. They may decide to eventually reduce the price, or when they do sell it, sell it for less than that $12,000 price tag.
Posted by happyelmo on 2011-04-24:
They sold our trade in a few days. I also want to be fair to Fayetteville Auto Park and update. Dealing with the Toyota Division was useless but after I left online feedback and opened a case with Toyota as well as the BBB this situation came to the attention of the manager of Fayetteville Auto Park Chris Bunch and he sent us a check for the $750. Bait and switch is not right and the way some comments look to me is that we should expect that. I am wondering if you guys work for Toyota of Fayetteville?

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