cbs and nbc Complaint - Very mad at NBC and CBS!

Review by mjholly on 2005-05-19
I am mad that NBC is cancelling Law and Order Trial by Jury after only one season. I enjoy watching that show on Friday nights. I am also mad that CBS is cancelling Joan of Arcadia. I enjoyed watching that show and I loved seeing Amber Tamblyn who is pretty. I want NBC and CBS to give Law and Order Trial by Jury and Joan of Arcadia at least another season to improve. I also want NBC to stop making more retarded filthy dating reality shows! With the exceptions of Fear Factor which I enjoy and Dog Eat Dog which is no longer on, NBC's reality shows suck!
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Posted by mjholly on 2005-05-19:
nstead of cancelling L & O T b J, NBC ought to cancel its ugly crappy reality show the Apprentice. But no, they don't care. I think filthy poop throwing monkeys are taking over NBC!
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-05-19:
Its called ratings, moron.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-19:
If it was up to mj, we'd be stuck with "Mr. Ed" and "My Mother The Car". That was a pretty car too, huh mj?
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-05-19:
Trial by Jury, poor ratings. Apprentice, top ratings. Lets throw that out the window and see what MJ wants us to do.
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-05-19:
So, reality shows suck...except for one's YOU like? Retarded indeed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-19:
Mj, I strongly suggest that you tune in to the reality show on Bravo where some guys "remake" one guy's appearance, home decor and other things. I am sure you'll be able to identify with some of the characters on there. Sorry I can't think of the name of the show.
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-05-19:
I'm not sure if it's the right channel but are you thinking of 'Queer eye for the Straight Guy' and 'Trading Spaces'?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-20:
Thanks Az, I think we both know which one mj, would enjoy don't we?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-20:
What mike j holly needs is a 'makeover' and some positive reinforcement.
Posted by Gravel Girty on 2005-05-30:
Reality shows are for the brain dead. You don't have much of a life if you have to watch these shows! Reality is the war now going on. Reality is what Pres.Bush is doing to this country. Reality is no jobs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-06:
Some of your points are valid, grovel. Your reviews aren't. How's the beef and soda bottles at your place? Uninformed FIBBER!

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