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Review by julemarg495 on 2011-04-24
RE: DR. Michael McCown
4755 Highway A1A
Vero Beach, FL. 32963
LIC# DN14339
NPI# 1407836612

On or about 10/19/10 I went to see Dr, Michael McCown a dentist in Vero Beach Fl. that I've been seeing for many years. We discussed my dental condition and he suggested I have a partial made that I could have teeth added as time goes by, do to my extensive bone loss and I will loose teeth over time. I agreed to having a partial made and as time went by I got a heck of a surprise.

So McCown begain the making of the oral molds to be sent out so the partial could be made, McCown informed me that he was using a new place to have the partial made that was better then the one he was using. When the partial came in I went to McCowns office for a fitting, the partial bridge did not come close to fitting. Some adjustments were made and another oral mold was made and they were sent back for more adjustments..a week later I was called back to McCowns office for another fitting, which the partial was still not close to fitting. Again McCown made some adjustments and made notes and sent the partial back for more adjustments. A week after I'm back in the office for a fitting and still the partial did not fit right. The bite was wrong and the partial would rock from side to side when I bit down. So with that McCown did some adjustments and a lot of grinding and McCown went so far as to grind my real bottom tooth to make the partial fit better, he did all this to try to get the bite right. I wore the partial home to try it out. Well while eating dinner the bite was still way off and the partial was rocking from side to side while chewing ...I relayed this the the dentist. And was told to come back in for more adjustments. When I was at McCowns office I informed him that I've had a few partials made in the past and never did I have the kind of problems and never did I have a partial that rocked. I maybe I had a simple adjustment and I was good to go!!! Never did I have this kind of problems. Well McCown did some more grinding to try to correct the bite, and he tightened the clips in hopes to stop the rocking.

Again I wore the partial home and again while eating dinner the bite was still way off and now by him tightening the clips my teeth were aching, do to too much pressure on my teeth .. again back to the office and more adjustments and grinding were done. Again I wore it home and when I was chewing the partial was rocking and not just a little but was rocking like a see-saw...as far asIi can tell the partial bridge was not formed to my mouth. I called McCowns office the relay the problem I was told by the receptionist that McCown said that the rocking of the bridge falls into the parameter...now I'm not a stupid person when I chew the partial should not almost come completely off of the other side. I was also told the I can go find another dentist and see if they can make me a better partial at http://horoscopes.mydaily.com/y own expense!!!! For him to say that was not very professional and not very responsible, and he does not stand behind his work.

all told I must have made 7 to 8 or more- 45 min. each way trips for fittings!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-24:
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-24:
The problem lays at the feet of the lab who made the partial, and as it was placed temporarily, movement is not unusual, as it was not cemented in place permanently, making it immobile. The dentist did not want to cement it in place until the bite and fit were right.
Posted by T on 2011-04-24:
Dentures are an imperfect science, but it sounds like there is something wrong here. The dentist has made quite an effort, though unsuccessful, to correct the issue.

Did this same dentist fit the partials you got in the past? You should have developed some kind of relationship by this point, and I assume a level of trust. Did you have any reservations prior to this procedure?

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