Home Expo Complaint - Please Do not use Home Depot or Expo design services!

Review by consumeradvocate12 on 2005-05-20
REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Expo Design center owned by Home Depot has so called designers that you pay to to help you with home projects. I decided to utilize this service.The designer I was assigned to was Jennifer Garrido at the Redondo Beach CA Expo store. To put it kindly, she was a screw up. Every single solitary thing I purchased on her word had to be returned or exchanged as they did not work. The following is a PARTIAL list of what Expo did to me.

1. Jennifer knew I was purchasing a granite countertop from Expo and required a sink. Since Expo's were not to my liking Jennifer said I could buy whatever I wanted to go with the granite. Well I purchased a Moen granite sink from an online store. I told
Jennifer about this purchase prior to paying for it and she said nothing. Several
times afterward Jennifer and the granite install people where at my house measuring stuff
and saw the sink and said nothing to me about it not
being compatable with the granite countertop until 3-4 weeks later. The creater of the sink Moen said it would be fine as did several other contractors. But expo refused.In the end I was forced to send the lovely sink back!!!! I lost money. It was a huge delay in the project of two months.

2.The granite people where a nightmare. They left a huge mess and scratches were all over the granite. Around the airgap they ruined the granite slab and I waited 8 weeks for them to try to find a larger airgap to cover their chips but they never did or even contact me to tell me they could not. They scratched the cabinetry which had to be repaired at a high cost. It requires continued repair as one seam rises 1/2 inch above the other and both Expo and Difranco ignore my calls.

3.I had Sears install a new dishwasher next and they said the airgap Jennifer sold to me was recalled! Sears forced me to buy another at 10 times the normal price from them in order to get my dishwasher working!
4.When the plumber came he said the faucet Jennifer cleared would not work with the granite. I had to pay him two days pay as I awaited the proper faucet to go with the

5.I purchased some slate from Expo as well on my own. It was suppossed to be green in color as on the display.Well they give no money back on flooring and when I opened the boxes the flooring
was not at all as the display and they refused to switch it out or reimburse me.

6.Worst of all Jennifer chose a solid wood floor to go on
my concrete subfloor. Solid does not go on concrete. No solid could ever work with my particular home set up.

She was paid to guide me to proper purchases. I have 3000.00 in flooring I cannot use and called them over 20 times and get the runaround as they don't care.

7.When u call the store you wait on hold for an hour. The assitant managers don't return calls at all and continually lie. Kim Macintosh an ASST manager pretending to be in charge scared the hell out of my mother when my mom called to discuss the matter and told her outright lies regarding the case. James ASST manager promised to return my mom's calls and never did!

Herb Simms a new store manager out and out lied at the small claims case. He was never present for anything and created false documents claiming I saw them.

Again this is a tiny sample of the incompetance and poor customer service one gets when dealing with Expo Design Center.

Find out yourself.
Go to a store and stand for hours looking at expensive italian tile and note no one comes to assist you."Just like Home Depot" hahaha
Go to pay for a product at the special service desk and it takes two days and the form they give you is 10 pages long of legal jibberish that was created to absolve them of responisbility.

Wait 12 weeks for a product that you were told would take one week.
Order flooring on their measurements and have tons left over as they lied about the measurements to sell you more product which you cannot return.
Try and call and stay on hold for a day.
Call the main office and get the run around.
They are commiting fraud as the designers do not know the products they sell.

Bottom line don't shop there!!!! I am a consumer with nothing to gain by saying this. They do not care about their customers.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-23:
I've written essays shorter than this letter.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-26:
Complain,Complain, Complain. Most of the time Store Managers DON'T want to talk to customers like you is that NO MATTER what resolution they offer, you have other ideas in mind and just do not understand the word NO, NO, NO.

As an Associate with the Corporation, I along with all the other Associates have to deal with customers like you, who come in wanting something that is out of the Corporations hands, such as Warranty Repairs which the manufactures will honor.
Customers will see an item and want it in another color/size/shape and when told it is not available, they want to speak with a Manager as they KNOW it is. Again a case where they were brought up in a home where the word NO was never used.

On the whole about 30% of all customers who shop at Home Depot/Expo should STAY away as they are only there to ruin the staffs day.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-26:
For all who read this persons post, and my response, which I wish to add the following comments, look at their e-mail address, "ilikenicegems", another snooty customer that should stay away from Home Depot/Expo.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-10:
You suck Jabber. This is a complaint site. That is what I am doing and I can write as much as I like. If Depot and Expo were not such screw ups I would not have to. Expo and Depot are horrible businesses who abuse and lie to their customers and run whenever they create a problem. You are a paid ex prisoner with no college degree defending them against good people done wrong.
Nothing in your critique makes sense. Go @#$% your white trash self.
Posted by Libero004 on 2006-09-08:
Yeah, the comment from Jabber explains it all. I essentially had a similar horror story with them, and will never ever get near any of their stores again.

We paid for their service expecting to get their consultation and expertise as advertised.

Instead, all they offer is just picking from catalogues without any deep knowledeges on the merchandise they are selling. You can do that by yourself without anybody's help.

Yet, as ebident from Jabber's arrogant comment, they think that's a proper service.

With our kitchen counter-top replacement project that was estimated to be completed in a month, we just gave up and cancel them after spending 4 months without kitchen, wasting $2k worth of money and hours of time trying to contact arrogant reps who don't answer and return calls.
Posted by 1schott on 2008-09-06:
I also have used Design Expo at Redondo Beach and found them misserable to use for the following reasons:
1. In having our kitchen cabinets designed, the program they used crashed every few minutes. What should have taken 30 minutes took 2 or 3 hours. It required several meetings and the program crased so frequently, we finally gave up with obtaining our cabinets from Home Expo, but wasted weeks of time.
2. Since we already paid the $750 design fee that they wouldn't refund, but would credit to us when we spent at least $5,000, we decided to have a bathroom redesigned. They push there own installers who are twice as expensive as others. In order not to use them, you still need to pay for the installation, but they will credit back this cost. (They have certain procedures that don't make much sense.) We had some timing issues since our designer was part time and relied on a lady for her design that was not always available. She ordered an extra case of glass tile that we didn't need (about $250). Despite the fact they measured our bath and just miscalculated what we needed, we couldn't return this tile. They also were short on a few pieces of glass liner that lead to delays. Some of the tile we received was very inconsistent, but they will not take anything back, and we now have some odd looking pieces in our bath, which still bug me.
3. The lady that headed up the designers, Rose, assured us that she would fit us with someone that could work in a timely fashion and it would be no problem to have another designer if we had any issues. The designer she assigned us first wasn't availabe at first, had health issues and difficulty communicating with us. We were able to get another desiger, but I felt Rose gave us a hard time and the lady also had an attitutde and timing issues.

Besides never recommending the design services, there are also reasons never to visit Home Depot's Expo Design as explained on another post of mine.
Posted by OldSchoolGirl on 2009-09-11:
There must be something strange with Home Expo. I've been watching HGTV and never see any materials used for the shows nor the hosts of the shows visiting Home Expo.(If it happen - that was rare)

Too many people are saying the same thing. Hey Jabber does the store sign need to fall on your head?

When too many people get disgusted and stop shopping at Home Expo, you may be looking for a job, Jabber.(Maybe you have moved on by now - you sound like a burned out, frustrated, obnoxious sales rept who left his head stuck in mgmt's Wazoo.

Pull your head out and check yourself!

Depending on the store and policies - working in sales is one step from slavery - Where are you in this Jabber??

Never say never. Boycotts can and do happen. Give me a sign and I'll join!

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