Paypal INC Complaint - Paypal loves to make money from stealing it!!!

Review by Steve7301 on 2005-05-25
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to use paypal inc services to send money that I owed my brother in law. I went and helped him get his paypal account started. Then sent him $1200.00 - 32.00 fee He then relized he needed a bank account so he went and and added it to his account the had it verifed. After this he also relized to lift the with draw limit he needed to add more info and verify it becuase paypal would only allow a $500.00 a month to be taken out.

So he put his SSI number in. Then when this was done he went to with draw the money days later becuase keep in mind it did take some time to verify all of his info. As soon as he pressed with draw the screen refreshed and it said his account was frozen! And that he would no longer be able to send money or make payments or with draws but "accept money still? paypal loves that free intrest"

Any way they also said that he needed to put a credit card in and verify his home number. If this was done they would get back to him in 3 biz days and tell him the out come what ever that may be. So he went and did this so now they had his bank info, SSI number, Home number, Credit Card number and info, Work info, Age and E-mail all verifyied. You think they let his money go or should I say my money. No not at all they still have not called or e-mailed him about this even after many calls and e-mails to them.

I now have had to pay my brother inlaw out of my own pocket once again. And do not have enough money for my doctors apt and medication I need for my disability. THANKYOU PAYPAL! This will be that last time I ever use them. Also all accounts where in good standing.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2005-10-06
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-05-25:
Valid complaint although I cant justify going thru ALL that trouble to send your brother money via paypal. Every heard of overnight mail and a cashiers check? Would of saved time and been cheaper as well.
Posted by bomingo46 on 2005-10-06:
Without going intoalotof detail, I firmly agree that paypal is incompetent, overvalued, and have the worst customer service, second only to eBay, it's parent company. Beware of paypal.

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