Century Link Complaint - No Broadband Availability

Review by jusrobbi on 2011-05-11
Still mingly with dinosaurs here with dial-up service that is so pathetic and customer service cannot help me issues with because according to them "dial-up outdated"....no kidding! There is a few block area here that CL refuses to upgrade to Broadband. I imagine because it effects only a hand full of people, but at least two of us here are trying to make a living using our computers, which has turned out to be a frustrating, time consuming and costly effort. Folks within just a few blocks already have broadband. Installers in this area tell us there is a dial-up connection box here that is so outdated, they cannot even get parts to repair it and CL has no plans to upgrade. In the meantime, we are being held hostage to paying for a service that is outdated and poor at best.

Customer Service, just 'handles' me as I imagine is the company's policy. So sick of the canned and scripted responses that get me no where. The problem lies with management and is not something customer service can resolve. Bottom line, CL is gonna have to loosen the purse strings a bit and upgrade this area.

They have referred me to Hughes.net, which I discovered is now part of CL. I cannot afford the cost of installation and equipment, and aside from that, I'd sure like to get away from any CL link service if possible. We have phone service with them also, and our bills are a nightmare to figure out the charges each month, also by design I am guessing...can't dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with BS... sort of approach.

I'm thinkin CL has gotten a bit too big for their britches, to the point that customer satisfaction is gone by the wayside against their bottom dollar.
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-05-11:
Don't go with Hughes if you are a heavy internet user. You will initially see a connection with adequate speed, but after a certain level of use in a month they will "throttle back" the connection to lower speeds that are not much improved over dialup.

As for the company not wanting to install the lines, I expect the cost of installation to your location vs the profit they would make from a few connections in your area is not worth their time.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-05-12:
Here in Washington, we are seeing ad for Qwest that state that Qwest is becoming Century Link. From what the OP states, yep, that sounds like Qwest. They are so crooked that when they die, they have to be screwed in the ground.

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