Freddie Mac Complaint - How Freddie Mac treats their consumers

Review by johnnymercado29653 on 2011-05-12
I am filing a formal complaint against Freddie Mac for the way they treat the callers on the phone. I was let go last Friday from Freddie Mac with no warning after being a contractor and working for them for 5 months. I was working on the Call Center Help Desk and my customer service skills were excellent and I took the time to listen to the consumers and tried to help them the best way I could without getting angry or upset, I always maintained a professional attitude when I received a phone call. Freddie Mac does not treat the consumers with respect and they do not want to help them at all, it was horrible hearing people yelling back at the consumers and hanging up on them, I never did that at all. I received thru e-mails from the person monitoring my calls excellent evaluatons on my call service but the Team Leader and Manager ignored this, also when I needed help and went to the Team Leader she would just look at me as if I was bothering her. I went to the Manager and said something but he defended the Team Leader which upset me but I kept my cool and stayed very calm. When I was called Monday morning at 8am saying Freddie Mac terminated my contract I was shocked because when I left work Friday my Team Leader said have a good weekend and I will see you Monday. I found out they knew Friday was my last day but said nothing to me. I am speaking on behalf of all the consumers who call in to say that Freddie Mac does not help the consumers at all which is true, we have a lot of information on the screen that we can see but are not allowed to tell the homeowner, it does not make sense since we were there to truly help them and give them the information they were looking for but we were limited to what we could say and rush them off the phone and on to the next caller. I do not call this customer service at all. I truly would like this oomplaint to be taken seriously and to just let you know Freddie Mac is truly not concerned at all about the people who are ready to lose their homes. I do not think it is bad if I enjoy helping people that is what I love to do but Freddie Mac does not do that at all.
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-05-12:
It appears that the Freddie Mac call center is located in Virginia which is an employment at-will state. This means that an employer may terminate any employee at "any time, for any reason, or for no reason". You were a contractor so they were under no obligation to give you any advance warning that your contract was ending. At this point it is really none of your business how Freddie Mac runs their business or treats their customers. Trust me, as a terminated contractor your complain on behalf of Freddie Mac customers will not be taken seriously.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-05-12:
I would be able to comply and take this more seriously if in fact, you were discussing how you were looking for change WHILE you still worked there. Writing this only after you were terminated says to me these problems weren't so egregious Friday.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-12:
Slim> Bingo.
Posted by T on 2011-05-12:
A key element is WHAT you needed help with, and didn't get. Inquiring about this evidently led to your termination, best I can figure.
Posted by momsey on 2011-05-12:
Yup, Slim, exactly what I was thinking as I read the complaint. If you were so upset with how the consumers were treated, what did you do to try to change that? Were you looking for a new job since you were obviously not happy there?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-13:
It sounds like you were not doing your job. Were these people calling not paying off their obligations?

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