New Horizons Columbus Georgia Complaint - The Worst Place In The World

Review by adog4321 on 2011-05-13
COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- "I am generally a bit of a plonker, and I keep giving out an email address that isn't mine when I register on sites such as this." This means that the real owner of that email address can come on here and edit the waffle that has been written below. Whilst there are numerous typos and spelling mistakes (possibly the reason you got laid 'off') I won't go through and correct them all... Anyway, at some point you may get the message that the email address that you're continually registering with dating sites, review sites, hotels, etc. as well as passing to your family (I had a really nice email from your girlfriend and your grandfather, and told both of them what was going on) ISN'T REALLY YOURS - ITS MINE!

So - back to your 'review':

This is the worse place I have ever been to I got laid off from my job in January and ran out of money to see my regular doctor so I was forced to go to New Horizons here in Columbus Georgia! I Have never abused drugs but I do take xanax because I have severe anxiety! I have been on them for 8 years so I figured they would just kept my dosage the same till I got a job and could get back to seeing my regular doctor! I was very wrong about that because I have no money they make me feel like if I was cattle I would have a better chance of being treated kindly well anyway the medicine I am on is xanax so it hurts me if the lower my dosage like no sleeep I can't eat all of my anxiety that the xanax had held back is coming back and still they keep lowering my dose but I have no choice I have to keep seeming them and watch the joy in there eyes as they hurt me more and more! They don't even ask how it is effecting me they just keep cutting it down and leave me in pain and aggravation its like they know what will help me but they seem to take joy in hurting me I thought doctors were here to help but it is just so painful knowing that they are about to hurt me and it is like I see a smile on there face to them I deserve all the pain I get because I am poor and they are not!

Well I am forced to go because my unemployment will not pay for anywhere else so I am forced to endure but if there is anyway you can avoid this place please do.

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