anthony sylvans pools Informative - Horrific pool experience

Review by MJsmart on 2005-05-25
RANDOLPH, NEW JERSEY -- In mid-summer of 2003, we committed to having an in-ground pool built for us by Anthony Sylvan Pools. A slick salesman came to our home, put on a great show, and promised up & down that they could have it built in 35 days. Per his pitch, we wen't with the Cool-Deck option. They broke ground @ the beginning of September, insisting that we be around to advise their contractors (apparently, Anthony Sylvans doesn't build pools; they merely design them, and then subcontract-out the work). Some of their contracters tried to gouge us for addt'l $. After a great deal of aggravation on our part, and pressure upon them to keep their promises, they finished appling the Cool-Deck after 9:pm EST, on December 2 or 3rd (sunset is around 5:00pm). We then filled the pool & had it winterized just before a hard freeze). When we opened the pool in April, we discovered the left & right sides of the decking were 2 very different shades, changing abruptly ~ 1/2 way around. After mos. of complaints, broken promises & threats of litigation, a crew came-out and top-coated the lighter side. Once more winter came. Throughout the winter the top-coat scaled and shed. Now the pool deck looks like it's 15-20 yrs old. Again, complaints & broken promises, but NOW Anthony Sylvan has dumped it back on us. It's OUR problem to complain to their deck contractor(!?!) This contractor doesn't return phone calls (Did he skip town?) As I stated, it seems that Anthony & Sylvan Pools doesn't build pools, nor is it responsible for the defective workmanship of it's subcontractors---but it's happy to collect $$$. We're going to sue the company and I will attend home & garden shows to help others avoid the consequences of dealing with these lying jerks.
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Posted by you r stupid on 2005-05-26:
Well it sounds like maybe you tried to get a pool for cheap, thats why you were having a pool built in sept because it's cheaper. You needed to do more research. You could of asked them if they build the pool.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-26:
Good luck MJSmart. Keep us posted. I apoligize for backedinbiz' "three word grunts".
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-05-29:
I think you did your homework getting it done in the off season when it is cheaper, if that's what you did. Why pay more than you have to? That would be stupid. I also wish you good luck as that's alot of money to pay for shoddy work and broken promises.
Posted by Rocks on 2005-07-11:
Hello MJ, I would like to inform you that I worked for one of Sylvan’s concrete sub-contractors and I can tell you this, SHADY, SHADY people!! Cool Deck was one of the biggest complaints we would get due to discoloration. I am sure the contractor who did your Cool Deck was located in Newark and had two initials before Construction Company (prefer not to release the name). The owner is known for not calling people back and plays the run around game. He loves to collect deposits and keeps customers waiting before the work continues.
I worked there for 2 years and finally decided to change careers due to getting sick and tired of law suits, customers cursing and yelling at me, people threatening to break his legs, etc. I am also a homeowner and can feel your pain!! Good luck and please proceed with the lawsuit.
Posted by Benjen on 2006-03-28:
Everything is detailed in your contract, I don't know why you didn't read it.
Posted by newmissrrr on 2010-10-17:
Things are still the same in 2010. SHADY, SHADY, SHADY! $$$ is main focus. Don't listen to customer's desires. No customer service.

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