El Toro Tex-Mex Grill Informative - Not worth a revisit.

Review by formerruling on 2011-05-14
ROME, GEORGIA -- Me and my wife have probably visited just about every Tex-Mex Restaurant in our county and neighboring county so when I noticed this one a few months ago we made plans to try it out. It is on the main road in Rome, GA.

It was clean and the floor plan very open. We visited midday on a Saturday and were surprised there were only 3 other tables filled when we entered and only one group came in after us before we left. The menu was very typical of any of the other tex-mex places and the prices were comparable with most entrees ranging from 7 to 10 dollars. They devote nearly a full page of their menu to Chimichangas so we decided this must be a specialty and my wife ordered a Chicken chimichanga with no onions which came with rice and a small 'avocado salad' (Avocado, Lettuce, Sour cream, and a little pico). She ordered a side of refried beans. One of my favorites is Chile Colorado so this is usually what I order at new restaurants. Here it is advertised as beef skirt steak in ranchero sauce and comes with tortillas, rice, and beans.

The first complaint was even though the restaurant was fully staffed and the number of patrons were low people were still waiting for drink refills and the waitresses/waiters never once just came over to ask if anyone needed anything. They actually stood in the corner talking. Second my wife's chimichanga still had onions in it (even though the ticket correctly read no onions so it was the kitchen) and they had forgotten to add the extra beans to the order. She did report that the meal was satisfactory though and specifically the beans had a nice texture and flavor. As for my meal, the skirt steak was cooked well, but the sauce had absolutely no flavor at all which made the dish as a whole completely bland.

Bottom line is though it was "satisfactory" for the location and price the Tex-Mex restaurant market is saturated in this area (at least 5 others in this town alone and 3 in the neighboring town minutes away)and El Toro had nothing we could see to separate itself from the rest.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-15:
Thank you for an objective review! If I'm down near Rome, I'll remember this!
Posted by Pepper on 2011-05-15:
Does your El Toro have a 30.06 sign?

The one here has the local equivalent which is why we don't eat there.

We don't support establishments who don't support our Second Amendment rights.
Posted by Alain on 2011-05-16:
I had never seen or heard of a 30.06 sign, a reference to Texas Penal code 30.06 (I think) that allows a business owner to ban concealed handguns from their premises even if they have permits or from entering a place of business that obtains 51% or more of it's revenues from the sale of alcohol. So when I saw Pepper's comment I looked it up. I always learn something new here!
Posted by Pepper on 2011-05-16:
Yep. In Texas you have to put up a specific sign mandated by law. It has to be in black & white, in English & Spanish, and has a minimum size of letters - basically to make it clear and obvious.


Here, there is no requirement other than making the sign visible.

Of course we also have some of the same laws pertaining to alcohol - no firearms allowed for any establishment where over 50% of the income comes from alcohol sales.

However since El Toro is a restaurant and not a bar, that law wouldn't apply.

Which is why we voted with our feet and picked a place that supports Second Amendment rights. ;-)
Posted by *Brenda* on 2011-05-16:
Who would want to bring their gun to dinner..? Weird...

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