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Review by western691417 on 2011-05-27
Years ago when I worked the oil field around Roswell NM we had the geologists do tests. We asked them what they found and they said the part of the oil basin we were in was part of the field that ran down through Midland, Odesa to Houston. We asked what they found, they said the part we were drilling in was the biggest part of the field and if we were to STOP using any other sources of oil that their was enought oil there to last a minimum of 100 years. Granted there are more cars out there but the reason the prices are so high is pure greed. We only get 10 percent from the middle east but they are a great fall guy for raising prices as they are so far away.

I know a guy that worked for a geologist company, they mapped out where and what minerals are in the ground. The Mexican government had them map out their country it was mineral rich and has more oil under ground than the meddle east. The oil companies don't pump their because it's to close to home to blame them for oil prices.

On the discovery channel years ago they interviewed a company in Albuquerque that made gas saving devices, that's all they did. When asked when some of this would hit the market they said when they applied for a patent the oil companies would come buy the patent to keep it off the market. The device they showed on the show was a full size lincoln with a 460 cubic inch engine. With that device on it, it got 35 miles to the gallon.

When I was stationed in England I had a little car that got 50 miles per gallon. They brag in TV ads 30 to 40 MPG those cars could easily get better gas mileage. If you burn the fuel completely there is very little emissions. You need all this smog stuff because the fuel isn't completely burned. They CAN make cars get good gas mileage and at the same time eliminate a lot of smog.

They won't do it as we in this country complain but don't do a thing about it. That's not all with outlandish oil prices, prices in all stores have to go up to still make a profit.

As of now if you look in the super market some prices are the same but they'll cut back on the amount of product you get.

Our Government ought to do their job and put a stop to the price gouging the oil companies are doing. What is enough profit? But it's all greed driven. One of these days they will actually push people to the breaking point and all hell will break lose.

So come on Goverment, do something for the people of this Country and forget the legalized bribery called lobbyists. In fact make it illegal to take money from any special interest in any form. Try working for the citizens for once, that would be nice.
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Posted by The Pauper of the Surf on 2011-05-27:
The oil industry is now like the diamond industry. Oil companies are aware of vast reserves of untapped oil, but refuse to utilize them in order to maintain the illusion of scarcity. Meanwhile, speculators drive up prices based on unrelated events.

Not to mention the supression of technology related to the electric car. In 1899 the world's land speed record was set by an electric car.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-05-27:
In addition there are numerous state and gubment environmental regulations that make drilling in the US, very expensive, it ain't all the oil companies fault, the tree huggers have a hand in this also.
Posted by sinister_slimster on 2011-05-27:
*clap* *clap* bravo !
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-28:
Having invested in oil for a good many years I know a thing or two about it. The notion of conspiracies while interesting are dead wrong. For the purpose of brevity I will say that peak oil has occurred in many places in the world including the US. We wouldn't be using tar sands or trying to extract from say Bakken if there was that much oil. Further, countries that want money for arms or what not can't produce more (ie Libya, Iran) or are almost out ie (Dubai).
Posted by T on 2011-05-28:
Here are several devices that claim to increase fuel economy, but in tests do not:

As the previous reply states, we have passed the peak in oil production. Think about that. Cars have only been around 105 years or so.

The world's supply and demand for oil are all interrelated, and there is little surplus. So, when a country that only produces 5% of the world's oil experiences a disruption, it effects everyone. Would you want to be in the 5% that has no oil available? You'd try to get some elsewhere.

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