Molle Chevrolet Complaint - Auto Service Nightmare

Review by frustrated grandma on 2011-05-31
BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- This nightmare began on May 19,2011. I took my Vue in for a squeak in the steering column. I looked up on the internet after all of this started and it said they had had to lubricate some of the vehicles. They decided mine should have a whole new steering column. The key had been sticking sometime so they also decided to put a new ignition on it. Naturally they didn't have any of the parts so they had to keep the car. That really wasn't a problem because we had others to drive. The next day they called and said that the car was ready. They didn't have the ignition though. My husband and I picked it up about 5:00 and I had some errands to run so he came home. I have On Star and I tried to call him but the phone didn't work. So the next day I took it back and they had blown a fuse. No big deal. A week later they called and said the ignition was in but the key was working fine so I wasn't going to take it back. They told my husband we had to bring it back because they had it and it was under warranty. Big mistake because it was working great after they fixed the steering column.
Since they said we had to bring it back we did. The next day I picked it
up and went to work. When I got there I couldn't get the key out and the
button to put it in park wouldn't come back out. By this time I was not happy because I just took it in for a squeak. I took it back and now they said they had to put in a new shifter. That took another 4 days. They swore to me when I picked it up that it was all fixed. Guess what!! I went to the store and when I came out my back up lights were on. I thought I had probably hit the button on my keys and unlocked it so the light came on. I had to go to the grocery store after that and when I came out it was the same thing. The back up lights were on. That time my keys were in my purse so I knew I hadn't touched them. It was to late to go back to the dealer so I came home. My husband tried to get them to go off but they ended up on all night in the garage. He took it back the next day and they had to put a new battery and a new computer in it because they had shorted out something. This is now 7 things they had screwed up just for a squeak.

My dad was a mechanic and my nephew worked in a parts department of a dealer and he said they don't have real mechanics any more just parts replacers. Boy is that true. Another thing is if this was a real Saturn, not a Chevy with a Saturn logo the Saturn dealer would have had it fixed in a couple of hours and that would have been it. I was not impressed with the service manager either because it said to call him if there was a problem and when I did he didn't apologize or anything. As a matter of fact he was kinda snippy like it was my fault they didn't know what they were doing. I told him he would never see any of our 5 cars again if he ever got this one fixed and he told me come and get it and take it some where else any time I wanted to. That doesn't seem very professional to me. I will have to give the young man that checked us in every time we went credit because he was always nice and polite and apologetic. I had heard other horror stories about this dealer but now I have lived one and most
of them were true. Hopefully this keeps someone else from going there and
having the experience we had. Thanks for letting me vent.

This is real funny one. They told me to be sure and fill out the survey if I got one "Very Satisfied"!! Ha Ha like that is going to happen.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-31:
WOW that does sound like a service nightmare. Well maybe more of a hassle....

At least now you know not to trust them with your vehicle...

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