Elena's Models Complaint - Pathetic Customer Service and Ethnic Backwardness

Review by TheRealTruthTeller on 2011-06-02
ROBINA TOWN CENTRE, GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND -- I contacted customer service about an important question via their online customer contact system that they had on the site and they have not responded to me ever since!

The site lacks fairness and equality in terms of posting articles, advertisments either banner, top or homepage advertising that involve other races.

Business ethics is about fairness and equality and since the site is on the internet for a whole world of other complexions to see therefore fairness and equal treatment should be given to them in terms of the above that has already been mentioned!
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Posted by TheRealTruthTeller on 2011-06-02:
this is a customer service issue
Posted by S. on 2011-06-02:
It's also de ja vu(?) all over again, isn't it? :)
Posted by Pepper on 2011-06-02:
It's not a customer service issue.

Just because you want them to carry something they don't offer doesn't mean they're obliged to do it... or that they're obliged to obey.

They are upfront about what they are selling. If you don't like the selection you have the freedom to shop elsewhere.

it's like going to a Russian restaurant and ordering Mexican food. They ain't obliged to service your tastes. And they have the right to kick you out if you refuse to order from the menu and keep demanding Mexican food.
Posted by PKitty on 2011-06-02:
I'll second that this is not a customer service issue.

So far all I have seen from the poster of this complaint is nothing but complaints about Eastern European dating/mail-order bride sites and how they aren't diverse enough for his tastes. The sites have been upfront about what they offer so I really don't see why the poster feels that these sites need to diversify. If he wants more ethnic groups to choose from perhaps he is simply looking in the wrong direction. Go to PlentyOfFish or something similar to get that diversity you seek. All your complaints center around your idea of 'fairness and equality' despite the fact these sites cater to a specific niche - people who wish to marry an Eastern European woman.

Business ethics? It's not like they are lying to the customer about what they offer. They are catering to a specific market - men who wish to date or marry women from Russia and other Slavic nations. Why should they destroy their business model to suit somebody who figures that they should include other ethnicities? They purposely built their business model with a specific market niche in mind and they are pursuing that business goal. End of story.

Rather than continually complaining about how this Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic sites aren't kowtowing to what you want how about you build the sort of site/business you want?
Posted by TheRealTruthTeller on 2011-06-05:
You are simply part of the excusemakers I have been accustomed to when dealing with these issues-I think that you might agree with them as well that they should not have a prompt customer service as well it seems!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-05:
Again, the companies are probably "targeting" a particular "audience" that makes them money. Nothing wrong or unethical about that.
From your posts, you seem to be looking for a companion. I would suggest doing some volunteer work, joining a club with your interests, or even a church. just get out and meet people.....good luck.
Posted by PKitty on 2011-06-05:
I love how I am supposedly part of the excusemakers - do you assume that I have no idea about how to run a business? I guess all that money I spent on business management courses are wasted then, eh? No, I don't think they are but I am beginning to think that you are on a one-man crusade to make these particular businesses come around to your way of thinking.

These sorts of businesses have been around since long before you decided to start poking around at them and they have been successful with their business model. They focus on a particular ethnic group and promote that - there is no international law saying that they must promote all ethnicities and races equally. They are not breaking any business ethics as they are upfront with what they are advertising.

What you are not taking into consideration is that on-line there is not always an administrator or manager available to deal with your complaints. Nor are they required to deal with complaints they feel are frivolous. In your world view you seem to feel that these sights should always have somebody in an administrative role available. Nor should they jump just because one individual is demanding it - they are focusing on other concerns.

With everything you have posted thus far on M3C you are coming across as repetitive and it is becoming clear that you have an agenda of some sort in regards to these sorts of sites. It is pretty much the same complaint - not enough ethnic diversity and supposed lack of customer service. It has already been stated that in Russia, the Ukraine, and other Slavic countries that there is very little ethnic diversity - what you see is what you get. As for customer service where websites are concerned having an expectation of an immediate response is ludicrous. Unlike a physical storefront there is not a staff member on duty at all times and therefore responses do not happen immediately. And because they are not dealing with their clientele face to face they are not under the same pressure to avoid a scene and bend over backwards to please each individual customer - they advertise their services and each potential customer is free to decide to use those services or not. If that customer does not like what is offered that customer is then free to sever all business with them. Doing the equivalent of an internet flounce such as complaining about them on sites like this one will not change the way they do business.

Rather than look online for a romantic partner why not get away from the computer and find one the old fashioned way? Unless you are looking for a meek Slavic woman who has been raised to do their husband's bidding...or is that just to ethnic for you?

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