Millennium Alaska Hotel Complaint - Horrible

Review by m_cass on 2011-06-05
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- This place is horrible.
1) I stayed at this hotel for 7 days and spent twice the money for half the quality of what a 2 star hotel offers. This is definitely not a 3.5 star.
2) The lobby had over 40 stuffed bears, deer and various full sized animals as well as their heads mounted on the walls. The animals and the furniture looked outdated and hideous.
3) When I first arrived at the hotel I was greeted by a woman that “gawked” at me as if she had never seen a human being before in her life. I asked her if I could check in early and she told me check in was 3pm. Then she asked me several times to leave my luggage behind the front desk while I wait in the lobby (I didn’t trust her). I waited until there was a different receptionist at the front desk and she checked me in right away.
5) The wall paper in the room was peeling.
6) There were stains (looked like red kool aide) all over the tannish beige carpeting in the room where I was staying.
7) The washing machines in the laundry room did not work and the floor was covered with water and wet towels that smelled like sewage and mildew.
8) There was only one soda machine located in the hotel on the 3rd floor.
9) The only way to get ice out of the ice machine was to dig it out with your hands. It was very unsanitary.
10) The comforter on my bed smelled like human waste I suspect it had not been washed in a long time.
11) When I turned on the light in the bathroom the ceiling “heat light and fan” cover fell on my head.
12) There was no HBO or Showtime in my room. The tube TV in the room was low quality and didn’t work very well.
13) There were two gray shuttle vans and both were dinted, filthy, dusty, and had ripped dirty dingy interior carpeting.
14) They have a shuttle to downtown and Diamond center (Costco) but the drivers could never agree on the times that the shuttle ran. When I needed a shuttle they would say the shuttle was NOT running because the times for the shuttle had changed. Every day I was there they would give me a different time that the shuttle would run then when I would show up to take the shuttle they would suggest that I take the bus because the shuttle was not running.
15) I asked to speak to a manager about the shuttle and a guy with dirty janitor clothes told me he was the manager when asked to speak to a different manager a tall sloppy guy with a huge pop belly told me he was the manager. That’s when realized it was a lost cause. The entire time I was there heard the employees complain about how poorly the hotel was managed and how raggedy it was.
16) I do not believe this hotel values their clients.
17) I do not understand why anyone would make a conscious decision to stay at this hotel.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-05:
Big issue in Anchorage.. not a lot of room availability, unless we are talking shoulder season. Some of your grievances indicate a inexperienced traveler and I would in that case suggest reading property reviews on a site such as Tripadvisor to get a sense of what to expect.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-05:
wow there are too many points to address all.

2. in alaska, people expect to see the "lodge" look, and 'mounted' animals is normal in a lodge look.

4. not all hotels offer free wifi.

10. did you ask for another one?

13. vehicles in alaska take a beating.

17. but you did. at first sight you had the option to find other lodging.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-05:
I am guessing that the op used an on line service for booking the room.
mad, you are on a roll.....
Posted by T on 2011-06-05:
The things that aren't included or weren't there - were they advertised to be?

I am sensing that your expectations were much higher than what they should have been for this establishment. Did you research reviews of it? Did you book this on a third party site, as jktshff1 suggests? I am also thinking that was your downfall. The ratings they have seem to be reliably inaccurate.
Posted by prince-caesar on 2011-06-05:
Im sympathetic with you. When you go to a hotel, you expect a certain amount of service. Unlike others on this site, I dont come up with excuses as to why a hotel or business is and unprofessional. Good review.
Posted by azRider on 2011-06-05:
I always check out a hotel on several sites before I stay there. it takes maybe 20 mins to hunt down reviews on any one hotel. heck you can even just type in the hotel name and the word review in Google and get tons of info. so I think this is just someone that does not travel much. if I was going to Alaska I'd expect to see some stuffed animals in the hotel. I'd even hope of seeing a elk or bear walk by the hotel! I think you have to mark this off as a learning experience and learn to check on travel plans in the future. with the Internet on just about every device from phones to ereaders there is no excuse to look up something. in fact if your reading this right now, you have the ability to do research on hotels.
Posted by olie on 2011-06-05:
I checked out the hotel's website. It offers wi-fi, but does not mention that it is free or complimentary.

No mention of HBO or SHO availability on the hotel's website. Perhaps it is not a good bargain for the hotel to provide these premium channels.

Only one vending machine--Oh, well. I'd get some exercise getting a drink, I guess.

"Tube TV"--my, aren't we hoity-toity. Just like not all families can afford to upgrade to flatscreens, not all hotels can upgrade all rooms to flatscreens.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-06:
Life is full of lessons and learning experiences. My wife and I encounter them all the time. It's what allows us to determine which restaurants we like to eat at, which hotels to sleep in, etc...Chalk this one up on the "never to visit again list". Good review!
Posted by m_cass on 2011-06-11:
I booked this hotel through an on-line service. I didn't know I would be "stuck" with this hotel until after I paid for it. I tried to cancel my reservation but I couldn't. I travel all the time. This was the worst hotel I had ever stayed at. It was a true waste of my time and money!
I do not undestand why so many people would make excuses for a dumpy hotel.

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