Shari's Restaurant & Pies Compliment - Rare Steak is Rare

Review by bhskittykatt on 2011-06-06
BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I think this is my second positive review of this Shari's on M3C, but they're just that good! I'm actually writing this compliment on behalf of my husband.

Now, my husband likes his steak RARE. Cold blue. In fact, he'd probably be happy if the cook just led the cow out to the table. The problem is that, at least locally, most non-steakhouse cooks are too scared to prepare steak cold blue like Hubby likes. Often, he will order steak "as rare as the kitchen will make it", and get a medium rare.

Last night was his first night ordering steak at Shari's. He'd just ordered his steak rare, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was really RARE! That was a true blue steak. He can NEVER get steaks that rare at places like the local Denny's or Applebee's, and he really wasn't expecting better from Shari's, so this made his night.

I think you can expect to see my husband ordering more steaks from Shari's soon. Shari's can get his steak right when others can't.
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Posted by The Pauper of the Surf on 2011-06-06:
I've never had a steak even close to rare. Are they served as hot as medium well steaks? They aren't cold are they?
Posted by T on 2011-06-06:
Blue rare– the outside of the steak is seared so that the inside is warmed; the steak will retain much of the redness of the uncooked meat.

Rare – the steak appears cooked on the outside and is very pink on the inside; the centre of the steak, particularly on fillets, will be red.

I wouldn't buy a steak at Denny's or Applebee's. If I did, well, I wouldn't. No way.
Posted by D on 2011-06-06:
Warm red center is a Good steak! anything else is an abortion!
Posted by Starlord on 2011-06-06:
I used to eat my steak very rare, before the mad cow flap, and now eat it medium rare. I agree with Alton Brown, anything above medium rare is toast. My sister, when we were kids, would not eat steak unless it crunched.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-06:
from what i know about meat pathogens, it lives on the outside of the meat. cooking no matter how rare kills these pathogens. NOW THEN, ground meat is not this way. once ground, all the pathogens are mixed into the product. our lab at work says as long as the meat is cooked, it is okay! just not ground meats.

review very helpful.

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