Eastex Automotive Complaint - Took 6 months to diagnose my truck!

Review by jjsmtty on 2011-06-09
BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I am the office manager for a small business with a fleet of 17 company vehicles of various makes and models. One of my jobs for the last few years has been to make sure those vehicles make it to and from repairs shop as needed for repairs. Needless to say, I am in and out of auto shops on a regular basis. In December of 2010 one of my employees accidently put regular unleaded fuel in one of the two gas tanks of a Chevy diesel. This same error was made to another of our trucks a while back by another employee so I was prepared to handle it. After driving aprox 1.5 miles and parking the truck the employee then had it towed to a repair shop to have the fuel tanks flushed. After having all the regular unleaded fuel removed we were told we needed to find a mechanic specifically equip to handle diesel engines. So after speaking with the owner of Eastex Automotive I had the truck towed there for repairs. It took Eastex Automotive almost two full months to give me a quote on the truck, even though I called them weekly to check on the progress and was always assured that they would have a quote for me "soon." Once I received the quote and it was approved by my boss I called the owner and told him to begin the repair process. I called him several times over the next few weeks and never got a return phone call even though I left several messages for him to call me. Around the middle of March my boss (now furious with the situation) called the owner of Eastex Automotive personally and asked why the truck was not fixed yet. The owner said that he had not started to work on the vehicle because he had not talked to my boss personally and did not trust that I (the office manager) had the authority to approve such a repair. My boss proceeded to tell him that his office manager (me) has full authority over this and personally gave him the OK to start those repairs. I continued to call to check on the progress weekly but was told by multiple Eastex employees that only the owner could discuss this repair and they each took messages from me and said that the owner would call me back to discuss the repairs. This went on for months!! Finally, in JUNE of 2011 I called and even though the owner was not in I convinced another employee to fill me in on the repair progress. She proceeded to tell me that after further investigation of the truck, it was determined that the engine could not be repaired and it would need a new engine. Now, had they told me that 6 months ago when I originally brought it to them I would not have had a problem with that. I would have happily parted ways with Eastex and gotten a second opinion. Between the unprofessionalism of the owner and the fact that it took them 6 MONTHS to tell me they could NOT repair the vehicle I am utterly disappointed in Eastex Automotive. If you expect a professional service completed in a timely manner EASTEX AUTOMOTIVE in NOT the place for you!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-10:
Contact the Texas Consumer Protection Agency via http://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/index.shtml and click on "File a Complaint in the top left of the opening page or call the hotline at 800-621-0508.

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