Famous Daves BBQ Redlands Ca 92374 Complaint - Emlyoyee/Supervisor Lack of service ethics unacceptial to explain

Review by luvmertt on 2011-06-09
REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- My first time to Famous
daves in Redlands CA wasn't too bad. An F/D to go person, I was a walk-in customer. Pretty much fasly explain a few choices. I Mainely was interested in Rib-Tips. He suggested that maybe tips would'n be so grate for me as a new customer. Long story short I really enjoyed those Rib-tips. The first order was around 11 am. Those Rib-Tips were sp..ooo delish I went back, it was during the weekday I bearly made it there in time befoe closing. So I called my order on the phone and made it to-go. I'm only 10 min or less to get there. I have to say an include this next stament so may you can seen my point.. I live in Redlands, Ca 92374. I'v live here since 2008. An never visitedthere, But I have visited afrw other BB competitors. Ive travellws from Redlands to Ontario, Fontana, an Rialto CA more than 4-5 times a month. that in itself is at leas 15-20 miles oneway. I settled with the other BBQ and so called Soul Food restaurants. I tell You I don't have top teeth but F/D's BBQ had me wanting somore. An I did go back later that night. same Rib-tip platter same sides.. When I got home I couldn't wait to get started. Sir, that second order did- did-Did-NOY respresent the sam F/
D's, plate I ordered previously, an on the SAME Day. I immediately call F/D's An I talked to a manager name John or James, he was somwhat skeptible, with some aggarvation. but som what appoligied. He aoppolized and wrote my nane down as I did write his name on that receipt.. also stated I may or maynot come the next day but I would be there soon. I think maybe I did go the very next day. But deffinately on the second day after.

When I did affived, I called in and re-oedered again, not sure if that was John, I fo know when I did, the To-Go person that explaines the menue to me on the first day was also there. He sain oh, I remember You. The next time I have my order replaced to bring back the merchandise/order.. I then stated believe me I didn't eated, that order did not have the same texture of tipl as befor I could not tear in to them at all that's why I broght them back.. I also said an showed him both receipts to proove it an I also stated the guy last night said that wasn't necESSARY TO RETUEN THAT ORDER. back, but I stated again here are both receipts an that order wasn't even eaten an was in the refrig. do you want me to go get it he said no just nextime bring the peoduct bac with me.

Yhe day of havoe, noy to mention yhe lack of customer aervice that went down hill, an went farther than it should have.

The next time and I place an order was the second time, the first one was great even fabalous but same day. second time was arount evening, I calle the to-go line the reg to-go order person answered, I also located F/D's Redlands an looked at the menue on line, hoping to place this order online, I couldn't I call gad quesrions, about the extra met an how much, he started getting agitate with me, I had questions, an he had upfront customers. And I made that point knowned tp him, then he hung-up on me. I then waited 10- min before I made a second call back. When I did call back I askws for a supervisor, He said he was the sup at F/D's, He made a remark that was not right as to why the clerk hung up on me. He DID NOT APPOLIZE, HE WAS VERY, VERY SHORT WITH ME, SO I STOPPED explaining because he wasn't concern with it. an or me an any thing I was trying to say, An I also didn't want him to discredit me in the future. He russed me to make an order because it was almost closing time. I ALSO WAS AWARE OF THE TIME TO PLACE ANY ORDER BUT I STARTRD PLACING AN ORDER NOT TO FAR PASS OR BEFOR 9:00 PM. i said I know it getting late but ewalize your employee hung up when I thought I was tryihng to at leasse remind him who I was on the phone and that took time, an 10 more min, after that to talke to a supervisoe who just didn't care, it around closibg timne is all he wantes to express. then he sain are you gonna order or not.

Brlieve me neither onr of the two was so bussy so when thy took my order and repeated it THEY STILL Got it wrong. I alnost declined picking that order up, but I did because I did nithing wrong. They offered me nothing as a customer.

When I got there the front door greeter was nice, she sait my order can be pickedup from the bar.

There were a few people still dining, music loude an laughter in the room.\

When I sat down the bartebder came an as if I was Marilyn, yes I am I asked who an if the suppervisor was there as well as the to go order person wast still there she said she would check. She came bace an said the supversor would be right out. Whe he did I trird to explain my ordeal, he was motionless, and again lack of concerne and I stated that to him. The he said he coulf'nt here me, I spoke uo, then in minutes he said he didn't need this from me, I said what is that an I shoult lower my tone of voice. I then started to walk out saying he was gonna call the police, I said gi ahead cause you are treating me as thought I was asking for free food like I don't have money or like I was trying to steal something. Whem he turned around to call the police. I paid for for my food, I wrode on my reciepe folded them togrther, then he came out ans said he called the oilice an that I will be going to jail for an week. What, Why, Whe, Where was that restaurant took any concernr to me as a customer who wwanted nothing mor or less the proper wthics for a trained an of first
level supervisor, that was totally unacceptable. While driving hoe I did call to talk to him ovefr an over till they just did't answer the phone anymore. Supervisor in Redlands stated his name wae Fred, to-go server wouldn't tell me his name, the bar server I don't recall if she stated,

Before I paid for my food I asked to look at it. She showed me a bag with my sides in it, why wasn't it in the container with the rib-tips an the cor/cornbread. I took pictures. I asked for extra meat so I had two containers and two baggs containe extra side which was beans, and two potosalad. I again was disappointed to only look at my plate to notice I paid a little over 19.00. and the tips in that order were cut inyo small bit size peices an the extra meat container were also bite size peices an between the BB Tip platter with extra meat (tips) side order was separated to look like I had a full Rib-tip platter with I sids not inn the platter, but separetly pagged, witn a small portioned of extra meat.

I support he food, I also watch him on th Food Network Pit Masters
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-06-10:
i don't get it. what was the issue?
Posted by Critical_level2 on 2011-06-10:
I had trouble reading this towards the end due to spelling errors.

There is a good chance the evening kitchen staff is compiled of different people that are not part of the day time kitchen staff. That could be the reason for the rib tips tasting different. No 2 people cook food exactly the same, even if they work in the same restaurant. You also mentioned that you ordered right before they closed. At that point they may have started to close down the kitchen, especially of it was a slow night. If that was the case, then they just threw your order together real quick so they could continue with cleaning and closing the kitchen down.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-10:
Sorry, but I don't understand any of this. It's Kalifornia....no way would I purchase BBQ in Kalifornia.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-06-10:
Too long; FWIW, Famous Dave's in Maryland also sucks
Posted by Starlord on 2011-06-10:
Meat is a natural product, so it is not homogenous in nature. You will never find two pieces identical. If meat was a manufactured item, there would be a lot more uniformity, but hey, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.
Posted by V on 2011-06-10:
MDSasquatch, Have you tried the Famous Daves in Bel Air? I went there when they opened and they were pretty good.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-06-10:
I have only been to the one in Columbia; they were good when I first started going, but have gone downhill fast. I now go almost exclusively to Copeland's of New Orleans by the Columbia Mall, thy are fabulous.

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