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24 Hour Fitness Lead Trainer has Steroid Rage!
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229 EAST FM 544, MURPHY, TX 75094, TEXAS -- In the 24 Hour Fitness - Super Sport club in Murphy, Texas on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 around 8:00 PM when I approached an empty barbell rack, a nearby woman wearing a black sweat jacket (no logo/I.D. on jacket. I later found out she's an employee - the head/lead trainer) training with another woman using dumbbells shouted at me, “Excuse me, I'm using that!” When I asked her how she's “using it” when she's not inside the rack, the barbell is striped and on the floor, and she's working outside the rack with dumbbells, she defiantly replied, “I just am.” So to avoid a conflict, I walked away.

For the next 35 minutes, I observed the employee and her client alternating between using the barbell rack and the dumbbells outside of it. In other words, the employee was monopolizing two different types of equipment simultaneously. When I went to the front desk to lodge a complaint about this, the employee appeared and confronted me in front of the entire gym. In a hostile condescending manner she touted that she is the manager of the gym and that two of her employees told her that I have “a problem” with her.

I replied that I didn't want to discuss it with her and then asked for the name of her manager. She replied that she is the manager, and that I need to speak with her. Next, I asked her if she herself had a manager, and again she insisted she is the manager. At her insistence, I told her that she was in fact not using the barbell rack when she aggressively dissuaded me from using it, giving the previously stated reasons. Her reply was, “I was using it, and I didn't come up here to argue with you.” Then I asked her if she is the manager of the entire club, and she finally conceded, “no.”

When I asked her for the name of the person who is, she refused to tell me. In response, I told her that I intend to contact 24 Hour Fitness corporate headquarters to make a formal complaint against her and asked her for her name. She replied, “it's on the wall,” then walked off.

I have been going to gyms for 22 years and in several states across the U.S. Most people know, especially employees of the facilities, that a person can only physically use one item/machine at a time, and therefore cannot monopolize/reserve other items/machines they're not currently using. If everybody were to do this, there would hardly be any vacant machines/items for other paying members to use. This situation is absurd, since it is us, the members, that pay monthly to use the facility. It is because of our patronage that employees, such as this lead/head trainer, have a sweaty job in the first place.

The unreasonable behavior, hostile attitude, unprofessional, and condescension of the head/lead trainer in the 24 Hour Fitness club in Murphy, Texas are both inexcusable and unacceptable.

Personal Training Snafu
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Rating: 2/51

INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I just wanted to give a warning if you want to purchase personal training sessions. I feel like I have been "had". I went for my free training session, and sure I have an amount of weight I want to lose. I'm not new to exercise, but the promise of meal suggestions, what you should limit, and the fact that it all seems promising. The person I trained with was freaking amazing. He pretty much told me everything I wanted and needed to hear. I agreed to purchase training sessions with him, or so I thought.

When it was all said and done, and time to schedule these, he says "I am actually the fitness manager and don't do these training sessions. I will match you up personality wise to the trainer I think will fit you best." I was SPEECHLESS. There are no refunds, and maybe I will like this other trainer. But I really think this is BS. I really feel taken advantage of and don't understand why there wasn't honesty upfront. They can spin it like they want. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

Refusal of Refund & Harassment
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- In June, I put $600 cash down for fitness training. There was a remaining balance of $200, which I agreed could be put upon my credit card. Shortly after that, my trainer took a vacation, and I couldn't train with him for a couple of weeks. When he got back, I thought our training sessions would resume (we had only had 1 or 2). Before I could get another session, he quit working there. I had to take the time and trouble to find a new trainer that I felt was good enough to train me. I found another, and I made arrangements to train with him. I got about 2 sessions out of him before he transferred to another location.

Since I didn't have a membership at that location, not to mention that it was quite far away, I had once again lost a trainer. By this time, I was frustrated and just wanted my money back. In the meantime, I was being harassed by the main office. It seems they had "forgotten" to charge my credit card on the agreed-upon date, so they wanted me to submit another signed authorization. The manager where I had my membership said it should be paid there and not to the main office. After it was taken care of, I thought the harassment would cease, but it did not. Even though the manager at my location told the main office that I was paid in full, they refused to believe it.

They have harassed us for 4 months straight. I never finished my fitness training, but a letter to the BBB prompted them to write back (with no phone # listed on their letterhead) saying there are no refunds on fitness training whether you use it or not. They also let me know the $200 "debt" has been put on my credit. I am beyond angry. Any reputable business will give a refund on unused services if the customer isn't happy. I would highly recommend to everybody to stay away from 24 Hour Fitness.

Dismiss the Best Trainer in the Facility.
By -

NORTH LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have worked out at 24 Hour Fitness center on Clayton and Craig Road, North Las Vegas NV for about 4 months. I was a trainer myself for many years but stopped about 10 years ago to recover from alcoholism and opiate use. Upon buying a lifetime membership and hiring a person trainer I wanted to gain back my health and self esteem. I was assigned a trainer named **. We clicked right away and I did my best to copy his moves and correct formats to give that extra "boot up". We worked machines, weights and used a lot of body weight so I had experienced a myriad of moves that worked me out to the max.

He developed a lot of his own workout sheets and methods specifically catering to the clients level and expertise. He does have other businesses, i.e., hair dressing and karate. He never brought those businesses to his training sessions and unless you knew him "well", you would never expected he was involved in so many aspects of his life. He never brought his other interests to the gym. He developed his own website to bring the center more personalized business, not to appear "one up" of the other trainers. I had two 10 session plans to set up and upon completion the center was having a sale on sessions and I signed up for 10 more with this same trainer.

The following day the trainer called me and said he was fired. I couldn't believe it and asked him many questions about the circumstances of the situation. The "boss" didn't really give him a definitive reason. I was thoroughly upset and took my contract for the sessions I had signed on for the previous day and turned it in for my money back. If I couldn't have **, I wanted no other trainer. I trusted ** with my whole body transformation and in a short time we had made milestones. He was thorough, patient, kind and knew exactly what he was talking about.

I have a membership at the gym but I will never train with another trainer because I've seen them in action (teaching half ass). The manager looks to be about 22 years old and the center needs experience and management skills. I have to wonder how these managers are picked. This kid is way over his head and causing chaos instead of having strong leadership quality. I have a membership which I will continue to use, but I will not encourage other people to join. We pay for perfection and intend to receive it. I am very disappointed with the way this situation has played out.

Do Not Go To 24 Hour Fitness Irving, TX
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- I registered as a member in 24 Hour Fitness at their Irving,TX club, So here goes the list of complaints. Staff is extremely unprofessional. When I visited first time for the registration the girl ** told me that she would provide me the first assessment session free with a trainer called **. Well that was the only part that went OK. So after some time I went ahead and joined the club and purchased 10 training sessions. When I was registering they told me that I cannot train with ** (with whom I had my assessment session). So I argued and finally got my sessions set up with the same trainer.

First day I showed up, the trainer says that he has an appointment with another client and if I could come back after one hour or on another day. I said no I cannot, so to my surprise he did the physical assessment again which was already done during free trial session so he just wasted my entire session for which I had paid $50. Each and every session I took there I was forced by ** to purchase their product called BODY-BUGG on which I guess he must be making some money.

Upon telling him that I have Mac I was asked to purchase "€œMac Parallels"€ (for those who don'™t know what Mac Parallels is, it allows you to run Windows on Mac) so that he can sell his product. Eight sessions down, I once called him to inform that I won't be able to make it for the session since I had some other things to be taken care of. He did not pick up and I left a voicemail. Well he did not return the call. The voicemail that I had left was 24 hours in advance, which is OK as per their policy.

So I went in for my next session and guess what, ** was training someone else. Upon asking him, he in the first place did not respond properly, I told him that he could have at least called me and he told me that he got too busy. WOW!!!!! Guy doesn'™t know what Mac is and considered himself Bill Gates for a moment. Haha.. OK, so I get angry and go the manager who sets me up with another trainer and he did the assessment again. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well I am done with this club and cancelled my membership with them immediately.

Also the club remains packed during the evening time so I had always struggled to get myself onto a machine there. Do yourself a favor and find a better gym than 24 Hour Fitness.

Personal Training
By -

MORENO VALLEY, CA 92553 -- I purchase personal training at 24 Hour Fitness, which I was excited about being I wanted to take my fitness level up a notch. Once I got to the final lesson. I noticed that the lesson was went over an hour. This was a half hour lessons. I go back and sit down with the trainer and she starts to sell. She was not too pushy but I told her I was not buying any lessons and would be leaving the country in less than a week. But she insisted that I buy now because the price will go up at the beginning of the year. Still I resisted and left without the lessons.

I come back a few months later and to my surprise, it my old trainer calling me, she wanted to do a "review". I tell her that I'm still not interested in the lessons. She says that's OK it's just to see where you are at, and how the training has helped you. She was a little pushy in scheduling a day for me to come in, I insisted that I would choose a day that best works for me, to which she agreed. I go to meet her a week later for this "review" and before I sat down she was selling me the New Year special. She takes my measurements and has me get on the treadmill.

Wore out and tired, she starts to add on the pressure, and I resist, but I gave in to coming back later to take advantage of this New Year deal. Before leaving her tone with too disrespectful, telling me that I should not come to the gym without a water bottle because I should expect to work out. Well I reminded her that it was supposed to be a review and not a lessons. She just ignored what I had to say. After leaving the gym I realized that the "review" was a way to sell me more lessons I went back to the gym and cancelled the appointment and allowed my membership to expire without renewing.

Misrepresentation and Plain Outright Rip Off
By -

For any of you out there that are looking to sign up for personal training sessions with 24 hour Fitness - DO NOT DO IT! DO NOT DO IT! DO NOT DO IT! I was scammed, and plain old ripped off by this company. When I signed up on New Year's Day, the salesman told me that I could pace my 6 sessions over 6 months! I paid $250 for these sessions. Then, when I met the trainers, they ALL insisted that I "train" twice a week MINIMUM for "best results" and then "buy more sessions". Bait and switch anybody? When I complained to the manager, he had the nerve to tell me I was LYING and that his salesman would have said no such thing! JERK!

My very first "session" comprised for measurements, and 20 minutes on the treadmill. THAT WAS IT. I was asked to come back for "session # 2" to discuss my goal, exercise plans etc. Oh, and their nutritional "plan" is full of "supplements" that THEY SELL! I was also asked to sign a contract that said (in small print) that supplements would be "recommended" and that I agree to buy these supplements. Yeah... right! I'm on multi-vitamins and don't need their calcium supplements, as I told their "trainer" and her response was that it was "recommended" but not mandatory! But I still had to sign it... IGNORE THE SMALL PRINT, SHE SAID!

In addition, you have to sign a sessions log - an UNFILLED log - which, if they wanted to, they could fill up and your signature would be right underneath, giving the impression that you actually had all those sessions even if they hadn't given you the time of the day. Rip off, anyone? Wait... it gets even better (or worse). I was told I couldn't get a refund, even for dissatisfaction with "service" (or lack thereof) because "their system doesn't allow them to issue refunds". When I called corporate office, they informed me that the local club needs to issue refunds.

So basically, these folks bait and switch customers, lure them in with misrepresentation, then try to bleed every dime out of it and even accuse the customer of lying. So in a nutshell, my suggestion to all of you - DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY. These have not one BUT TWO PENDING CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS AGAINST THEM FOR MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUDULENT BILLING, they had ONE employee class-action lawsuit and they only recently paid $2.5 million to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit.

You'd think that they couldn't go any lower, but they're actively TRYING! "Never say never" is their motto, except when it comes to customer (DIS)SERVICE.

Personal Training - Lack Professionalism
By -

KENT, WASHINGTON -- 24 Hour Fitness is wonderful. The Kent, WA location is newer, clean, well-kept, the equipment is current and the classes are the bomb! The one thing I would like to say is that some of the personal trainers are young and have some growing up to do. When someone pays to train with a trainer, we don't pay them to hear about their personal lives, the drama going on in the club, the criticisms about the staff and members or to hear about the rumors going around the club. Ideally, it would be great if we could get in a good workout focusing on fitness, diet, strength, or whatever. But this location makes it hard to focus or to want to work out.

Management "always" takes the side of the employee and instead of working with that trainer, they tell him or her that the customer is just emotional and that the trainer did nothing wrong. The one thing that this location has forgotten is that the main reason they have jobs is because of the customers walking in the door everyday. Please learn about customer service and how to provide a healthy, happy environment for everyone.

Personal Training
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Look I understand that the goal of these "trainers" is to make a great commission by selling supplements, and further training sessions, however... it is what it is. You want first class service. Okay, spend $100 per month on a membership elsewhere, then spend $100 per training session. 24 Hour makes this service available to everyone at a cheaper price. Okay you don't get the service you want, but please. You can get a $5 steak at Denny's, but does it really taste the same as a $50 steak at Morton's? Stop your complaining and tell your trainer what you want. I love my trainer, he motivates me and my butt looks great!

Theft And Burglary And Pervert Trainers At 24 Hour Fitness
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- The police were at the 24 Hour Fitness located at 3233 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix. The club has a history of thefts from lockers and burglary from vehicles in the parking lot. Management will do nothing to stop the crimes. It is likely that employees are involved. Someone removes locks from lockers and then cleans out the entire contents of a locker. At least one member was victimized twice. Thieves will also break out car windows and steal the contents. Also notice the pervert trainers who have their hands all over the female trainees.

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