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Problems With Movers
By -

I had selected America's Best Movers for my move from Wheaton, IL to Redlands, CA. This was based on the quote given to me by ** who works as a relocation consultant. I had given him a list of items in my household and he sent me a quote for $1995 for 570 cubic feet. After the truck driver loaded all my goods, he said that the total goods were more and it will cost me $3350. There was absolutely no means to find out if the goods were within the 570 cubic feet as quoted in the initial quote or a thousand cubic feet as claimed by the driver.

The driver ** also asked me to initial at a number of places on the form before he can start loading the truck. This included the part where I would be compensated at the rate of 60 cents per pound in case of any damage or loss. At that point of time I was given no other option. Before booking I had inquired from ** and he had told that there would be an insurance coverage of $50000.

**, the relocation consultant and **, the truck driver had assured me that my goods would reach Redlands, CA before the 26th, the date I was supposed to move into my apartment. ** had pressed us repeatedly to pick up the goods from our apartment on 14th instead of 16th of September and we obliged. After reaching Redlands, CA when we contacted the office on 26th September, I was told that the goods would arrive that weekend. I was upset as I had planned everything based on the availability of the apartment and arrival of my goods.

From 26th of September, for 28 days we were without our belongings and without any information about our goods, with no idea if we will ever receive the goods. Throughout this period, whenever I called the company, I was told to call back after a couple of days. The attitude and tone of the employees, especially **, was arrogant and unprofessional. I got the impression that they had no intention whatsoever of delivering my goods. At no point of time did I get the status of my goods. When I asked ** that I be compensated for the delay, he indicated that I send him the remaining amount if I need my goods.

Between September 14th, when my goods were picked up from Wheaton, IL and October 23rd, when they were delivered in CA, no one called me even once to tell me where my goods were or when I will get them. The attitude of the employee was unprofessional and unethical.

With two small kids, the amount of stress I had to undergo without my goods was unbearable. Without kitchen appliances/utensils, we had to incur a lot of expenses on meals. We also had to purchase clothes for the family to manage during the period. Apart from this, we had to incur costs in other basic necessities which would have been avoided if our goods had been delivered in time.

My kids were longing for their toys, books and other belongings everyday and we did not have an answer for them as to when they will get their stuff. All this was compounded by the uncertainty whether we will ever get our stuff back. On top of that, the way the staff was treating us made us feel humiliated and scared. As soon as the receptionist found out that I was calling to inquire about my goods, she used to put me on hold that used to never end. I had to call over and over again to get a response – which always used to be “Call up in next couple of days”.

Finally when the truck driver ** arrived with the goods 28 days after the promised date of delivery, he demanded that I pay him $150 cash upfront in addition to the remaining amount before he would unload the truck. Otherwise he would take back the goods. Having no other option, we had to give him the money to get our belongings, and a lot of them were damaged. On top of this, they did not assemble or organize the things that they had dismantled during packing.

When I called up the office to get a complaint form for reporting the damages, I was told to call back after two weeks as the person dealing with the forms is on vacation. Overall, I had a very unpleasant experience in dealing with America's Best Movers where I had to undergo a lot of mental stress as well as financial strain. The employee attitude towards servicing me changed after they picked up the goods. I was treated with arrogance and felt humiliated in dealing with the employees.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: (1) reimburse the total amount that was charged for the move; (2) compensation for staying without our belongings for 28 days, from September 26th to October 22nd. This should include the amount we spent on food, clothes and other articles necessary for survival; (3) hundred and fifty dollars that were forced from me by the driver **; (4) compensation for the stress we had to undergo due to the unprofessional, anti-customer attitude of your staff; (5) compensation for the broken goods that include coffee table set, dining table set and a dresser organizer.

America's Best Movers - 1535 NW 65th Ave, Plantation, FL United States 33313. (954)485-2444. At the very least, I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Poor Quality of Whirlpool Product
By -

OHIO -- Big Whirlpool brand problem. I purchased a Whirlpool glass cook top, and sealed burner gas stove, and all the parts covered with porcelain (grates, caps and beauty rings) are so defective that the porcelain, with very little stove use, chips off, and the rings warp. This even happens to areas that are never in contact with a pot or pan.

Luckily, but also unfortunately, I purchased an extended warranty from another company who has replaced the defective parts numerous times after seeing how deteriorated they are. The warranty company advised me to contact Whirlpool personally in hopes of having something done due to the poor quality of this product, because their hands are basically tied concerning this matter.

I have contacted Whirlpool on numerous occasions and have literally pleaded with them to send someone out or to allow me to mail them the said defective items for them to study/view, and to please rectify this problem. I would have genuinely appreciated a replacement model or a refund for the purchase price, even losing the $100+ I paid for the aforementioned extended warranty. I even called stating that some of the porcelain was already coming off inside the plastic bag that the beauty rings were in from the manufacturer before I even used/installed this replacement item.

All the Whirlpool company has done is to refer me to yet another area of their corporation, and so on and so on. The end result is that they will not stand behind their product and my warranty will soon expire leaving me with a real eyesore of a Whirlpool product!!! Has anyone out there had a similar problem with their stove top, or do you know of anyone who has? Has anyone out there had any negative dealings with Whirlpool, and, if so, was Whirlpool at least responsive?

I feel it is such a shame that we are encouraged to buy extended warranties for the products we purchase today, and that such inferior products are marketed. I even feel it is more shameful to be basically ignored when consumers are not assisted with such poor quality from a manufacturing company such as Whirlpool. I would sincerely appreciate any responses any of you might be able to afford. Thank you.

Refusal to Honor Warranty
By -

LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- We got a Whirlpool Gas Range / Oven last summer. After about 6 months, we started getting intermittent power failures (oven just shuts off). After sending a service worker to replace 2 parts, (and never running any diagnostics on the oven itself) they refuse to do anything more with it because it is not installed on a dedicated circuit. The range is installed in an existing location where 2 other gas ranges had worked fine for about 12 years each, and the install manual says they "recommend" a dedicated circuit. I'll never buy Whirlpool again and am planning on pursuing legal action against them.

Gas Range
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have a Roper (Whirlpool) gas range that spontaneously shuts off while baking. This has happened more than ten times in the past year since purchase. The service people have no idea how to fix it, and the company refuses to stand behind their products and issue either a replacement or a refund. Is there a lemon law for appliances, because this one surely is a lemon. My family will never buy Whirlpool or Roper again.

Help the US Consumer
By -

Please consider starting a segment on consumer protections from companies that screw its customers over again and again. There is no accountability from corporate America and consumers are being screwed over! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

By -

ROCKLAND, MAINE -- I lost custody of my six children when they were all very young. My age and health are failing me. I just wish there was some way I could reunite with my children just once to tell them I never stopped loving them. Could you please help me find all of them and set up such a reunion? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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