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Rating: 2/51

MADERA, CALIFORNIA -- I've been trying to get a claim resolved with American Modern Insurance for water damage back in February. I purchased this insurance through AAA, which is affiliated with American Modern for mobile home insurance, maybe broker is a better word. Anyway, I found American Modern very hard to deal with and wanted to caution others about buying insurance through AAA.

Be sure you know what company you will actually be insured and dealing within the event of a problem. Madera Ca has to be one the worst cities in California for uninsured motorists, being in two accidents in the 20 years, both times rear ended at traffic lights in Madera. Once by an uninsured, unlicensed driver and the second recently by a hit and run driver.

From what I gathered from my conversation with the police officer, it's a pretty common occurrence that either one or more of the parties involved, doesn't have a drivers license, insurance or both. I didn't know was that since I didn't get the license number of the vehicle that hit and run my truck, that AAA would not waive my $500 deductible under my uninsured motorist policy. Something to consider when choosing your deductible. Hoping 2013 is a better year.

Ridiculous fees!
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Rating: 2/51

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I used AAA's online bill pay to pay my auto insurance bill 3 weeks before the due date. 2 days after the due date I was surprised to find a notice in the mail for the same bill. Apparently I typed in a wrong number on the account information I provided for paying my bill. So not only did I have to pay my bill again, but I had to pay an additional $20 fee. I originally thought it was a late fee and called to see if I could get it removed since I paid my bill well in advance but they failed to notice me until after the due date.

Apparently the fee was simply because there was a returned bank notice. Not because there were insufficient funds in my account or anything like that but simply because I had a typo when entering in my account information. That is the most ridiculous fee I have ever heard of!

Horrible Claim Service
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My car was hit very bad as I was visiting my son away at college as was 4 other cars. Called the police to make a report and they showed up and filed the reports for everyone else that was hit. I got a ride back to San Antonio and filed the claim. Took 5 days for a adjuster to even come and look at the car and that's only because I called him personally and told him, after that then all of a sudden I am under investigation and so is my son, the investigators are hanging out at his apartment and asking him questions even though this had nothing to do with him.

Now AAA has contacted the police department there and they are calling me and questioning me and stating AAA will prosecute me if they find out I'm filing a false claim, also now they are asking for my son and my phone records. Oh by the way this is a 1994 Toyota Camry... so now it has been a month and I have been having to borrow a vehicle from my sister, so now I am going to pay the $1000 to fix the car and definitely cancel this horrible insurance and move to Geico who has been so nice about the situation. I feel they have paid these investigators and police more than it would be if they just gave me the money to fix it.

Rip Off Auto Insurance
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LADERA RANCH, CALIFORNIA -- After 21 years with AAA auto insurance my wife and I found out we kept getting robbed even without tickets or accidents. Our rates kept going up and up. After shopping we found out we could get better coverage from several other insurances with a savings of over $450 per year. After being advised by the AAA agent we were paid through certain date we canceled AAA and got Farmers with better coverage.

The rip off artists from AAA keep sending bills for extra coverage we did not authorize and claim we have to send our cancellation in writing and to show proof of Farmers coverage. I advised the AAA agent a month before canceling, AAA has agents that are nasty and rude in resolving this matter. Do Not Buy AAA Insurance. They will RIP you Off. Take your money and give inferior service.

'Customers Come First' is no longer true!
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CALIFORNIA -- The management style of AAA seems to be changing from one that generated old style loyalty to one that is opportunistic and unfriendly. I have been a loyal member of the company for a very long time and have an extremely clean driving record. I also have been using my car less and less in recent years, relying on BART more, so my car often gets less than 10,000 miles a year. I do not drink or have unhealthy habits and have often been criticized for being a little too cautious on the road, never being among the first to arrive at a destination. In short, I am the kind of client an auto insurance company would love to have. Pay up, but stay out of trouble.

But I made a mistake recently when my schedule was overwhelmingly busy; I missed the due date for a payment and my account became delinquent for over thirty days. A first in over seventeen years of being with the company with a completely clean driving record! No tickets, no violations to my name... I was a little embarrassed to call AAA when I discovered my mistake upon finally being able to cope with the pile of mail that had accumulated in that hectic schedule, but also ready to pay all that I owed and correct the situation.

Since I had been with them for so long and I am a very safe driver, as embarrassed as I was to have dropped the ball, I thought they would help me fix the situation. They jumped at the occasion to reduce my benefits and offered me a policy with higher deductibles and much higher fees. I indicated I was hoping to put payments on auto pay to avoid a similar mistake in the future and apologized for my lack of organization during a stressful and busy time, but to no avail. I almost felt the manager I was connected to was mocking me for having given them an opportunity to get more money out of me.

The result: I am getting quotes from other companies and comparing them. I feel a little like a fish out of water because I have been a member of that company for close to 20 years. If I had not had this opportunity to test their approach when I made a mistake, I would have continued with them thinking all was fine. Now I am reconsidering.

To be fair to them, they did take care of me in fixing rare, minor things in the past, such as fixing the bumper and the taillights after one inexperienced driver hit my car in the parking lot of a supermarket and was ready to flee until the security agent on duty stopped him. Still he had no insurance and AAA did not create a fuss and fixed it. (It was obviously no fault of mine. I was not even in my car, but was met with the security officer and the other driver when I walked to my car with my young child.

They did honor the agreement and provided me with a rental during the repair. They also sent to our home a service person to repair a little crack on the windshield from a rock flown from a truck on the freeway. And the repair person they sent was very pleasant. The problem seems to be in their recent management style. I used to think of them as being a good company in the old style, professional, experienced, trustworthy, friendly to their clients. They seem to have moved in the direction of the bankers on Wall Street and gotten a little too pompous and opportunistic. I am hearing that from more and more people.

Maybe, as it happened with many good companies of one time, they are under a different cloud. Not do I only feel disgruntled about the way I was treated, I am also worried about where that attitude will take them because we do have some investments with them. That kind of greed never pays off, as we all saw in the example of where the greed on Wall Street took the global economy. Maybe they consider recruiting better managers.

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MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA -- BEWARE!!! AAA ( Automobile Club of Southern California) is running the biggest scam! CHECK THE MILEAGE THEY HAVE ON YOUR VEHICLES A YEAR! Take a good look at your bills (past & present). I was organizing old records and notice the mileage of one of our vehicles (1987 truck) and the mileage that was listed was 50,000 + miles a year (insurance for 6/2006-6/2007). A new renewal was coming up for 2007-08. I then looked a past bills and notice the years previous (2004-05) was 1-5000 miles which was correct. But I didn't have a statement for billing on (2005-06).

I called AAA 1800 number and asked if the our premium costs were based on the yearly mileage? Answer: YES! I then asked for the rep on the phone to check my records for 2005-2006 and tell me what mileage they had us down for that year. He said they had us down for 63000 miles + (then made a comment that we would have to drive around the earth 3 times in a year to rack up that many miles). I agreed and said the 87 truck drives to work 5 miles and home 5 miles 5 days a week or 2400-3000 miles a year.

He said they would look in to it.I told him my rates were doubled because of their mistake and expected a full refund including interest we had to pay for both years and to make sure it was corrected on my upcoming renewal. I then went to my local office in Murrieta, ask for a print out of billing record. Told agent about it and he said they would look into it. 3 days later I received a phone call within a few days from the district manager telling me they couldn'€™t do anything about the mileage on the previous bills, that the mileage was what we had put down.

I then told him NO it was a mistake and I wanted proof that we put that down number one & that my husband had taken over paying bills and if we made the mistake the computer program or person entering data should have flag such an increase which no one could possibly drive in one year. I then told him I had been a member for 20+ years and they had all past records to compare to. He told me their records are from our smog report and we had to prove the mileage, bring truck into their office have a agent check odometer. I told him I wanted a copy of the revised billing showing correct amounts as well as mileage for my records.

We brought in truck and waited. May 4th B.M from AAA called and said they would refund me $261.00 for 2006-2007. I told him the year before that needed to be corrected as well. He said he would look in to it. Received check for amount above but no interest. Also revised billing that was not correct it did not include the less policy holders dividend (which make the bottom line higher). The amount it should have shown was $991.00 for that year instead of $1194.00. call 1800 number listed on letter if there was a problem with the amounts,was told to call person who is doing the work on our account so far. Called AAA B.M. an left message (wasn't in).

Received call from AAA manager and was told the mileage was corrected on his records. I said really well its wrong because AAA local office gave me a fax showing the higher mileage. He asked me to send him proof, via fax . I said what are you talking about AAA sent the fax surely they have record of the mistake & correction. He said he couldn'€™t get that information. I said NO I won't fax it, I will bring it in. He said well I will be gone by 4pm, I said I am right around the corner from you office will be their in 5 minutes. He looked at the faxed previous bill and the record he had on his computer and said it was 216.00 over charge on our bill I told him yea and I wanted the interest from this billing and the other bill as well. He said he would put in for that as well.

Got check for 216.00 but STILL NO INT. Then received new renewal 6/2007-6/2008 and I couldn'€™t believe my eyes they had us down for 25,000 to 30,000 miles a year ( instead of the 1,000-5,000 miles we drive)!!! The bill was again double, what it should have been. Now I have to fight this thing all over. I will be asking the insurance commission for a complete audit on AAA( Automobile Club of Southern California). I just wonder how many people they have done this too and got away with it.

Insurance Companies Suck
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People, the title says it all (well, almost all). It does not matter very much which company you choose. They are all going to play hard-ball because that is what they do. Anyone who works for an insurance company & is honest will tell you the same. The cards are stacked against us, even for those of us who do NOT love in a no-fault state. They have decided for us whether we will be considered responsible in every situation conceivable to man. Usually they will fault all of us, so they should really call it ALL-FAULT.

Regarding AAA specifically, I had insurance with them for a number of years. One incident in '94 (I was not at fault), was when the AAA Rep actually told me he felt sorry for the guy making the (ahem, false) claim against me because he, himself had experienced how expensive insurance is for young men (the reason for his ratty car?). What did that have to do with the important issue, that AAA had no responsibility to pay out his claim? The claimant's car was 7 years old, had dents & scratches all over the car & bumper, but AAA insisted on inspecting my vehicle to make sure that my bumper showed no damage in the area where the guy claimed my bumper hit his bumper. He just wanted a new bumper at my expense!

Then there was the accident in '95, where a car cut off another car in front of me, & AAA declared the person in front of me, and ME, at fault, instead of the person who caused the accident by driving recklessly. It looks like a setup, in hind sight, because I didn't like the way that car was driving & I slowed down considerably to avoid him. So he picked on the car in front of me, but I got caught in it. I would have had plenty of room to stop in time if it hadn't happened at the bottom of the freeway on-ramp, which was downhill, and if it had not been raining. My brakes locked up at the last minute & I found myself drifting into the back of the 2nd car.

In '98 AAA refused to replace the bumper on my pristine, dentless & scratchless car with an OEM part; instead, they used a cheap part & the body shop could not get it to align properly. No amount of complaining could convince them to fix the PROBLEM (OEM! OEM! OEM!). Hopefully they can't get away with that nowadays, I think the laws changed shortly afterward.

This was an accident that was caused by the guy behind me, so HIS insurance was supposed to pay for it anyway! If his company did refuse, AAA should have paid the difference to keep me happy. I ended up selling that beautiful car & shaving $500 off the sale price because of that stupid bumper! It was the last straw, I switched to another company & never looked back.

Let Me Down After 14 Years
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- AAA has let me down for the last time. After 14 years as a member and auto insurance policy holder with AAA, I am canceling my contract and never looking back. I put up with feeling overcharged for so many years because I thought it was worth being with a "reputable" company and that I would be well taken care of in an emergency. NOT TRUE!!! Their customer service is horrible and their policies regarding communication are even worse.

Last summer we relocated for two months and I had my mail forwarded but did not receive everything in time and missed a payment to AAA. By the time I realized what had happened, I called them to pay over the phone, and found out they had cancelled my policy with only one notification - a letter sent to me via standard post - which was also late getting to me. I hadn't even received the notification before they cancelled me! Patient as I am, I accepted the situation, paid the overdue amount to reinstated the policy for the current date and determined to search for another company as soon as possible.

After subsequently signing up with USAA and getting the runaround from them, I went back to AAA for lack of time and energy to research a better option. This year we relocated again but I was wise; I set up automatic payment 3 months before we left so that there would not be another lapse in policy. Well, SURPRISE!!! They dropped us AGAIN!!! This time they said that the automatic payment was not processing properly, so 3 MONTHS LATER they sent a letter of notification that gave 10 days notice before they cancelled our coverage. NO PHONE CALL! NO FOLLOW UP! Just dropped without further notice.

I had no idea there was a problem with the payment schedule and assumed all was well. Meanwhile I'm driving all around on So. California freeways with my four kids and last week drove to Tahoe and back, believing I'm safe and covered. Apparently our policy was cancelled July 5. Yesterday, July 28, we found out about the cancellation because my husband called AAA to report a small, no injury, claim. The agent announced that we were cancelled and when I got on the phone to find a solution I was patronized and told there is no way to re-enact the policy retroactive to the lapse date.

After 14 years of loyalty and coming back for more, putting my trust and faith in AAA to protect my family, paying them THOUSANDS of dollars, this is the thanks I get - "I'm sorry ma'am, that's our policy. You can go ahead and tell us what you would like us to do and when you're done talking we'll tell you how we do things." I'm just very grateful that no one was seriously injured during that "lapse" in coverage. The bottom line is - AAA has TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION skills and insufficient notification when something is wrong. BAD SERVICE!!!!

Interesting how they hold me responsible for paying on time, making sure the mail goes through, but when it's their mail that doesn't go through, they won't accept responsibility and REFUSE TO WORK WITH US to find a solution. The best part is, after 14 years of taking THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from me, this whole fuss was about an overdue amount of $64 and change. Yesterday I lost it emotionally. I felt betrayed by the very people I had paid to protect me. I realized that my peace of mind is at stake. HELP!! is there such a thing as an honest insurance company that actually cares about people? Or is it time for a revolution against the insurance scam industry?

Communication is nil with AAA Auto Insurance & Accurate Auto Insurance
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JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- On January 22, 2008 at approximately 6:30 AM I was involved in an auto accident. The woman who hit me was insured with Accurate Auto. As of today, June 1, 2008 the claim has not been settled though AAA did give me a check for my totaled 2001 Tracker. I found out recently that AAA sold my Tracker at an auction for $2,000. It is my understanding that AAA will be reimbursed for the almost $7,000 they paid me by Accurate Auto. I am still receiving medical bills which I have repeatedly faxed to AAA. AAA told me they would pay the medical bills until this claim is settled. There is no communication at all with AAA or Accurate Auto.

I have done all the calls (except for 2 from each company) in the last 4.5 months since the accident. Accurate Auto claims they can not settle until they receive all paperwork from AAA. AAA lays the blame on Accurate. It seems funny to me because everything I faxed to one insurance company I faxed to the other. My husband answered a phone survey about AAA. After he rated most everything a 1 or 2 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best) he received a call from someone at AAA who was very concerned about the results from the survey. That was over 2 weeks ago. We still haven't heard anything from either insurance company.

Since this is the first accident I have been in as a driver I am curious to know how long must a person wait until they are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses? I had one day medical costs. I am out over $1,000 for a rental car. I was told I would get our $500 deductible reimbursed. I lost 2 days of wages (1 for the accident and 1 to go to court because the insured driver who hit me didn't believe she should be responsible because the roads were icy & slushy - she blamed the plow companies for not clearing the streets - she was also ticketed for driving too fast for road conditions - she hit me while she was in the process of spinning out of control - I had changed lanes hoping I would avoid her.

She totaled the whole driver's side of my Tracker). I had a cracked right #10 rib due to the accident. Seat belts are wonderful. Seat belts do save lives. Seat belts can also break your rib if you are hit in such a way that it causes you to go into a spin! I have no complaints about the officers who arrived on the scene (Romeoville officers). My hat off to the paramedics who transported me to the hospital (Lockport Township). Those officers & paramedics braved ugly weather & road conditions to assist me. AAA expects prompt payments for the insurance coverage yet is very slow in providing services such as their policy to pay out until claims are settled.

It seems it is always someone's fault why things aren't done. It seems they are unable to pick up a phone to contact their policy holder. It seems they take no responsibility other than to cash the check from the policy holder. We also carry home owner's insurance with AAA. It's a good thing we didn't lose our home we would still be camping out in tents in our yard. I am not at all happy with Accurate Insurance company either.

The driver has called me twice since the court date but left a number that must be a prepaid cell phone because after each call I tried calling her and got the message that the user was not accepting calls at this time. I was told repeatedly by both insurance companies that the claim will be settled "shortly". Shortly is a relative term. In pregnancy shortly means within 9 months. In car accidents who knows how long shortly means!?!

Too much difference between their Quote and Actual purchase..AAA Agents gave all incorrect info
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I got a quote online a month back which was for around $1000. When I went to AAA office (as they don't sell it online), they said its $1800, since my current insurance has less coverage. They asked me to increase my current insurance coverage and then go for AAA so that it will be around $1200. I went to my current insurance and increased my coverage, and then waited for 15-20 days for it to get reflected on AAA. I again got a quote online. I gave all correct info including my DL number, SSN and violation details (I had traffic ticket), and it gave me a quote of $800 a year.

When I called AAA to purchase it, they said online quote is normally not correct as it doesn't pull my credit report, and said I have to pay $1400. When I asked them, if there is so much of difference between Online Quote and actual cost (almost 100%), why should anyone get a quote online from AAA. The lady said she doesn't have any answer and rudely disconnected the phone. Then I went to AAA office, where they said, they do not know why the online quote is so low, and I need to pay the quote amount that I got from them a month back in AAA office (which was $1100).

When I told them that I gave all the info correctly while getting the quote online, including my 1 traffic ticket, and asked them to check if I entered anything incorrectly, she called 2 -3 AAA call center agents and finally told me that they do not know why the quote was $800, but they can't sell me that. I had no idea what to do, as I spent so much of my time with these guys. I came home and got a quote online from Progressive and bought that online which was much cheaper, easier and fast. But decided never to refer anybody to AAA (at least in this state). Bad thing was, I already referred 3-4 of my colleagues.

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