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Tried to Rip Me Off for Repair I Didn't Need
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TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- I had an oil leak and since I had a warranty for a previous repair I brought the car to Aamco in Toms River. I was told it would take an hour to look at the car and when I came back I was told I needed major repairs on the engine. When I refused I was told I would be charged 150 dollars for their estimates. To make a long story short I brought my car to Pep Boys and all I needed was a 2 dollar plug and the leak was fixed. The problem was fixed and the car runs fine without the dishonest estimates from Aamco. I advise no one to bring their car to Aamco, never!

They Are BIG FAT SCAMMERS! Beware!
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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- Fairview Heights, ILLINOIS. April 1, 2016 - I was 100 miles from St. Louis, MO when my transmission failed. Eventually, my car was towed to AAMCO Transmissions in Fairview Heights, IL on April 2. I get there on Monday, Apr 4, and asked about my options. After the diagnostic they told me that the transmission needs to be replaced. "How is that?" I asked. "You are a transmission company, can you just repair it?" And you know what? No! They cannot repair! They can only rebuilt it! And rebuilding will cost $3500. And they told me, that it would be better just to put in a used transmission. "Ok. Do you have one?" asked I.

They told me that they will find a used transmission for me. After few hours of waiting they told me that they've got a used transmission for $1100. I asked about the warranty on this transmission and this Kevin the manager told me that it is 90 days parts and labor warranty. I thought it was a very great deal and I agreed. He made a photocopy of my credit card information.

As I stuck in Fairview Heights with my wife and child, I had not much options to choose from. I left my car there at AAMCO and asked my friend to pick us up. And that day, 04-04-16, we left for our home in Omaha, NE. On 04-06-16 my card was charged for $1100 for a transmission. The next day Kevin called me to tell the car is ready but they cannot charge my card because of some issues. I told him that I will be there on Friday, Apr 8, and pay in person. I took a bus to get to St. Louis and then an Uber to get to Fairview Heights.

Everything seemed to be good, I paid $900 for labor in cash, except I noticed that in AAMCO receipt there is not a single word about the transmission itself. I asked this Kevin about it and after that he gave me an invoice for this transmission assembly from Something Auto Parts to Kevin's and AAMCO name. After that I managed to drive back safely to Omaha. In two weeks this transmission failed. I brought the car to local AAMCO in Omaha with all the papers from Fairview Heights AAMCO and left.

The next day they called me and told that Fairview Heights AAMCO refused to pay for this warranty repair because I HAD BOUGHT THE TRANSMISSION MYSELF and THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE LABOR!!! I tried to explain that I didn't bought anything by myself, I ordered a comprehensive transmission service. But all was useless! The local AAMCO manager said he doesn't care about anything! It is my problem to solve with Fairview Heights AAMCO shop! I tried to call Fairview Heights AAMCO several times. And the only thing I hear that I bought it myself and it's my problem now!

This AAMCO shop just scams people by installing crappy parts, taking money for labor, and then reinstalling them again and again! Taking money for labor again and again! That's quite a business! And you know what they include to their "parts and labor warranty?" WARRANTY FOR TRANS. OIL AND OIL FILTER!!!

And when I decided to get my car back from local AAMCO shop, manager told me that I got what I deserve because didn't want to rebuild my transmission and just wanted to save some money! THEY ARE JUST BIG FAT scammers!!! Filing a claim to the court.

Waste of Money
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA -- WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY... I brought my car in because the check engine light was on and the code was for torque converter. I have no problems with my transmission, but it is due for inspection so wanted to get everything fixed before I brought it in. I checked out all the reviews and the reviews for Woodbridge Aamco were not the greatest and I should have listened.

I started by calling the Woodbridge Aamco the gentleman that answered the phone was very rude. He told me if I brought my car in on Friday they would not get a chance to look at until Monday, since they were closed for the weekends. I was OK with that, but then when I said "Well I can just bring it in on Sunday," he said "We will not get a chance to look at it until Wednesday maybe Thursday if you do that." There was no logic in that, why would I want my car to sit there over the weekend.

At the end of the conversation I said I was still calling around. He told me "Good luck with that. We are the only ones in Woodbridge that do transmission work." I was very unhappy with his attitude throughout the conversation. If you read the post for Woodbridge you will see that others felt the same way about Woodbridge customer service.

So after that experience I looked into Springfield thinking that maybe they had better service. The gentleman on the phone was a lot nicer so I decided to give it a try. I told him it was right before Christmas so I wasn't sure if I was going to get it done now or later, I just wanted to know how much it would cost. They get my car and tell me "Yes something definitely wrong with the transmission." I ask how much to fix, they say they can't tell until they pull the transmission out and figure out exactly what is wrong with it. I ask, "How much will that cost?" He says $850. I am hesitant but he says that money will goes toward the repair.

I let them move forward with pulling the transmission out. When we speak again he tells me that I need to pretty much replace everything in my transmission and it will cost $4980. Now I have called around and found the price of new transmission and they were cheaper. So I get upset and tell him that I can get a new transmission for cheaper than that. He says "Well that is the price from all parts from the dealer. Let me call around and give you a call back." He calls me back and gives me a price of $3745 and that comes with 1800 or 18 month warranty. He was like much better.

Then I am started to feel scammed. So I ask, "How much to just replace the torque converter?" He pauses and tells me to hold on. He comes back with a price of $450. He says several times that does not come with a warranty. So when I tell him that I want to move forward with just the torque converter, he gets upset and tells me that there is no guarantee that my vehicle will work after and there is no warranty. I should've just went and got my car then, but I was already $850 in the hole.

So I asked "What do mean it won't work, just because I don't get the full transmission redone my car won't work after? That is crazy. You telling me that you don't care if my car works or not." He tried to talk his way out of it, told me I was putting my feelings into this and guaranteed that my car will work the same way it did when I brought it in maybe even better, but the check engine light may still be on. By then I was really upset, but let them proceed.

I get my car back and it does run almost the same as it did, shifts a little harder now. The check engine light is still on. I begin to wonder if they did any work or were just trying to get my money. Be aware of this place. I thought I wouldn't fall victim like others did in Woodbridge reviews but I did.

Breakdown After AAMCO "Fixed It"
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Rating: 1/51

AURORA, COLORADO -- AAMCO transmissions on 14871 E Colfax Ave was not fair to me as a customer. On 11/26/2015 I took my car to these so called "total care experts" and had the shifter cable in my car replaced, the work to four days to complete. Four months later, one month after the fantastic 90 day warranty my car suffered another breakdown. The shifter cable was not working again and AAMCO's "failure of the assemblies due to defective material and or workmanship" was then to blame.

I called to get my rightfully reimbursement and I could not due to the 90 day warranty. Because of this experience I would not call AAMCO a "total care (expert)", in fact I would not recommend anyone to go to AAMCO and expect to encounter "total care experts". In fact I will never be going back to AAMCO for any total care needs because of this 90 day warranty.

AAMCO Transmission Tried to Steal My Car
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GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- In January 2009, my 2003 VW Beetle had transmission problems and required repairs. I contacted several companies in the US that had wrecked or rebuilt transmission that would work in my car. The quotes were anywhere from $2900 to $3200 plus labor to install (this also ranged from $300-500). I also contacted AAMCO Transmission in Gainesville, FL for a quote on rebuilding the original transmission.

They told me over the phone that the quote would be $2700 for a rebuilt transmission for my car. He did say that this was for “soft parts” only. I told him this could not turn into a $5000 repair job. He stated that the most it would cost over the quote would be $489 and that was only if they had to replace the torque converter. He promised me it would not go any higher. All of this conversation was injected with honey, sweetheart, we would never do that to you…

After AAMCO started the work on my car, I didn't hear back from them for over 5 days. I called on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2009 and asked how things were going with my car. They said, “Oh, bad news.” Now the quote for the repairs was for over $4700. I told them I could not pay that. He told me it was too late-the work had already been done and there was no going back. I asked what options I had at that time and he said “None”. AAMCO stated that I had authorized the work on my car based on the fact that I gave my father's first name **. My father's name was **.

I received a certified letter on April 9, 2009 from AAMCO with their intentions to auction my car on May 7, 2009 for $4182.30. They were also charging me $50 a day storage since whenever they decided to start charging me even more money so that I would be unable to get my car back. I consulted a lawyer and after hearing my story, he told me to file a civil suit in small claims court and tell the judge exactly what you told me. He said that since they refused to provide me with a written quote and the quote was changed after the work began, that they could not legally take my car.

I called the manager AAMCO and I asked him to please do not auction my car. I told him the case had been reopened by Consumer Services and that I had filed for an emergency hearing at the Clerk of Courts. I had also called Consumer Services that day and he said to call AAMCO and try to work out a deal with them. He said he had no power to stop the auction. When I spoke with AAMCO at AAMCO, he told me he didn't care what Consumer Services said, he would do as he pleased. He also stated that I file all the civil suits I wanted, he would sell the car if he wanted to.

I also asked him could I please have my personal belonging from the car. He said no I could not. Everything in the car belonged to him now. I said are you telling me I can't have my personal belonging and he then backtracked and said that the car was in another location and when and if it were auctioned, I would maybe get my personal effects.

On May 25, 2009, my daughter and I were driving around looking for a used car for her. She is in school at the University of West Florida and her car recently had a timing belt break which in turn ruined the engine. The car was old (Honda 1989 CRX) so we sold it for scrap and we were out looking for another older car. We drove by AAMCO on Main Street and I told Jessica “There's the place that stole my car” as we drove by. She said “I see it. It's parked in the back.” I couldn't believe it was there since I was told it was elsewhere.

We drove over to the car and found a note left by Detective Quirk. The note stated that the vehicle was unlawfully entered. A witness observed the suspect and called 911. Officers located and arrested the suspect but were unable to contact me. I was so upset. AAMCO had left my car unlocked-both doors. The car is keyless entry only. The back window was partially down and the back floorboard carpets were standing in about 2 inches of water.

My vehicle registration and insurance card were laying on the passenger seat. The glove box was destroyed and would not open. I'm not sure what all was taken since it has been so long since I have seen my car. I made a decision at that time to take my car back. I called a friend and he came and towed the car to his garage. He has since looked at the car. The transmission and all the mountings for the transmission are missing.

I was contacted (May 26) by the Gainesville police in reference to both the break in on Sunday and they also informed me that AAMCO had reported the car as stolen. I told them it was not stolen. She said that AAMCO stated they held title to my car. I said they do not hold title to my car, I hold the title to my car. Then she corrected herself and stated that AAMCO had filed for title to my car. It is my understanding of the law that AAMCO is attempting to obtain title to my car by illegal means.

Also, I would not disclose the location of my car to the Gainesville police because I feared that AAMCO would try to steal it. The police stated that this was a civil matter and they would not pursue it. I paid $30,000.00 for my 2003 Turbo Charged, fully loaded VW Beetle Convertible. For 5 years, I paid payments of $575 each month. I finally paid the car off on January 9, 2009 when I received my first paycheck in 6 months.

I got several quotes, selected the Lowest, and expected the repair shop to be honest in dealing with me. They have been everything but honest with me. Everything AAMCO has told me thus far has been a lie. I also find it very dishonest to refuse to provide me with a written quote despite how many times I asked. Yes, I finally got the quotes on Feb. 10, 2009, but by then it was too late, according to AAMCO. The work had been done.

Reimbursement for Loss of 2 Days Pay Due to Their Negligence and They Refuse to Pay.
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINTON TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY -- On 10/27/2015 I took my car to AAMCO on Turnersville, NJ for transmission problem leaving my car in their care. On 10/29/2015 AAMCO received a summons against my car for illegally parking my car in a handicap parking space. On 11/7/2015 I received a summons to appear in court on 11/17/2015, having to take a day off work losing my pay for that day. Then I had to go back to court a 2nd time losing another day's pay, that made a lost of two days pay due to their negligence.

The case was dismissed because I do have a handicap plaque but it was not in my car at the time the complaint was made. I saved AAMCO but, they walked away free and cleared. When I told Mr. Roth owner of AAMCO to reimburse me for my 2 days of lost pay he said "Take it up with the customer who issued the complaint against me and your car. I'm not giving you anything, but thank you for saving my butt. Have a nice day." I was dumbfounded. Now I need to take legal action to get my lost wages.

Worst Experience With Car Care
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Rating: 1/51

WEBSTER, TEXAS -- We took my car to this location to have the transmission rebuilt. It took them over a week to "fix it". We had to take it back because it was leaking transmission fluid. They said that was normal, topped it off and sent us on our way. The next day the leak was so bad I could not drive my car and there was a puddle underneath it. Took it to the shop, they said a seal was not properly installed, they "fixed it". Next day still leaking, took it in, they've "fixed it" again, only now my radio doesn't work, the screen won't come on nor the music.

They gave me hogwash about how nothing they would've done with the transmission would affect the radio, told me to take it to the dealership. I was so mad I left, brought it home and come to find out it was a blown fuse, which I completely suspect they did. My husband fixed the fuse!! And guess what? My car is still leaking fluid!!

Liars, Scam Artist, Ripoffs, False Advertisement
By -

I am very disappointed in the service that this "so called business" provided or did not provide in that matter. On July 2, 2011 which was a Saturday I called this location to see if I can get an estimate or idea to see roughly how much a repair to a transmission would run. I spoke to **. He stated that he could not provide a price over the phone and that he would like for me to come in and bring the vehicle so he can see what the issue with the transmission is. We brought the car in on Tuesday July 6th at 8am like he asked. ** said that he would not charge us to look at the vehicle and he would give us a price the next business day.

The next business day we called and ** said he was would get back to us but he did not. We made several phone calls and got the runaround. On Friday when we called back we spoke to ** who claims to be the manager of the establishment. He stated that they didn't even look at the car because they were very backed up and the car wasn't even looked at. I was upset and ** assured us that the car would be done on Monday. On Monday we called and ** specifically said that the cost to do the work is no more than $2,500.00 and that they would call us when the car is completed to pick up.

A week passed by and we called on Monday July 18th to see the status of the vehicle then to find out that the car hasn't even been touch. At this point very frustrated I wanted to pick up the vehicle. ** apologized and said he would call us back with some news. ** called back and said the cost of the vehicle is $3,800.00. At this point I'm irate. Arguing back and forth with ** he asked ** what was the price. He told me and he stated that he indeed say $2,500.00. ** tried arguing the fact that he didn't know why ** said that the price that price is incorrect (by the way ** is supposedly the owner).

At this point I didn't want to do the car. I said "I will be there to pick it up." We got a song and a dance about we still have to pay $750.00 because they spent 12 Hours of labor. No work was done to the transmission and ** said it was FREE to look at the car. ** called several times today 7/20/2011 harassing me and pleading for us to do the car with them and that it's not smart to go anywhere else etc etc. He literally called 5 times to try to convince me to do the car.

When I put my foot down and refused he said and I quote: "Well, come pick up this damn car and you're not getting it without paying my $750.00” and hung up. I decided to write this so no one else goes through this again. I see many complaints about Aamco on various different sites and they need to be shut down. I will be taking them to court. I do appreciate the time you took to read this.

Soldier Down
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Rating: 5/51

OLMYPIA, WASHINGTON -- On AUG 7 2012, I took my Ford F150 super crew triton 5.4 4x4 truck into Aamco for a transmission diagnosis, because I believed the trans was slipping. Any work needed for trans repairs would be covered under warranty. I was relieved to discover there was nothing wrong with my transmission or engine. The manager ** informed me that the real problem was I needed a tune up, their diagnosis of my power train came back positive, no problems at all. He informed me the issue was a needed tune up, and the cost for a full tune up. I immediately replied that I was unable to produce the funds needed, because of my recent family problems, debt and current situation.

I was under the impression my insurance would cover any damage that my trans was in. Tune up was the last thing on my mind. After informing ** that I was broke at the moment and that after a few months I would return with my truck and tune up money. He warned me about using shade tree part time mechanics, by telling me the risk of rookies pulling spark plugs and breaking them off into the engine. He told me that Aamco would give me a tune up and allow pay period, payments of anywhere between 20 to 30 bucks every 1st and 15th until paid in full. I accepted after he convinced me it was a great deal, the price quoted was very low compared to competitors.

While the mechanic was abstracting the spark plugs he broke one off. This was a major problem cause they were unable to remove the broken spark plug for three days. At first they were holding me responsible for something the Ford manufacturer made by attempting to charge me to pull my heads in order to abstract the broken plug. I was told that the cost was around $1000 or more for repairs. They said that they might have to pull my engine out to get the plugs out. After speaking to the manager a couple of times, who was very respectful and understanding, I was turned over to the owner who also was very understanding and respectful.

They decided that, base on the fact I was not properly informed of the risk involved, the fact that I am an active duty Soldier and due to my financial status, they would do the job completely free of charge. I must admit I was feeling really down about my recent run of bad luck. Aamco of Olympia, has shown with actions that they really do support the troops by taking care of my repairs. They even called me yesterday and said they wanted to keep my truck over the weekend for an additional two days to thoroughly go over my truck. The manager said he wanted to take extra precautions with preventive cleaning of the spark plug holes.

I am supposed to get my vehicle back in tip top shape on Monday Augusta 13, 2012 around 10:30 in the morning free of charge, according to the manager **. I will return with an update after receiving my beautiful black F150. My leaders are aware of my current situation, and are paying for a full inspection on my vehicle upon return to be sure all is well. My update will be following those results. I know this sounds too good to be true. If all goes as promised by Aamco in Olympia, this business will definitely be the best auto car care center I have ever dealt with. Thank you Aamco.

Fort Walton Beach Aamco Scam!
By -

FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Beware of the Aamco transmission shop in FWB! This place is a full-fledged scam that will make up repairs that your vehicle is in need of and then make excuses for why the original problem still exists all the while still expecting payment for the unnecessary fix. We brought in our Expedition for rear end clunking, our warranty company told us that Aamco will accept the warranty company's payment amount. So we think great no out of pocket costs... think again. Aamco said that the rear end needed to be rebuilt and received approval from our warranty company for the work ($1200).

The work done and Aamco paid in full, the rear end still clunks and now it whines like crazy too. We bring it back in again for another diagnostic and they say nothing is wrong w/ the truck and that we need to bring it back in at 5K miles to have rear end fluid changed and the whining will go away... but it still clunks? They now say that this is "normal" transmission double down shifting and does not require repair. Now we are confused because you rebuilt the rear end, which was supposed to be the clunking issue fix and now that isn't a problem at all?

So why did the rear end get rebuilt? No answer... so fast forward to 5K miles later and we bring in the truck for our appointment for the oil to be changed and wait for a full 2 hours after our appointment for the truck to even be taken back for service. We meet w/ the service guy after the oil change and he says it is still whining. We ask why, he says he doesn't know, but it should get better. He goes on to tell us that maybe the rear end has additional issues and that is why it is whining. We tell him that it did not whine before they touched it only clunked, now it is whining and clunking.

At this point he says that he noticed uneven wear on our rear tires, this is the most astounding thing about this situation because our tires are brand new with a total of 30 miles on them (yes 30 miles). We tell him that the tires are brand new and cannot possibly show uneven wear after only 30 miles to which he has no reply and simply stumbles over his words. At this point we realize that he is simply trying to get us to once again have an unnecessary repair done at their shop! Once he recovers a little bit from the tires he hits us w/ the total bill for the oil change is $137!

I was dumbfounded. We were under the impression that this needed to be done and was a part of the original rebuild costs. He informs us that no it is not and says that he can do away with the labor costs and that we will only be required to pay $67 for the oil. We have been waiting for several days for the shop manager to return our calls about getting the oil charge refunded to us. The service guy said that it would likely be refunded and yet no one calls us. Please avoid this shop at all costs or you will probably be in for a nightmare of paying for something that isn't necessary.

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