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Poor Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

TYLER, TEXAS -- I had ordered an oven online, received a confirmation saying my item will be delivered within 8-12 business days, even gave a date of delivery. I called Aaron's to find out if my order was in the second Tuesday. They receive orders on Tuesday. No maybe it will be on the next truck.

Well today is one month since I had placed my order. Still do not have my merchandise I had ordered. I had called corporate office due to the fact no one at the branch here had a clue what was taking so long. Well on my "special" order it would take a little longer. So they let me come in and get a temporary stove until the stove I picked comes in. Ok fine I can wait another week. What is another week, I have been waiting this long anyway.

Well today I get a call from Aaron's. He left a voicemail saying they are going to cancel my order and refund my $25 because there is another delay. It will be a minimum of a 2 weeks. So I call the number he left. Talk with a guy. I had to repeat my name twice because he forgot it within 2 seconds, he acted like he could care less about customer satisfactory. I told him what had happened. I place my order on April the 28th. He says, "Oh so you order this last month" with no expression at all. So he asked if I wanted to cancel it. I wanted to scream. I told him no.

I had to explain to him again about the call and asked why it was being cancelled. He said, "Oh it's because the warehouse is out of stock." I asked him, "You mean to tell me I have been waiting for a stove for a month, and not a single person could have told me that the warehouse was out of stock."

No one on this company thinks of their customers. They don't believe in customer satisfaction! I work with the public every single day!! And I have for the past 15 years. I told him, "Y'all can come get this temporary stove". I will not be working with Aaron's anymore. He says. "Is there anything else I can do for you". I said, "Yes work on your customer service!!" And hung up!! Don't go through Aaron's!!

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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I owed a payment at Aaron's and I used a family member card to make the payment. Aaron's kept the card on file and made another payment on card without consent. Asked them to take the card off file and do not charge the card again cause the card do not belong to me. However Aaron's charged the card again without consent and have been asked to remove card off file prior. I have contacted local police authorities made a police report for fraudulent charges. After speaking to the account manager which he told me his name was Chuck who takes the payment and then he said, "Have a good life". SO I WILL BE PROSECUTING AARON'S TO THE FULLEST EXTENT.

It Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH VERSAILLES, PENNSYLVANIA -- My dryer split at the seams in the tumbler. They came picked that one up and brought me a new one out. When they gave me back mine not 2 months later the same thing happened so they picked it up again. Brought me a loaner out again. The loaner they brought me doesn't work. Takes 3 or 4 times to dry clothes. Been fighting with them for a new dryer. Got 3 months. Now they call me about my dryer. Told me they can't fix or replace it because the damage was done in the home. I asked how do you put a hole in a tumbler. The manager told me that I put steel toe boots in the dryer. Who put boots in the dryer.

Then said we put a brick in the dryer. Well now come on was that brick dirty. I had to wash and dry it. Come on now. Who in their right mind would put bricks or steel toed boots in a washer or dryer. I got one payment left still. Don't got the washer or dryer. I started paying on so my advice call someone else to get any of your stuff from. Today I called to see when they will be here to switch my dryer out still for another one. I didn't start paying on and they'll be here before 7 but can't tell me when so now I got to sit in my house and just wait.

Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- My sister has had the worst service ever. They say they will be out and they don't show up. Now she has purchased a refrigerator, air conditioner, a TV and several other items. Now this freaking lift chair. The motor is going out of it. She set 3 different appointments with George and 1 late show and 2 no-shows. She even called yesterday to confirm. This ** holds the entire family hostage from 11a to 3p and he has cares about no one else's time. Someone better call me today. I called the store and left my number.

Dryer Fire
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Rating: 2/51

BREMEN, GEORGIA -- This past Monday we had a fire in our laundry room. I leased the dryer from Aaron's and based on the firefighters and electrician that came out they were unable to determine if the fire was caused by the homes wiring or the dryer itself, either way my kids and I would have easily lost it all including our lives had I not stayed awake a little longer than usual after putting them to bed and smelled the wires burning. We had to go to a hotel for two nights while the landlord repaired the burned wires. We had no power in the home until this was repaired.

Upon our first day home I called Aaron's to let them know what happened and to find out what needed to happen now. Assuming they needed to come out it would not have been able to prior to that day with no power and me not there. All the manager said was, "You'll need to bring in a copy of the fire report." After work the next day I went and obtained it and took it to them. Not a single person was pleasant or personable. Not a single one even took the time to actually ask, "Was everyone okay?" or a simple, "I'm so sorry that happened," "I'm sure it was scary and been a rough week." No.

Instead she said kept asking if I knew if it was repairable, to which of course I didn't know because I don't fix appliances. Then proceeded to say, "I'm not sure how fast you want a new dryer but this will take a few weeks to look over and process the report." To which I asked, "Is there anything I can do to speed up the process because I've been in a hotel for days now and have three little boys, I need to do laundry." She still had no answer. She said, "You can start a new lease on a new dryer." I asked, "What is going to happen with the current lease and all that I have paid," to which she said, "I don't know."

What kind of management is this and what poor customer service? To top this all off, for some reason they had not taken payment for the dryer out the week prior, I honestly informed them of this when I called about the fire and what did they do... take the payment out immediately for a dryer I just informed them had caught fire and they couldn't even tell me what was going to happen with the lease. Very frustrated, mostly with the lack of professionalism and genuine care for a customer and their safety or emotional trauma.

Up until this week I had wonderful customer service there and even had them change around delivery times for me to make sure a fridge I was getting got there before I lost all my food in a broken fridge. The previous managers I dealt with were so pleasant and helpful, the manager and staff working today were the complete opposite.

Taking Advantage of People With Bad Credit
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Rating: 1/51

ABERDEEN, MARYLAND -- We recently purchased a couch from Aaron's. So the advertisement was order online for $25 first payment not due till Sept. It took them over 3 1/2 weeks to get the couch to us and the customer service was awful. So we were a week late making a payment and here come the fliers on the door which the Aaron's representative felt the need to instead of placing the reminder on the door handle he felt the need to stick it to the actual door. The adhesive is pretty much superglue and on some doors it's nearly impossible to remove without damaging the door.

So I called the store and asked the representative to not stick one on the door again. The representative basically laughed at me. Aaron's treats its customers with disrespect knowing darn well they can because it's hard for people with bad credit to purchase items from other respectable places. What bothers me most is that they basically used false advertising by presenting the online deal as a savings. There was absolutely no savings involved as it took them 3 1/2 weeks to deliver and acted like the hold up was me when in fact the delay was all on their end.

In addition me being a week late on a couch that's actual cost is less than $500 they felt the need to purposely place a hard to remove adhesive on my door. I'm sure this is one of their many tactics of making a point to late paying customers. Mind you- when they came and delivered the couch they broke the leg to the couch so I will be making a point of having it replaced. So in a nutshell rude customer service reps, passive aggressive tactics, false advertising and slobby delivery. Stop treating those with poor credit disrespectfully Aaron's! You are making quite a profit off of us!

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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Went in and filled out application for a combo set. Kept getting the run around about what I needed. Never was told I needed a co-signer until a few days before I needed items. That's ridiculous, I'm staying with a relative who called and gave all her mortgage information with no problem. Now they want her to come in and sign as a secondary. I've never needed a co signer for anything.

Then they told me they would give me the online payment offer that was advertised and they didn't keep that offer either. Store Manager told me that they don't do credit checks. I made him aware if they did my credit is good. It's not worth the headache. Rent A Center never put me through this much. I rented from them for 8 years.

Refuses to Take Furniture Back Because of Their Bedbugs
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Rating: 4/51

SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- After 4 months of rental, I purchased a set of my own. Called for a pickup, and delivery men found a bedbug! They were delivered new, or wrapped in shipping plastic anyway. And they insisted putting zippered encasements on them. Fine. Paid 20.00 each for the encasements. Well when I called to have them picked up, the men carried them outside, and came back in to get me. They then showed me a bedbug on the exterior of the encasement. And they said there was blood residue on the crease, but they had dragged them on my porch, so they were dirty. I couldn't tell the blood from the dirt.

They contacted the store and refuse to take them... ever! So I have some twins with bedbugs, on the outside anyway. I now have to pay for the set, even though the bedbugs were friggin' news to me! I don't know if they brought them or I have a problem I was unaware of. How would I ever know? Tomorrow they get dropped at the store. This is their problem now. I apparently have my own problem now.

How Aaron's Rent to Own Is Losing a Loyal Customer
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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- Two years ago I purchased a new Philips 46 inch LCD flat screen with ambilight from Aaron's Rent to Own, store location C0528, Durant, Oklahoma. The store and the TV were great, I had a few payments left on it and it began to have playability issues. At this time it was still under Philips's warranty. Aaron's came and took the TV. Two weeks later they brought it back and said it was repaired. Well, it wasn't, so they loaded it back up and sent it back to their repair center, which is in Oklahoma City.

Another two weeks go by and they brought it back, we hook it up, NOT REPAIRED! So they took the TV back to their store where it sat for 1 month. At this time the Aaron's store was having store manager issues and my TV was forgotten. After another week I called and the service employee handling my set decides to send it to a private repair center, where they had it for over a month. No one calls.

I called the store and talked to the new store manager and he had no idea that my TV had been sent off 3 times. So I personally call the repair store, after getting the name from the tech at the Durant location. I talk to him he said "well I haven't got to look at it." Now it has been 1 month and 20 days. I let him know what the issue is with the TV. He said he would look at it. Three more weeks go by. No one calls. I had to call. I now been without the TV for 2 months, that only had two more payments (over 2200.00), and no one has a clue why it is taking to long to get it replaced.

So I found the name of the head of the Store management positions corporate located in New York. I call him and he is outraged that no one has done anything about the TV. He told me to call the Aaron's hotline. The next morning I get a call from the Regional manager of Aaron's for my area. I tell him the situation. I tell him that some repair center in Howe, Texas has my TV. He says "give me a couple of days and I will get back to you."

1 week goes by and of course no call. So I call and find out the store had picked up the TV and had sent it back to Oklahoma City repair center and that the TV was deemed not repairable and that Aaron's was sending me a used TV of a similar quality. I then advised them that the TV was still under manufacturers warranty when brought in, and that I hoped that their service guys were Philips certified reps. He, regional manager, said "oh yeah they are." I asked "why is Philips not the ones replacing the TV due to their warranty?" He, regional manager, didn't have an answer for that.

Now it has been 4 months. Philips deemed the set not repairable and sent Aaron's a credit. Now this only took 1 WEEK (first of September) for Aaron's to get the credit. I personally spoke to the Philips area manager out of California, and he said the credit was issued. For 4 1/2 weeks Aaron's had the credit in their system and I am still without a resolution. Now it has been 5 months, that I have been without a TV that I paid over $2200.00 for. NOT ONCE was I ever called in this 5 month time where I did not have to instigate the call. I had to instigate every contact made.

So I called the regional manager and asked why it was taking so long to get the credit because I know Aaron's has had it for 5 weeks. He then lets me know that he has to look at the price of the credit, because he doesn't want to hurt the store, and screw them out of a new TV or their profit margin (HIS EXACT WORDS), he had the gall to say I need to be fair. I could not believe he was telling me this, but I didn't raise my voice or anything.

I was told yesterday that a credit was issued for $999.99 for the TV they scrapped. I remained calm. I then called and asked the store manager, "since we have had so many problems, could we use the credit toward a new TV, and that since we have been very understanding and calm about this foolish way that Aaron's has handled this situation, to offer the TV at the employee's discount." The store manager said "I am surprised you are even thinking of continuing business with Aaron's." I told him "well we have used Aaron's to purchase most of our household furnishing, and we like doing business with this store, until this it has been quite enjoyable."

The store manager told me, "I don't have a problem with that, I think its only fair. Let me run it by the regional manager, and I am sure he will think the same. Well let me tell you what he had to say." "I will not lower the regular retail price, no discount! Under no circumstances". I cannot believe after all that I HAD TO DO to get the TV looked at by Philips so their warranty would handle it, he wasn't even offering some help. I don't want a free TV. I'm just upset that I have paid the Aaron's company $2200.00 for a 999.99 TV and the regional manager is afraid of losing money.

I would sure hate the owner of the Aaron's Corporation to find out this employee is losing good, loyal customers over a 450.00 discount, that is the difference between the employee and retail price, after making a full 100% profit on the one before and I don't even have it.

The regional manager doesn't even realize if he would have treated us with SOME COMMON COURTESY, we would be right back in that store in less than a month buying our daughter's bed. I see the commercials with the owner of Aaron's on TV and I find it really hard to believe if he knew this was happening, the result wouldn't be different. I have yet to receive any acceptable remedy to this situation.

Resolution Update 10/11/2010:

Its amazing when the right people are called and a poor review is posted. Within less than 24 hours of writting this review. Aaron's has notified me that they are on their way to another store to pickup my new Philip's 46 inch tv, and at no cost. I cannot believe this took so long to remedy,but with the right call was closed in a matter of hours. Thanks Aaron's you still have my business.

Employees Are Trained to Harass and Belittle Customers!!!
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Rating: 1/51

EUFAULA, ALABAMA -- I've just had the worst experience ever the Eufaula, AL Aaron's store! Nicole, a rude and incompetent employee in that store, is very unprofessional and disrespectful; she made me feel more like a criminal, rather than a valued customer! Her customer service skills are non-existent and she lacks the ability to calm down angry customers; my issue was not resolved at all, instead it was escalated. Had I been a mystery shopper, she would have failed miserably!

There are serious communication issues in this store. You can't take one employee's word for something, because the other employees won't know anything about it! For instance, the "Principal" there (Ross) told me that I could pay this month on the 15th, but no one else got that memo. Because of that, all month long my friends and I have received daily calls regarding a supposed late payment, even though Ross told me that it was OK to pay on the 15th.

When I confronted him today about it, he said that he did not say that (even though there were two witnesses there at the time that can easily prove this wrong). So as you can see, Aaron's employees are liars and they do not communicate with other employees.

Ross, my husband, and I have a big conversation last month about the issue of the payment due date, but there was no record of it on my file. So this month, I was harassed for a week by their employee Nicole. I called her on the phone, spoke to her, and explained my side of the store; yet, she still continued to call me everyday after that! I don't know why since I had already talked to her; there was nothing else left to say!

Also, during that phone call, she told me that she didn't have my phone number, which is why she had kept calling my references instead of me. Then the day after that call, I started to receive daily calls from her. Not only that, but I was receiving calls on TWO different numbers from her! I thought she didn't have my phone number though? Again, another lie.

So today, I went in to return the computer that I've had for only two months; I used a coupon to get one month free. The computer is just not worth the stress, harassment and aggravation caused by the Aaron's staff. Granted, yes I was a little harsh to Nicole in-person - I admit that, but I was also very upset and fed up with her antics! Surprisingly, she was rude right back to me and especially to my husband! Instead of being professional and trying to make the situation better, she made it 10 times worse.

To make matters worse, she told me that I hadn't made a payment at all on the computer since I had it, even though I had paid last month along with a late fee! Ross was right there to verify that I did indeed make a payment. So again, here goes the miscommunication. Besides, I really don't believe that Aaron's would let someone keep a computer 2 months for free. Obviously I did make a payment, else they would have came to recoup it weeks ago.

In all honesty, the Eufaula store is just a HOT MESS. If the communication issues and unprofessional manners in that store are not fixed ASAP, you're going to lose a lot more customers. This type of treatment and service is just unacceptable and uncalled for. I am going to tell everyone I know to NOT do business with Aaron's. Additionally, I will NEVER do business with any Aaron's store ever again!

Resolution Update 02/14/2014:

It's over and in the past. MOVING ON!

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