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The worst moving company EVER
By -

CANOGA PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Abaco originally gave us an email quote, with a "destination discount" because our destination was within so many miles of a storage facility in Bloomington, IN. Originally we were in Las Vegas, and planned on heading to IN, or NC, depending on where our jobs sent us. Halfway through our storage time they were under "new management" or owners that had changed the circumstances. We were told originally that our $200/mo storage could be paid in full when we had our belongings delivered, along with the remaining shipping.

When we finally were ready for our belongings to be shipped, they were in CA - the complete opposite direction of where we were heading! We were also under the impression that our stuff would be in Bloomington, which is why we had received a discount. When I inquired about this the manager said that the person who sent the email no longer worked for them, and never put it in our contract. The manager, "**", is quite rude, and although they say they "care about their customers and give them quality service", it'€™s a crock. They just care about money. Besides this they talk down to women.

We told them we needed an experienced driver to deliver our belongings because of a slightly steep driveway, so they made us wait over 2 weeks to schedule one. Once our stuff was in transit, "**" said everything was out of his hands, and did not respond to emails or phone calls. The driver lied and said he called us Tuesday when he was on his way to give us 48 hours notice. We expected him Thursday, and talked to him at 5:30 pm. He said he was still 8 hours away and would be there by the morning so we could get to work. We called him in the morning and he said he was still 6 hours away because a "sensor went out on the truck".

He did not call to tell us this when it happened. We had to take off 2 days (Thursday and Friday) of work while we were waiting for our stuff, costing us hundreds of dollars. FINALLY it arrived at 7:00 AM SATURDAY- but we were at work because we weren't going to wait around for them another day. My father in law was there, however, and they didn't even TRY to pull the truck in the driveway, just parked it in the street and wanted to charge us $75 extra for having to walk more than 50 feet to the garage. We refused, so they began unloading it in the driveway.

Once things were unloaded (which were packed by the company's "professional" packers with wrap, blankets, etc) many of our belongings, including a brand new dining room table were broken/damaged. I'm sorry, but if I'm paying a moving company $5400 to pack and ship my belongings, you'd expect a little more customer care and service. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone - even if they PAID me!

The Worst Experience Of My Life
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- When I was quoted a price of $3500.00 to relocate from Southern California to Florida, I thought I found the best deal in town. I reviewed my entire household not leaving 1 single item out, with the OWNER of the company. His name is **. Upon arriving 4-5 hours behind schedule, three men who barely spoke any English showed up with what looked like a DUMP truck. Not like the photo you see on the website that they had enhanced for sales purposes.

They took all day, packed, wrapped, and loaded all my belongings for a "2" bedroom home. They locked the truck and then told me I was incorrect about what I told them I had! They then proceeded to CHARGE me $10,000 to continue with the move.

After a few hours of negotiating and "crying" (yes I was upset), we settled and agreed on $5500, since the local police dept said they couldn't help us. They WOULD not allow us to remove our stuff from the truck and also tried to LEAVE back to Los Angeles. It was a nightmare. They even went as far as sending a guy called ** over to do all the sweet talking and selling. OK, so at this point we know we were SCAMMED! We were had.

We were the people that you see on TV. The victims. Later, we requested the second half of our move. A man shows up, (with no HELPERS) in a SEMI-TRUCK, speaks no ENGLISH, and demands the remaining $3000.00 in payment or he would not remove the belongings from the truck. This dirty filthy man, dumped our stuff in the grass (we have this all on video, took our money and left. We called the local police dept and they cornered this man into the lot, but since he was NOT employed through the co. they had to let him go with our money. Missing items were many! Most precious wedding gifts, furniture, and clothes were missing.

They even left us with all the blankets and someone else's USED mattress that didn't belong to us. Part of the agreement that we signed was for "Re-Assembly" which, this company failed to provide. We submitted a claim to this company and they failed to notify us they received anything. They referred us to another company that basically wanted us to fill out all the same paperwork we sent to them. We were also advised that we would be lucky if we received 70.00 for the missing stuff. We definitely learned our lesson, but we are looking for all of our money back. This was the worst experience I have ever been through in my life!

The owner of the company has done this to many other people and has no regrets at all. He talks this smooth and sweet talk over the phone, but he is full of empty promises. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THIS IS A WARNING!!! WE WENT THROUGH SO MUCH HEART ACHE. IT IS UNREAL.

These Guys Are Bad News
By -

SAN JOSE -- Not only did the truck arrive late on both the pickup and delivery (over a week late on the delivery), but a good deal of our stuff was broken badly and a few boxes were missing altogether. The stuff (desks, furniture, kitchenware) that was broken looked like it had been dropped of a tall building.

The service from these guys is also a joke, they would either not answer the phone at all or if they did they would give us a totally wrong time-frame. The price estimate also went up substantially and it is supposed to be a fixed price. We still haven't heard anything on our claim for the missing and broken stuff and it's been about 6 months! I would NEVER use this company again and I urge you not to either, moving is enough of a pain without having to work against these guys.

Non-Ethical Moving Company
By -

OHIO -- I'd have to say this company was very unprofessional as well as unethical. Our personal belongings were thrown in boxes; furniture broken, bed completely ruined, uncovered and was folded in half when we received our belongings. We had over $3000 in damage of personal belongings and they only agreed to go over half of our damage list, after that we hired a lawyer. They have agreed on a waste of settlement however FYI this happened LAST AUGUST!! We still have not received the claim settlement worksheet to sign and process.

This company is such a crock. And by the way, the movers, Russian space center freaks are completely and utterly unacceptable to be working with humans at all!!!!!

Abaco Moving Is Quite Good
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I called several movers and finally decided to go with Abaco. They gave me decent estimate. Also good thing and most important for me was kind of storage. They included one month free storage for me so that I have time when I move to new place. A representative comes a day in advance and re-estimates so that we have no conflicts or misunderstanding. Everything went well. I also spoke to 2 representatives by name ** and ** and they were very good in helping me. Overall I have good feelings about the service I received.

Abaco Moving & Storage Inc.
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have used movers in the past and I have always tried to check them out but unfortunately this company is another bad moving company. After getting several bids for a mover, they were in the mid-to high range so I thought it was safe pick. I went over my items very carefully and I was told the bid would not change and they were not a company that gets there and starts upping prices and adding additional charges at every turn.

Well, that was exactly the case. I was told that my boxes were not medium--they were large. On my inventory list, I had 10 large boxes, 30 medium and 10 small boxes, according to Abaco, my medium boxes were low and heavy on the large boxes. I was never told this in my original estimate. They wanted to charge me another $500 and not to mention, the way they were handling the situation, I lost all trust and confidence in their abilities.

My stuff was loaded on to another ticket and then it would loaded on to another truck from there. They gave no assurance that my belongings would be handled carefully and basically told me all my nice furniture was at risk--since it wasn't shrink wrapped. Anyhow, I have moved all over the US for my job and never experienced such a screwed up company. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I can. Please beware. Abaco Moving & Storage Inc. 6172 Bollinger Rd #304 San Jose California 95129.

Company Response 12/10/2008:

Customers can feel confident and secure with Abaco Moving - commitment to resolve any and all issues. Our investigation revealed that in this specific case the customer has received a binding estimate according to the item list he provided. On the day of the move the customer had additional items and larger containers than specified. The customer FAILS to sate that the adjustment to the price was given to him PRIOR to loading or packing as to give him to opportunity to change his mind. Which he did and than turned it around againt the company.
Abaco Moving truly cares about its clients, and makes every effort to provide an excellent level of service. Feel confident about and secure when doing business with Abaco Moving

Abaco is a bunch of scammers and con men
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I hired Abaco movers for my move From Vegas to Florida. Let's start with the plasma TV scam. I was told I should have them make me special crates for 100.00 each to make sure they don't brake in the move. When they came there were no special crates they just packed them in cardboard with blankets. When the TV's came one was broke, it would not power on. There was no physical damage just internal so they said it was not covered. Basically I paid for the special package for nothing. They ruined a 3,000 TV. I was also told they would set up furniture when it arrived.

The furniture came and the driver said he just drops off he does not set up. I had to bring my furniture up to 2nd floor myself and set everything up. I was missing several boxes and furniture. When I called he could only tell me if someone has it and calls he will call me but some people drop off to a storage company so we might not know for a while. I also received furniture that was not mine.

To sum this all up, I have a 52" plasma that I paid for a custom crate that is broke. I have missing furniture, furniture that is not mine, and I had to move and set up my own delivery. This guy is a con man scam artist. Do yourself a BIG favor. Pay a little more money and go with a big name moving company.

Company Response 12/10/2008:

This is a bogus complaint. Investigation: Abaco Moving did not relocate a customer by that name and customer failed to submit paper work supporting his claim. Customers can feel confident and secure with Abaco Moving - commitment to resolve any and all issues. Our investigation revealed that Abaco Moving truly cares about its clients, and makes every effort to provide an excellent level of service. Feel confident about and secure when doing business with Abaco Moving

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