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ABC Financial "Health Club Debit Scammers"
By -

I joined GOLD'S GYM Buford, Georgia. Gold's management had me sign a contract that designated ABC Financial to debit the monthly fee from my account. The fee was reasonable so I agreed. Then, during my time at the gym, I would hear other members complaining about ABC Financial doing "double debits" and continuing to debit accounts after they were expired. ABC pulled the double debit on me while I was a member at Gold's. They hit my account twice in one month, hoping I wouldn't notice it. Not an unusual occurrence for them. Management was eventually able to credit my account back, but it took awhile.

My contract was coming up for expiration in April 2010. The fine print stated that I needed to notify Gym management in writing that I wanted my contract to "really" expire. That meant, if I didn't give them a 30 day written notice that I really wanted my contract to expire, then ABC would continue to debit my account, even after my contract dates have expired. So, I did what the contract wanted. In fact, I went above and beyond because I knew from the other members complaints, I was going to have trouble.

Two months after my contract expired, I received a phone call from Mr. **, bill collector for ABC Financial. What Mr. ** told me was that he was hired by ABC to be the debt enforcer and collect from me. ** stated that the balance was $180 but he would be so kind as to offer me 10 percent discount if I paid for it right now. I explained to him that the contract was up in April of 2010 and that I followed contractual procedures to end the contract as it expired.

Mr. ** said, "Well, Since you didn't send in writing that you wanted to cancel (even though the contract expired) we've been charging your account for service, late fees, admin fees, month to month fees." OK, even if my contract went month to month after that, then my balance should be $37.50 a month, times two months (expired contract time) for a total of $75. Not even close to the $180 ** was trying to get me for. Mr. ** said to me, "You didn't send in the correct documents and follow the proper procedure for cancelling your contract, so you owe us membership fees, admin fees, late fees, etc and that is $180."

I explained to ** that according to my contract I was only required to notify the Gym in writing that I did not wish to renew my contract and I did that plus sent in the certified letter and fax to ABC Financial. ** said he has no record of it (of course not!). He continued to insist that I pay the $180 they were trying to scam me out of. Mr. ** would not even try and listen to the fact that I had already sent the required paperwork into ABC. ** stated that he would place a negative mark on my credit since I was not willing to pay the balance.

This is deceptive, intimidating business practice and is indicative of extortion by demanding money that is not due and if it's not paid, giving a threat to scar a credit rating. Please visit to read more of my story and the stories of many more.

Thieves - Ripoffs
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- OK people, here's the deal. I completely agree with you. Hope you have a moment to read all this. I joined Peak Fitness in NC when me and my husband moved there from TN. I signed a year contract. I joined on Jonestown road where before I signed I asked the Manager "E" if they took the payments. I was lied to. She said they took out the payments (I had previously had an issue with canceling a membership in TN). I signed the agreement. Stupid. Not until I go to cancel (my hubby was being transferred to Gainesville, GA).

Did I even find out that I had to deal with ABC Financial? Whatever. I call ABC, tell them I am moving. There is no Peak Fitness nearby and that I needed to cancel. They said I had to send proof that I had moved (i.e. lease agreement/utility bill). I thought fair enough. Then I am told it will take between 60 to 90 days to cancel. WTF! But hey I am just trying to cancel. I agreed. The guy "Antonio" at ABC said I have to send a registered letter w/ proof.

I said "well I am at a fax machine. Can I fax it? He said "sure." He said if there was any issue that I would be contacted and told what to do next. I said "okay thanks for your help." I faxed the lease /letter. Here comes June. I am doing bills and realize there are charges on my credit card ( I had recently paid off) for May and June. I call ABC. They tell me that they never received the info.

I said "well I am sorry that mistakes happen. What can WE do to fix it?" I am told nothing! I sent the lease again clearly stating when I moved in the apartment, January of 08. This is August and I am STILL dealing with this. I even offered to pay the extra month left on my membership (Wouldn't have been canceled till April, membership should have ended in May anyway).

Now they say I owe for a month to month deal that I was NEVER informed about. I am refusing to pay that. I haven't lived near those gyms in almost a year. I say to myself, "If ABC won't help surely the guys at Peak will. They know me and know that I have moved." WRONG. Took nearly two weeks to get a hold of this guy named "Bob" at Robinhood I believe. I finally got a hold of him on day 14 of calling on the 5th call. WORTHLESS. Refused to give me a corporate number. I found a number on the BBB site and called it.

The lady there "Jane" is actually very helpful. She has even told me to fax it to her personally and she will give it to someone there. I am having that faxed today, and I have also written an email to a lady named Ms. M. I also sent a registered letter stating "all this I have told you and more with the proof of my move." ABC keeps telling me that it will go to collections. I told them I didn't care. If I ever needed credit I would take proof of everything I am saying and nobody would count it against me. I am hoping that I am taken to court. If you look up Peak Fitness/ABC Financial you will find nothing but complaints and lawsuits! DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM!!

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