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Setting the Record Straight on Accent Windows and Doors of Montana
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After reading the "ambrose" review I would like to set the record straight as to Accent windows and doors of Montana. I started AWDof Montana in 1999 when I signed on as a "licensee" of Accent Windows Inc. Denver. I agreed to sell Accent windows at my location in Billings, Mt exclusively and doors when they got their door program up and running. The door program was never good and did not last so I began selling Peachtree doors as they were a very high quality top end door and fit well with our other products. I and other Licensees worked with accent windows loyally and faithfully until November of 2008.

Around the 8th of November 2008 I was informed by one of our salesmen that Accent Windows Inc. of Denver had filled for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. I was not personally informed even though I attended a Licensee meeting just 2 months previous. As anyone can understand that was a huge bombshell dropped in my lap. I continued using the Accent window until January of 2009 when after 2 months of processing the implications of Accent Windows Inc. bankruptcy and how that would affect my present and future customers, ie. how long will they remain in business, what about the warranty, if a customer does invest in Accent Windows will they even receive any product they order??

I researched the window industry and contacted P.H.Tech, the company that supplies the window and sash frame, which is the best vinyl window frame available in the country in my opinion. Accent Windows Inc does NOT manufacture these window components, they simply buy the extrusions from P.H. Tech, so for them to claim the P. H. Tech window as theirs is disengenuous to say the least. I found a financially healthy company in Pennsylvania which manufactures the same window using the P. H. Tech frame, cardinal low e, a better latch and lock system, and the availability of Heat Mirror from Southwall Technologies.

In short the SAME window but manufactured by a financially stable company. As expected my competitors told any prospective customers that Accent Windows was in bankruptcy even though Accent Windows and Doors of Montana was not in bankruptcy. Due to the recession and Accent Windows Denver's bankruptcy I lost close to 1 million dollars in sales in 2009. Accent Windows Inc. of Denver contacted me numerous times from Jan 2009 until approximately Sept 2009 asking and demanding that I buy windows from them or they would sue me for using the name Accent Windows and Doors of Montana.

Around Sept of 2009 Accent Windows Inc. did sue me for using the name I had registered with the state of Montana in 1999. I felt this was not legally right but did not have the funds to fight back so I renamed Accent Windows and Doors of Montana Energy Windows and tried to continue my business. Around February of 2010 it became clear I could no longer keep my doors open so I filed for chapter 12 bankruptcy which Accent Windows objected to forcing me into chapter 7 bankruptcy. Renewal by Anderson were good enough to offer me employment, I worked there for approx. 4 months. I resigned at the end of July.

Since my bankruptcy I have completed or am in the process of completing any repairs I am responsible for out of my own pocket. My concern is that any customer that trusted my company with their business will be taken care of. Anyone who bought windows from me has a lifetime, non prorated warranty from the factory that assembled the windows and should have NO fear that their warranty work will be completed in a timely fashion. During my 11 or so years with Accent Windows I repaired 100's of defective glass units for customers who purchased windows before I was with Accent.

I did this at my own personal expense (Accent furnished the glass units and I provided the labor.) This cost me ten's of thousands of dollars but I repaired these windows because I firmly believe in customer service. In the last 15 or so years of selling windows, doors siding etc. I have approximately 5000 happy customers and will continue to strive to not have any unhappy customers. I will continue to service any past customer as long as I live.

I want to thank all my past customers for their trust and am truly sorry for any confusion caused by the difficult series of events of the past 2 years, I never intentionally misled anyone and never will. Please check Accent Windows and Doors of Montana with the Better Business Bureau of which we were members for several years.

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