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Acura of Seattle - STAY AWAY!!
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TUKWILA, WASHINGTON -- I stopped in to Acura of Seattle at Southcenter (about 10 miles south of Seattle) a few weeks ago looking for a newer vehicle and spoke with a very helpful salesman about the features of a newer Acura that caught my eye. After test-driving the car and looking it over, I made the decision to buy the car and we went back inside to look at pricing. Now I was prepared right then and there to sign on the dotted line and buy the car... all I needed to do was to quickly converse with my husband since he, too, was going to drive the car and he had to give it his OK. Since he was away on business, a simple phone call to him was all that was needed.

I mentioned to the Acura of Seattle salesman that I just needed to speak with my husband briefly to run this by him and then I'd be starting the purchasing process. Again - I was ready to buy the car right then and there. The salesman left for a bit and returned with another person - later identified as one of the sales managers named "Mr. **". With my cell-phone in hand and my husband just answering, this "Mr. **" interrupts me and starts peppering me with the usual slimeball salesman questions about what it's going to take to buy the car today, etc etc (typical salesman canned speech). I excused myself from the call and told my husband I'd call later.

I politely explained to "Mr **" that I was just about to call my husband about the car when he rudely interrupted. At that point, this Mr. ** became hostile and irritated, muttering under his breath something about "she can't make a decision without her husband".

I was *flabbergasted* at the response of this "manager" and immediately called him on his attitude, frankly I was extremely angry. I asked him where his attitude problem stemmed from when all I needed to do was run this by my husband for final purchase. This guy immediately starts *screaming* at me! Since this guy was twice my size, I was afraid of his hostile actions and immediately left the dealership, almost in tears. As I left, I heard this "manager" say to the salesman, "She was wasting your time anyway and not ready to buy a car".

I immediately called the dealership on my way home - again nearly in tears - and brought this to the attention of the receptionist who stated that "we'll have our head manager take care of it right away and contact you"; nobody ever called back or returned my multiple calls.

Acura of Seattle has a very hostile manager named "Mr. **" and apparently does not care about addressing the problem. Since Acura of Seattle management has failed to address the problem privately, my only other recourse is to let the world know just how slimy these people are. STAY AWAY FROM ACURA OF SEATTLE. Thank you.

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