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Be Alert of Acura of Tempe's Dirty Sales Practice and Management
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TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I initially negotiated with their Internet Sales rep. and we both know and agree the invoice price WITH DESTINATION for my interested 2007 Acura TL is $31817.93 (yes down to the penny). We talked (email and phone) and I agreed to come in to purchase it around invoice price. Good Deal right? Well big mistake!

I talked to a sales guy and said I am willing to buy the car around the invoice price + fees. Surprisingly they agree to sell the car exactly at $31817.93. I know it's September and '08 models are here in their lot already. I was still surprised but thought maybe they are willing to sell 07 inventory at invoice price now. But when they bring back the numbers with the sale price and fees, they included the DESTINATION CHARGE ($670) AGAIN, mixed in with Title and registration, Tax, Documentation fee ($369), etc. I was there for like 4 hours and it was after 10pm. I didn't remember that the $31817.93 included the destination charge. So I agreed and purchased the car.

The next morning when I looked at their number again and realized they charged me twice for the Destination fee, I am not happy with this tactic. See, if they told me that they need to make a profit for $670 on top of the invoice price, and if I agreed on it, then I CAN live with that. I made that choice, right?! But this is not. This is on one side they said to sell you the car for invoice price, on the other side they pull out this trick to embed the same Destination charge again among the fees to make up the profit. That is just wrong and dishonest, completely disrespectful to buyers.

If I am fooled, I am sure there are plenty buyers out there that suffered the same thing, except they probably don't know it! What make this situation worse is, I went back to the dealership to talk to the sales manager, Andy. He basically said that's the price I signed to purchase and there is nothing he can do. After a couple rounds of fruitless discussion, I talked to the branch manager, Joe **. Wow, what an experience! He basically said the same thing but with a more arrogant, "you-are-a-sucker" style. He tried to intimidate me by asking how old I am, then said to the effect of "Hey, you are over 18. You made the decision and now deal with it!"

If the man in charge has that kind of integrity (or lack of), imagine how that influences the rest of the sales managers and sales associates. In this dealership, it doesn't matter whether a business practice is right or wrong, clean or dirty. As long as they can make a profit out of a buyer, they will find a way to get you sign the paper. This is what I learned from them, straight from the leadership. Yes I mean you, Mr. **. Thought I want to share this with you the $670 lesson I learned from this dealership. I am not getting anything back from them, and I don't mind spending another hour summarizing this for you. At least you can be smarter!

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