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Talk About Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SINKING SPRING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went into Advanced Auto after work one day to pick up a cabin air filter. I stood at the counter for about 5 minutes waiting for an employee and no one came up (I could hear them in at the back talking about girls at a party). I said hello loudly and heard a voice in the back say "ya ya, I'll be up shortly." I waited 5 more minutes and left.

Now I'm someone who believes in 2nd chances. I returned the next morning and there was an older gentleman wearing a "who farted" T-shirt behind the counter. I told him what I needed and he placed the order to be picked up the next morning. I figured Saturday was dress down day so didn't really care about the shirt. I asked him 3 times when my order would be there. He was too busy looking at his cell to answer my question.

The next morning I showed up to pick up my part and the same older guy was there in the same shirt, but he was helping someone else. I was helped by a younger guy wearing an Eagles t-shirt who looked and couldn't find my part. After about 15 minutes of looking he found it because the older guy from yesterday had somehow put a wrong number on it and it was in the wrong place. The only reason I know this is because there was a 15-minute argument between them. This was broken up by a guy wearing a huge Johnson shirt (DOESN'T ANYONE IN THIS STORE WEAR UNIFORMS!?!).

Finally the guys hands me my part and says "have a nice day," BUT I DON'T HAVE A RECEIPT. I ask him for one and he says "none of us know how to do that." I ask for a copy of the pickup I had signed for the part. He said "sorry, cannot print another of those either." I then said "well go make a copy of it. You have a copier don't you?"
I kid you not. He looked at me and said "We have a fax machine." I just took the part and left.

Get home to find out IT'S NOT THE CORRECT PART. GO FIGURE!! I go back to the store disgusted and ready to take my business elsewhere. They would only give me a gift card because I didn't have the receipt BY THE GUY WHO DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO GIVE ME A RECEIPT. 30 minutes after I had just left. Only to be given a "Sorry that's store policy." Yeah, like they follow those. I've placed a call to corporate and if they don't get back to me within a couple days I'll just go dispute it on my credit card. It may only be 35 dollars but I'll be darned if they're getting it.

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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Horrible experience. I bought items that were qualified for a rebate. When I applied for a rebate they declined it. When I called them to find out the reason for the declined rebate they said I had returned the item when I did not return the item! Then they went on saying how I bought the wrong item, to qualify for a rebate. I specifically bought the item that was advertised in their magazine that was offering the rebate.

It is obvious that this company is cheap and will do anything to decline your rebate. They straight out lie to you and don't do anything to work with you on the issue. Horrible customer service!!! Horrible company who doesn't care for their customers. I will never shop there again. Do yourself a favor and don't shop at a cheap company.

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CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- I am writing this on behalf of a close friend that I help with her issues. My friend does not understand lots of things because of education. I have dealt with Advance Auto in NC and lots in VA. Had a little Chevette that everyone called advance. Ha ha.

I took my friend to the store and she left her battery still under warranty. They gave her a loaner used battery and told her to come back next day and meanwhile they would check out her battery. She gave them a check for 36.74 which they said they would refund next day when she brought it back. The car did not go 12 miles and stopped so we went and got the battery and took it to the store they said they needed 12 days for her check to be processed. They wrote already returned on her receipt and 12 days before she could get her money. When we went back the manager said she was not due the money back.

We saw an employee outside and ask her. She said she could not help if the manager said he wouldn't give it back. At that rate she could have bought the battery and kept it now they have the battery and her money also. This is the store I use also but I will go to one someplace else. I feel this is all wrong.

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