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Advantage Warranty Corp is a bad company to deal with
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FLORIDA -- Carchex seems like a good company. When you call them, they recommend an extended warranty company for your car. They do however need to find better companies to do business with. The company they gave me was Advantage Warranty Corp. They made it sound like the golden egg of warranty companies. "€œJust like the factory, bumper to bumper."

OK, so after waiting 30 days AND 1000 miles, my rear window stops going down. No problem right? After all, I have "€œbumper to bumper"€, the best of the best policy. WRONG! My dealer told me as soon as I showed him the policy information, oh, they are a pain in the ass! They hardly ever approve work. OMG! Sure enough, they had to send an inspector. Well he sees the window does not go down, but because the door panel wasn't removed he couldn't verify the problem!!! LOL!!! What a joke this company is. Then they wanted me to put out the $98 for the dealer to remove the panel, which is not covered by the "€œbumper to bumper"€ golden egg policy. Unfreakin believable.

Needless to say, I am cancelling my policy, minus the $150 the Carchex charges for being the broker. Don't get me started on that BS. Buyer be warned. ASK the dealer who they recommend and who they work with all the time. Good luck!!

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