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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- When our agent came into our workplace to sell the policies November 2018, I informed her up front that I was going through 5 years of infertility and that we were planning a fertility procedure at the beginning of the year. She was told that if it failed we would be adopting within the year. She told me not to worry, all of that would be covered with my 6 weeks of leave so long as I didn't get pregnant OR THE BIRTH MOM didn't get pregnant before my 30 day wait from the time the policy went in to effect.

I paid $60 a month starting in December 2018. JUNE 14, 2019 I called to let them know I was adopting and needed to right paperwork to fill out for the disability part. I was then told... after 7 months... that it wasn't covered. I was PISSED. I cancelled my policy and was told by the kind representative on the phone to ask for a refund because I was sold the policy on false pretenses. I understand that generally disability does not cover adoption, however, I have never adopted before, nor had short-term disability, so I did not know that at the time...which is why I asked the "professional" before purchasing. Had she been up front, I wouldn't even be writing this review because I never would have purchased the policy to begin with.

I called to follow up on 6/26, 6/28, 7/29, 8/8. EVERY time I called in, the wait time was over an hour. I was told numerous times "the paperwork has been forwarded to the proper place" but they would give me no details. On 7/29 they informed me that after SIX WEEKS, they finally sent a letter to the agent who sold me the policy and it was sent 7/22. I also called her every time I called Aflac to let her know what I was doing. I left messages every time and not only didn't get a call back, but she claims she never got the calls. I called again on 8/8 to see what her response was and was told she had not responded. When they finally got her on the phone she said "I don't recall that conversation". All she had to do was make that statement and they denied my refund. I have been told over and over again that I had coverage it just wasn't in my policy and that's why they refuse to give me a refunt. They don't seem to care that my concern is that I never should have been sold the policy to begin with because I asked if it was covered and was told yes... otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my money. I was then told I would be contacted by ANOTHER supervisor by 1:15 PM at the latest. It is now 2:30 PM and I have yet to get a phone call.

I am so annoyed that a multi-million dollar company has the power and the audacity to take advantage of people. I am more annoyed that our Aflac agent is able to get away with what she did simply by saying "I don't recall". SHE DOES RECALL, she just knows she will have repercussions of her own if she is caught selling policies in this manner so instead, she is acting like it never happened.

My employer is also the treating physician for my infertility so they knew my plan for possible adoption before I ever bought the policy and even my medical records show the history. I have offered to send documentation to Aflac from my employer showing that was one of my questions as well as copies of my records to prove what I am saying is true but have been told that won't work, it needs to come from the agent directly. So basically, the agent can lie to cover her own butt and that's valid enough to keep me from getting a refund. I am so annoyed. I have a newborn baby coming within the next 2 weeks and am not getting paid while I am out. Not only am I going without pay, I can't get a refund, they have continually wasted my time, they are very unprofessional on the phone, they lie, and I am just so disappointed to have fallen for this scheme. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

Manipulative, Predatory, Liars,
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Rating: 1/51

ENCINO, CALIFORNIA -- On 7/9/2019, Aflac insurance, along with their representatives including but not limited to ** District Sales Coordinator, An Authorized Representative of Everwell Aflac Los Angeles - North, WellWorks Employee Benefits, 4500 Park Granada Blvd. #202, Calabasas, CA 91302, CA License **, along with their associates attended the company I work for offering benefits. In particular they were offering their maternal packages, and used manipulative and fraudulent sales tactics in order to influence me to sign up with their program.

The party informed me that when I have a baby, that Aflac would cover my pay for maternity leave, along with coverage of my hospital stay. The party informed me verbally, that there were no "loophole" or "hidden requirements" and that the coverage would take place limitedly when we were to sign up with the program. They provided us with the form that I will attach, and nowhere in the form does it state and requirements or standards to follow. The party verbally promised us that this is the best plan for someone trying to begin a family, and that this is the coverage we would need.

I had asked to see the fine print before I signed to which the party stated that there is no fine print and we will receive a full package after we signed up. This statement was completely fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate, and predatory, because on 8/13/19 I discovered that I was pregnant with my first child, and informed Aflac that I was and would be needing to take my maternity leave in April when my baby was due.

On 3/1/19, my doctor placed me on disability due to severe back pain, pregnancy arthritis, insomnia, and severe sciatica. On 4/15/19 I gave birth to my son via C-section, and stayed at the hospital for 5 days due to having the surgery. Afterwards, I had submitted the $5,000 hospital bill, which Aflac had stated that they will cover, to Aflac, only to be denied stating, that "I became pregnant too soon". I have contacted the Aflac representatives informing them of the deceive, in which they stated that there was nothing that they could do, and to appeal the claim.

I had filed an appeal, one month postpartum with a newborn in my hand, and stuck with a 5,000$ hospital bill, to which Aflac denied my appeal. Not at any time did any representative state that I had to become pregnant at a specific time, even with the information that I had provided them regarding my pregnancy. They provided me with paying me a partial of my salary for maternity leave, yet refused to pay the 5,000$ hospital bill, that they stated they would cover. This is completely disgraceful, deceiving, fraudulent, and manipulative. I feel extremely taken advantage of, especially since this is my first child being born. The Aflac representatives saw the opportunity to sell a fraudulent package, and took advantage of my excitement to start a family.

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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- When getting ready to have my second child I called Aflac to make sure everything was good to go on my policy on regards to maternity leave. They were also made aware that I no longer worked at my recent job and that I would be paying out of pocket for insurance. So for 10 months following me not working there you collected money. I then called multiple times to confirm what I had to do to receive maternity leave pay. Each agent said everything was good to go and even gave a date when to expect first check. Well when that date came I was told no I would receive nothing. You guys took my money under the premise that I would receive benefits as promised. You guys were dishonest and have zero integrity. Maternity leave was the main reason I got Aflac.

To ask for every dollar I paid into this is the least you could do to fix the horrible lie every agent told me. I am going to leave a review on every site I can so everyone knows Aflac is too good to be true.

You crooks for taking money under false pretense and liars for confirming this lie every time we talked on the phone. I will never get Aflac again. I would like a complete refund of any and all money you received. I was pregnant and had this to help me get by. That is pathetic. You kicked me while I was down and that is low.

Short Term Disability Claim
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Rating: 1/51

WI, WISCONSIN -- After being in the hospital for sickness, I applied for my benefits from Aflac. They gave me the typical runaround. It took over 3 weeks once receiving my claim to even process it. It took numerous calls and email to customer service to get them to even look at it. At first, they blamed me for not doing a quick claim. Customer service then said that I could not file a quick claim on a short term disability claim.

Customer service agents could not give me a date when they would look at my claim. They could not give me the same date when they did receive my claim. It was a new computer system. The agent who sold the policy does not deal with claims. I had to contact the agent on my policy which was 600 miles away. I tried to call and email the agent. They did not return calls or my emails. Contacted my HR, who contacted the agent and to find out he does not handle any claims. I had to contact someone else in that office. You would think he would have forward my concerns to someone in the office.

I contacted a friend who sells Aflac and he says that Aflac should be paying me my claim. Aflac denied my claim saying I was not out the 8 days. Actually, by the selling person, I was out more than that. Nowhere in the policy I have or their standard policy online does it ever say 8 days. I dropped them, I used to have 3 policies with them. I now have none. Buyer be aware.

Claim Pains
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- One of the "benefits" to the Hospital Indemnity coverage is a $50 "wellness benefit". What they DO NOT tell you is that it goes by year, NOT the fiscal year of your insurance plan-i.e. ours goes from July 1 to June 30. So when we did the first claims in June of last year, they did NOT pay for the one in Oct of this year.

Last year when I had a hospital claim, it took them THREE MONTHS to pay it and I felt like it was almost more pain than I was in at the hospital to get them to pay, even though they had MORE than enough to pay it from the beginning! Why did they have to have tiny details of how much the hospital charged when they had proof of me being there and how long and what for?? Of course they had to deny 2 or 3 times wanting more information. Their ads LIE about getting paid quickly!!!!

Critical Care Policy Intentionally Practice "Bad Faith"
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- My fiancé purchase Aflac's Critical Care Plan on his job as a supplemental insurance, the agent explain to employees that if they considered this policy it would pay $20,000 if they ever experience one of the following: Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer and Organ Transplant. Well after having the policy for 4 year on December 2014 he had to have a pacemaker implanted in him due to the fact of him having complete heart block, or AV Block.

After his stay in the hospital we filed the Critical Care claim, at first we were thinking that in a couple of days (as little as 3 days, what a lie!) he would receive a check. We contacted Aflac after two week pass and were told that they needed more information; the usual paperwork needed so that the claim could be paid. We provided every item they requested and was assured that we would get a check in the mail totaling $20,000.

The next week we received a check Wellness check for $50, and afterward a letter arrived requesting more paperwork. I went here and there to retrieve what they said was needed, sent it in and waited. In about week we receive a letter stating that the claim would be denied base on the policy only covering him if he had actual had a serious heart attack that left him half dead.

I question them stating that his life was saved due to the emergency surgery and the pacemaker put in, I was then told "that he is not eligible for payment based upon the doctor was able to sustain his life" and we should be thankful. I then ask the agent what would have happen if he had died, she then told me that "there would be no need to file the claim if he had died he would not be critical."

We have submitted 2 claim forms stating that he had a MI, the doctor refuse to change it Aflac somehow contacted the doctor's office and they changed the claim form after 2 months. It is things like this that "BIG" insurance company depend on to help them practice "BAD FAITH." Nothing like have proof for your records.

I have received 20 letters explaining to me why the policy can not be paid, 1st we were told he didn't have a heart attack, to the point of he did not have a Myocardial Infarction but just a simple AV Block. We went back and forth and each time they use these same excuses. I contacted the GA Commission of Insurance and filed a claim against Aflac, of course they would agree with the bigger company rather than the little people.

So we have been going it alone with Aflac, one thing Aflac don't realize that people read and study - that's what I did concerning his diagnose and the medical terminology states that in order to have a Complete heart block, AV block or a 3rd Degree block a Myocardial Infarction would have had to occur.

We will hold firm to the claim regardless of how the doctors, GA Insurance Commission and Aflac work together. I have sent letters asking why the policy was denied when it meets all the qualification on the policy. What they sent to use was "Aflac will only pay for Myocardial Infarction or a Heart Attack" - this was mailed to us and highlighted.

I went to the medical website and looked up AV Block and what cause it and it stated that it was cause by one of two Myocardial Infarction, the seriously one requiring pacemaker to live. I too highlighted this and sent it to them, not sure what my outcome will be, regardless we will fight until Aflac pays to have the medical terminology changed. My fiancé has not return to work and we have doctor's bills coming from left to right. One thing I am proud to say is that his primary insurance company (BCBS) is true to the words, that's why they don't have to put "fake" advertisements on television.

It is our perceptions that Aflac never really intend to pay for these claim, they might pay small claims, but large claim they give the client the run around in hope that the client will roll over and take their tactics. Why pay for a claim and when you really need it, they find all kind of made up excuses to not pay.

Company Stole Over $500.00 and Refused to Provide Me Services. They Terminated My Policy and Left Me Without Maternity Coverage
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- My policy originally began on 9/12/12. Due to mishandling of my policies, both were terminated sometime in Feb. 2013 and then reactivated in March 5th 2013. On June 18th, I was informed by an AFLAC representative ** that both of my policies were again inactive/terminated. Caller stated it was because no payment was received for March, April, and May. I was advised to call my employer.

I spoke to the Human Resources Director at Wellington Retreat on this date, who informed me that they have proof of invoices paid to AFLAC through 4/1/13. Furthermore, she called AFLAC **, again payment on their end was verified. Please note: that on March 18th, I called into AFLAC and enrolled in AFLAC ALWAYS. I provided a VISA credit card and was ensured that payment deductions would be taken once my employer made their last invoice payment, which should have been in April's invoice. To my knowledge, payment was being made on my VISA. I have documentation to prove this.

I also spoke to a supervisor at AFLAC customer service, Mr. ** on this date, in attempts to gather more data. He stated that my credit card information was removed from the system and therefore, my policy was terminated. Please be advised: I NEVER REMOVED MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. In addition, this is contradictory of my previous call to AFLAC as stated above. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and was depending on the moneys I would receive through my short term disability policy. At this time, I have no policy.

Lastly, I spoke with **, who is an AFLAC representative that originally enrolled me in these policies. She is aware of the continuous mishandling of my health care and offered me apology on behalf of AFLAC. This company has caused me a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress to both me and my unborn child. Furthermore, I do not feel comfortable having my health care in your hands.

At this time, I am requesting a FULL REFUND of payments provided to you since 9/2012. I have paid you a few hundred dollars and have had my policy inactive throughout most of the time. The constant confusion and mishandling has led me to believe that this company is not representing themselves as promised. I will not pay for something I never received, nor do I feel I should be held liable for your mishandling.

I have documents and proof that indicate I took the necessary actions to ensure my policy remain active. Also, I never received any kind of notice from AFLAC that my policy would be terminated. I do not want my policy active at this time, as I do not feel comfortable placing my health in the hands of this company.

On 6/27/13, I spoke with Escalation Services, who informed me that my request has been DENIED. My refund in the amount of $560.45 is being denied stating that, “I could have filed a claim.” The fact is, I couldn't have filed a claim because my policies were inactive most of the time I supposedly had them. Furthermore, they stated “they apologize that the system failed and did not register my Visa Credit Card and therefore, my account was terminated.

So because their system was not operating correctly, they have taken all of my money and have left me with no coverage for my short term disability (maternity leave). This company stole my money and did not provide me with any services.

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Rating: 1/51

1959, TEXAS -- I put in a claim and I'm still waiting. Every time I call they tell me the same thing. It's a big headache with them. I am so ready to dump them.

The Don't Cover What Is Promised
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Rating: 1/51

ANACONDA, MONTANTA -- We kept Aflac for 9 years, despite having to battle for coverage each time. The last straw was the denial of $1000 orthodontic benefit that we were promised on our premier policy years ago. We would not have continued the policy for so long if they were going to deny us because there is a secret "rider" that you need to fill out to get the benefits. Never again. We have canceled. Our new company is actually doing what it is supposed to.

Disability Income Insurance
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Rating: 3/51

CROSSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Years ago when I was relatively new to employee benefits, AFLAC benefits seemed like a reasonable idea. However, as I learned the markets and different types of policies and their competition, my assessment of AFLAC became a lot more critical. First thing EVERY buyer needs to know... Every AFLAC policy is an INDIVIDUAL plan. This means that these plans ARE subject to underwriting and coverage can be declined. It also means that ANY condition deemed pre-existing may be excluded from coverage INDEFINITELY. In addition, ANY claim under an individual policy may be declined for the first TWO years following purchase.

The second thing people need to know is that INDIVIDUAL disability plans ALWAYS cost more than an employer sponsored GROUP disability plan. What's the difference between INDIVIDUAL and GROUP insurance plans??? Individual plans are owned by the insured. So they are totally portable and one can continue maintaining coverage simply by paying the premium even if one changes jobs and the new employer will not do payroll deductions.

Group plans though, are owned by the sponsoring employer. So if one leaves the sponsoring employer, they cannot take the policy with them. (However, if they are under a disability claim and they are terminated, or should they be on claim and their employer terminate the plan, their benefits continue for as long as the policy provides.)

THINGS to KNOW about GROUP DISABILITY PLANS... First, they are NOT subject to underwriting. In addition, there are restrictions defining what can be considered 'pre-existing'. Moreover, Group Short Term Disability plans often have NO 'pre-existing' conditions whatsoever provided the insured is actively at work when the policy takes effect. Another thing to know about group disability plans is that usually one can purchase Group Short Term Disability WITH Long Term Disability and $50,000 of group term insurance for LESS than it would cost them to purchase ONLY Short Term Individual Disability.

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