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I Love My Aflac
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Rating: 5/51

CALIFORNIA -- I have 3 policies with AFLAC: Cancer since 2009, Accident since 2009 and Short Term Disability since 2010. I file my AFLAC Interactive Smart claims online, upload the appropriate documents and 90% of the time they are approved within 12-24 hours and often the money is in my bank account within that same time frame.

Usually, the money is in my account before I am even notified. I get a confirmation that my claim has been received, another notification that my uploaded docs have been received. I receive a letter asking for more docs if needed and a letter of denial if appropriate and for the claims approved (most are approved because they fall within the guidelines of benefits) an explanation of benefits including the amount paid. I filed claims in southern California and now New Mexico. Same company, same service. I LOVE MY AFLAC!

Motorcycle Accident
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Rating: 1/51

ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- Had a small injury to neck but was not hurting. Just bruised up. Made an appointment with Doctor but was not able to see me until 3 weeks later. Turned my claim in because had a nerve problem in neck. Aflac denied my claim because I did not see a doctor in 72 hours. So every time I hurt myself, even if I am not hurting, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with a doctor or better yet go to Emergency room, that way Aflac can't screw you. If you like to see a copy of the letter FB me.

Non-Payment on Injury
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Rating: 1/51

I got an hernia and have the accident policy and was told my hernia doesn't qualify. Because I went to the emergency room and had surgery that night. But I was in some much pain and was not feeling good I wasn't sure what the problem was but to find out it was not covered just upset me. Now they tell me I can't quit my policy 'cause it pre-tax - I have to wait til the end of the year.

Lies and Not Paying for Accidents
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Rating: 2/51

OPELIKA, ALABAMA -- My wife tore her rotator cuff while picking up our small lap dog. She waited a few weeks before going to the MD even though it hurt. It wasn't until it kept her up at night that she finally went. Short story, she had it repaired and we filed all the required paperwork. A few days later we were notified they needed something that was missing. No big deal. We got the paperwork and sent it in.

After waiting another week or so, still nothing. My wife called and was told by the CSR that they were backed up due to the holidays (Christmas/New Year's). Fine, we understood. We waited another week and still nothing. We spoke to another CSR representative and he gave us the same excuse BUT, claimed to have put some sort of rush note on it.

THEN, the local AFLAC representative came to the grade school that my wife works at to sell insurance to the employees. My wife did not bother to go up there since she had been talking to the reps on the phone and figured they couldn't do anything more than what she had been told. So, my wife gets a call in her office asking her to come up front. The AFLAC representative was there and told my wife she was aware of her claim being denied.

My wife asked..."What do you mean denied? I just spoke to them yesterday and they said it was being worked." So, luckily my wife's local representative is on the ball and having her claim changed. Insurance is one of the biggest scams in the world and AFLAC is no different. They just want your money and not pay out for what you pay! We will be looking elsewhere AND reading up on other companies to find a better service!

By -

I have two policies with Aflac... short term disability and accident. After paying thousands of dollars over the years to Aflac I finally needed them this year when I hurt myself and had to have surgery for a hernia. I was off work for over a month and after many denials of my claims and several months, all I received was approx: 700 dollars.

My accident policy alone lists my hernia surgery as a 1200 dollar payout. I was so angry I called Aflac to cancel my insurance with them and was told that I couldn't cancel til the next open date which will be sometime in November... what's worse is she also said they would continue billing me right on through to next year and there was nothing I could do about it... I HATE Aflac!!!

Beware - Aflac Only Pays Out for Certain Accidents
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- I have the accident policy from Aflac for my whole family that essentially amounts to supplemental insurance over and above my regular Blue Cross plan. My 8 year old son broke out some front teeth doing flips on our trampoline this past year. A clear accident. We rushed him to the hospital to stop the bleeding, and then were sent to an orthodontist to handle the dental trauma.

After my Blue Cross paid, I was out $3,800 out of pocket. Upon submitting all paperwork and doctor's reports, Aflac only paid $105, citing the accident required dental treatment, which they do not cover. The agent stated, "If your son had broken his arm, we would have paid $3,500 for this claim, but broken teeth, only $105." Thanks Aflac for nothing! A complete waste of money.

Aflac Needs Better Training for Employees
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Rating: 1/51

CHESTERFIELD, VIRGINIA -- OK... So two years ago Aflac comes to the workplace and puts on a show... I bite and get it... Two years later I get into a car accident through no fault of my own... I spoke with my Aflac representative and she told me she was coming back to my work the next Tues. During that time I went and got doc reports and everything I could think of to get this thing through at a cost of $20.00 for paperwork fees.

The next Tues. I got with my representative and she told me everything looked in order. Three weeks later I call just to check on the claim because it seemed to be taking a [little] longer than expected... I was told that a letter had been sent to me requesting the police report... I never got a letter.. Even if I did, why send it to me. I don't have a police report, the police do. I was then informed that I would need to send in the report.. I said, "Isn't that your job at Aflac?" Then I was asked if I had a number for the police dept. so that they could get n touch with them to request the report. Um, the only number I have for the police is 911.

So, to make a long story short, I am still waiting for this claim to go through. Aflac does not make it simple for someone who is worrying about medical bills and their health to file a claim. It seems that they would rather have you the customer do it for them, and if not, they will just deny you.

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