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You Cannot Get a Problem Resolved That Might Cost a Lot of Money
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ALL RIGHT HEATING & AC, BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- I am most unhappy. I purchased a home in October of 2008 with an AHS warranty as recommended by my realtor. We were happy to find that we were 'covered' when the air conditioner developed problems the following summer (2009). We were perplexed by the problems we seemed to have initially getting a visit to check out our system (it took several days for the initial visit) but eventually All Right Heating came and looked at the system.

Our system was, at that time, leaking WATER on the inside, which was dripping from the cooling heat exchanger on the inside of the home and running down the metal surfaces on the inside and outside of the AC/heater unit, and was actually dripping down internal wiring in the heater area and further down onto and into the blower motor that got replaced during the second call.

There was WATER and RUST evident at all levels, but the technician shrugged on the first visit (the unit was not cooling adequately) and said the compressor needed freon, which he added. Repeat calls fell on deaf ears when I explained that the unit was operational but still dripping water inside the unit onto the wires and onto the motor, and from there through the bottom of the unit to the to the floor drain. I had requested that the technician check the A/C drip pan for a leaks during the second visit, but he did not comply with my request.

About a month later the motor seized completely, and so All Right returned and replaced the motor. I noted again the problem I saw with internal water flowing over the internal wiring and the motor, but again, my concerns fell on deaf ears. This motor, now still less than one year old, broke off at 2 of the 3 mounts this past Tuesday. A call to All Right on motor warranty got the answer that blower motors are only guaranteed for 90 days.

I called another AC company. This time, the owner of the company visited and he indicated that the water running down through the rusted-through drain pan under the AV coils has destroyed the blower enclosure, and that repair was possible but not advisable because of the leaking water. He stated that a repair of the housing was possible and would run between $800 and $1000 and that with water flowing downward, there would not be a warranty on the repair.

So now we are looking at a TOTAL air conditioner and heater replacement for a problem that WAS IDENTIFIED LAST YEAR UNDER YOUR WARRANTY BUT NEVER ADDRESSED NOR REPAIRED. The new AC unit will cost about $8000, and I will be filing formal complaints with you and ServiceMaster, as well as notifying the realtor's home office so they can tell agents what a shoddy job your company does. I would gladly discuss this further with the customer service department. Again, I am most unhappy over this entire episode with this “service” company.

Legal Scam
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This letter is a request for claims review to reimburse cost of service paid by me to Cass Plumbing on the above-stated date. Explanation of incident: On June 7th at approximately 1:30 am, I woke up to go to the restroom. Half asleep, as I walked out I noticed that I had stepped on a small spot of water, but figured that it must have come from a splatter from me washing my hands. I went back to bed. I got up about an hour later to use the bathroom again. (I drank a lot of water before going to bed because I had a headache and was dehydrated. Sometimes it helps.) I know that part is stupid but I had to explain.

When I flushed the toilet I heard an unusual trickle coming from somewhere. I thought of the water that I had stepped on earlier. I looked around to see where it was coming from and noticed it coming from behind the toilet, but couldn't tell from exactly where. I went to get a pan to catch the water and figured that I could get it fixed in the morning. By the time I came back in with the pan, the water was coming out faster and I realized the pan would surely not hold it.

I tried to turn off the valve but it just flowed even faster, no matter which way I turned it. At this point the water is coming out like it was turned on full force and there was nothing I could do. I grabbed every towel to block the water from coming out of the bathroom but they were not working. I was beginning to panic I didn't know what to do. I tried to wake a couple of neighbors but couldn't. I had to get someone out to stop the water.

I called a plumber and they said they would have someone call me. While waiting for the call, I started running around the house picking up things that would be destroyed by the water and unplugging all electrical cords. After ten minutes they didn't call, I called them back and they said they would try to get them to call me again. By this time the water has taken 3 rooms. I decided not to wait for this plumber to call and called about 3 more plumbers until I got a definite answer that someone is on their way. Finally I got a hold of Cass Plumbing and he told me that he is on his way over.

Page 2 - At around 3:15 am, and while waiting for Cass I called AHS and spoke to **. She was a nice lady and understood the panic that I was in. I explained to her that I already called the plumber and was waiting for him as were speaking.

I understood that I was supposed to call AHS first, but this was an emergency. Common sense tells me to fix the problem before it gets worse, and before I call you, and knowing from my past experience with AHS procedures, that I would be answered by a recording and have to go through entering all of the info that was asked of me, then put on hold.

When someone answers they ask for the same info that the recording asked. Then they send you to someone else. Then that person will tell you that I will get a call from someone telling me when they will be coming. I could not sit and watch everything get destroyed because of AHS procedures. Does that make sense? What would you do?

Cass Plumbing arrived while I was talking to ** which was around 3:30 am. By this time the water had covered 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms the hallway and a living room. That was half of my house! The plumber (**) fixed the problem. He said it was an improper pony pipe toilet supply and a cone washer. He was also nice enough to get a professional company out right away to dry the house in order to prevent more damage from the water.

** gave me a dispatch number and told me to call 877-490-5688 in 2 hours for authorization. That sounded easy enough. I thought that AHS was going to do the right thing for me and not make me go through more aggravation than what the leak had caused.

I called the number and told the young man what ** had told me and he didn't seem to hear anything that I said about me already having someone out. He said he would have a plumber call me to let me know when they will be out here. I explained to him again and he didn't seem to get it.

I think I flustered his robot mode and he then put me on hold to talk to someone about it. He got back on and I think that he was the one that told me to call the number on my card. At that point I don't remember if he had me talk to another person, and that person told me that, or it was him. Also at that point I was just getting too upset with AHS.

At 11:00 I get a call from a plumber telling me that he is responding to a service call from AHS. Now I had already told AHS 2 times that I called the plumber myself due to the emergency that I had. I wondered why he was calling at 11:00 when my issue was 7 hours ago, and I asked him why. He said AHS gave him the wrong phone number to call me.

Later that evening, as I was checking emails I noticed an email with the subject “Service Request Confirmation” sent at 7:40 am (4 hours after my initial call to AHS), stating that I can expect to hear from the Unstoppers, Inc. during normal business hours. And when they get here, they have to call ASH to get permission to fix it. UH! And they might not even have the part to fix it, and I would have to wait several more days!

Page 3 - I don't live at my computer, so I would not have known that an email was sent. Now…if I had followed AHS procedure, by calling them first, and then waited for their plumber to call me, the damage would have been 100 times worse and expensive for me to repair, as fast as the water was flowing.

So then I ask what good is AHS if they would rather allow your home to be destroyed than to accommodate a client/customer when the need is clearly present in an emergency situation. I would like to have confidence that the company I hire will do what they say they will in a timely manner and sometimes go the extra mile to make sure their client is happy that they chose them instead of one the other companies.

Included in this letter is: copy of email from Unstopper, copy of invoice from Cass Plumbing. Please send acknowledgement that fax was received to email address **. Also if there is anything else that you need to make this more complete and to expedite the procedure to be reimbursed, call me at **. Please reply no later than 3 working days from date faxed to you.

I trust that I will have your full cooperation, so I am thanking you in advance. Also I apologize if anything I said insulted the company. I was irritated, so stated my feelings as a customer so your company can learn from this and to get better reviews in the future.

Update... The fax number that was given to me by AHS did not work. I called and was on hold again for 30 min. and had to give all of my info to the recorder. Grrr! When someone finally answered, I asked what their fax number was, and she gave me a totally different number! I asked why I was given a different number and she didn't know and had to go ask someone, then said that they had just changed the number that day. What kind of company changes their fax number?

Needless to say, AHS did not reply to my claim request within the 3 days that I asked them to and of course they denied my claim. The next week I get a call from them asking if I am going to renew my plan with them! Really??? They want me to give them another $650.00 to let them treat me like crap again???

Lack of Service for a Service Member
By -

LAGRANGE, GEORGIA -- AHS does not care about its customers! My AC went out at approximately 2:30 PM, Sun - 01 AUGUST 2010 and I immediately went online to initiate a service request followed by a phone call to their customer service line to stress the urgency for service, since GA is and has been in the midst of a "HEAT WAVE".

I was advised that they would list my request to urgent and contact one of their vendors to respond. I called again later to be told that they have not been able to contact anyone (i.e. no response from vendor's). I called again on Mon - 02 AUG 2010 at approx. 7:25 AM and I was advised that they were still trying to contact a vendor. I called again at 4:16 PM on Mon - 02 Aug 2010 to receive the same answer. This made it over 24 hrs at this time and I am still roasting in my house waiting for a service HVAC company to contact me.

I called again on Tues - 03 AUG 2010 at approximately 0720 AM and I am told the same thing again. So, I asked how many vendors do they have and I was advised that they had six (6x) for HVAC. I asked if there was a problem with these vendors as to why they are not responding. I was advised I do not know. The customer service representative sounded like she did not care whether I received service or not. I was advised to call back in two hours to see what the status was on my service request.

I advised the AHS CSR that I guess I will have to take this to another level before I hung up the phone. It was at this time, I looked through my records and contacted one of the AHS HVAC vendors that serviced my heater in Feb 2010.

I asked the AHS HVAC vendor rep if he/his company was still a vendor for AHS and he said yes. I asked him if he received any calls from AHS regarding my AC urgent AC service request and he said no. I asked if he was available to service my AC, he said yes but he needed to receive the service request dispatch from AHS to respond.

I contacted AHS immediately afterwards and that is when I they advised me that they just contacted the same AHS HVAC vendor to provide service. The AHS HVAC Vendor calls me back at approx 8:30 AM on Tues - 03 AUG 2010 and advised me that they will not come out to repair my AC until Thurs - 05 AUG 2010, between the hours of 8:00 AM & 12:00 PM. Note: There is an "Excessive Heat Advisory/Warning" for GA again today and this will make it a total of five (5x) days (01 to 05 AUG 2010) without AC along with five (5x) days missed from work as a result of the lack of service from AHS and their crappy network or vendors!!!

I am a military service member stationed here in GA. I am current with my AHS policy payments (never been late) via Wells Fargo Mortgage, and I respond at a moments notice when you (the USA) calls on me to respond to the call anywhere in the world!!! I provide excellent customer service to this country and I am not allowed to blow off calls for duty/deployment so, why is it that AHS is allowed to screw over its customers this way especially during a heat wave??? I am currently looking for a new home warranty service company this company (AHS) is "sub-standard" by all definitions!

Not Honoring Contracts Sold via Telephone, Unseen
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Rating: 1/51

MACON, GEORGIA -- I was given the sales pitch, over the phone. Anything that goes wrong with the appliance you buy the coverage for will be repaired. If you repairable, it will be replaced. This was approximate 15 years ago. There weren't too many of these companies around then. It was good at first. Barely had to use it. But then they started slipping in changes in the company, and they get to decide at any point whether something is covered or not.

I have been paying added fees to keep my well covered. It's our only water source. Never had to use it for this. Well it is gushing water, impairing it from getting to the house. Called for service, and find they don't cover any pipes to the well, even the ones inside the WELL HOUSING ITSELF. Doesn't cover drilling. If need a new well, doesn't cover electrical inside the well unit, and only covers certain amount, if replaced. What the heck? I'm reading all the coverage, and it's like this throughout.

When I bought the policy from their representative over the phone, I was assured if you list certain items covered, anything that goes wrong, is covered. Not at all. Read your contracts. Very shady practice. Last year my water heater/air conditioner unit finally died. My god it was put in this house in the 90s. It was 20 years old. I don't know the life in those things but it was a shabby system to begin with. Well it rusted out, and sure enough they didn't cover it. These things are going to happen. But they said it was not properly maintained per an inexperienced tech. That's all it took.

I didn't have time to fight, so I gave up on that. 6,000.00 dollars to replace. But now with the well, and I'm reading all this fine print, and it's impossible. All they want to do is paste stuff back together. They have loopholes all over the place. Yep won't be staying with them. Noted their rating has dropped significantly. Huh. Can't imagine why.

AHS Deceptive Practices
By -

On 12 June, I called in A/C repair for my small unit upstairs. 60 days later my A/C is still not cooling up stairs adequately. AHS has accommodated me with around 7 contractors out to fix/replace the system. The first visit was Certified Services. On the first visit, the representative inspected the system annotate low pressure on the ride on the condenser. He added Freon and left.

I called by and AHS sent him again. He diagnosed the valve needed to be replaced. The valve was replaced to be recalled because my A/C is still not cooling up stairs adequately. The representative then diagnosed the compressor replaced last year needed to be replaced again. Certified heating air replaced the compressor to be called two later because my A/C is still not cooling up stairs adequately.

AHS sent Harlow Heating and Air service. The representative told me he thought the unit needed to be replaced and he was going to report this to AHS. He did not provide a written diagnosis. The AHS representative called me and informed Harlow reported the compressor will be replaced under warranty. Harlow services came in three days. I called the AHS representative two days to report my A/C is still not cooling upstairs adequately.

Harlow services came again and the representative thought my filters were advanced and putting a strain on the systems. We pulled out both filters and he would return two later hoping for a better report. I called two later to AHS to report my A/C is still not cooling upstairs adequately. Harlow services came out and provided Freon. I called AHS the next day to report my A/C is still not cooling upstairs adequately. Harlow services representative inspected and informed me the valves needed to be replaced.

I called AHS four or five days and requested a diagnosis. The deceptive report was, "the system is working properly and suggested the home owner install attic fans.” (Harlow Services, 11 Aug 11) When I spoke, the AHS representative, she said she did not see all reports I recalled. I could not be more disappointed and appalled with deceptive business practices.

I asked to receive a copy of all the contractor service calls out to my home and the representative informed me I could not receive what they see in their system because it is read-only, I know I could get all by court order. I need AHS to provide the service which I paid for on a regular basis. Can you assist me or force me to seek restitution.

AHS Isn't Worth Your Money
By -

I purchased a home with an AHS home warranty on 9/30/10 (contract # **). On 10/7/10, the hot water heater stopped working (the flame had gone out and would not re-ignite). By chance, I had a licensed plumber installing a water line for my refrigerator that day. He tried to light the flame, but it would not light. He examined the unit and said the inside of the unit was corroded and leaking internally and thus, the unit'€™s flame was extinguished and would not re-ignite.

I called AHS on 10/7/10 to have the unit repaired or replaced. Abbey Plumbing came to my home on 10/7/10 to examine the unit. I believe the repair man'€™s name was **, who wasn'€™t in a good mood. He was actually handling a personal call most of the time he was at my home, arguing with someone on his cell phone. He thought the issue was caused by water damage/flooding after seeing some staining at the bottom of the basement walls (I've been in the house for almost 2 months, and the walls always look that way).

Plus, the unit was working when I took ownership on 9/30/2010 and the basement did not flood while I'€™ve been in the house. Additionally, the Seller'€™s Disclosure stated that there has not been flooding/water accumulation in the basement in the past.

AHS called me a few hours later to say the repair was not covered due to water damage, and it would cost me +$500 just to replace the igniter and it would be another week until the part would arrive and he can schedule my repair. I informed the agent that another plumber had a different diagnose and she said I could pay another $60 service fee to have another AHS plumber assess the issue a couple days later. Or, I could dispute the assessment, which would take several days and I would be without hot water for a couple more weeks during this review process. She also said I could have it fixed, then dispute their claim afterwards.

As a result, I called the other plumber for pricing and he said the +$500 cost was outrageous (and it wouldn'€™t fix the real issue) and he could replace the entire unit for only $770 the next day. Understandably, I used Attilio to replace my existing unit rather than have another one of AHS' plumbers rule in AHS'€™ favor.

I sent a letter disputing AHS' assessment and got a response from ** on 12/1. She indicated that the first woman I spoke with on 10/7 should not have said that I could dispute after the fact. She said they never give in to a dispute and once I declined their second plumber's assessment, I was out of luck (which was never communicated to me). My only course of action would be to hire an attorney to fight AHS. In short, this seems like a scam!

We Guarantee to Take Your Money and Give Poor Service
By -

CARROLL, IOWA -- I have had a warranty contract with AHS for about 10 or so years. I moved into my new home in 1999 and I did not need any service from AHS at first. But when the time came that I had to call for a home problem, it seem as if they give good service. But the next time I called, things had changed. The company that came out give very poor service, so I called AHS to let them know that the service was very bad and they just brushed me off. Then I had a problem with my air conditioner over and over again, so I had the company that AHS send put in a new A/C to solve the problems that I was having with my A/C only to find out I still had problems with my A/C.

On 1/24/2010 I had another problem with the A/C so I called AHS and asked for service. They set me up with a company and gave me the number to call if I did not hear from them. I call and they would send someone out the same day, but it would cost me $89.00 an hour for the service. I quickly told the company that I had AHS and they give me the number to check about on getting service. The lady said I would have to wait for the paper work to come. After a few hours I received a call that I would not be getting service for 3 days.

I called AHS back again and they send another company out the next day. The young man who came looked at my A/C and I told him about the problems I were having over the years with the A/C. He then went into the upper part of my A/C and showed me the real problem.

All the times that AHS send an A/C company, no one ever went into the top part of my A/C or walked me though the things that he did. AHS would not cover anything on my A/C. Even though the companies they send did not inform me of the things I should have done to help me keep my system up and running, but they did not have a problem getting me to buy an A/C and other products from them that I really did not need.

AHS has broken one of the most important rules of all, "We guarantee excellent service". AHS did not approve the service that they guaranteed to myself and others. I hope that someone make life a living hell for them like they did me. AHS, GOD see everything that you and your contractor do.

Do Not Buy Ahs Home Warranty
By -

P.O. BOX 849, CARROLL, INDIANA -- I have had the AHS Home Warranty for the last 2 years. My home is 12 years old, and until recently, I was under the assumption that I had great home warranty coverage...or so it says on their website. Today, during the Labor Day Holiday, my air conditioned decides not to work. I live in it is still hot...high of 96 tomorrow and for the next 3 days. So I called my trusted home warranty people. No one can come out until is Saturday night!

If these people provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...why do I have to wait on one of their contractors to come see about my HOT house?!?!?! This makes no sense to me! So I decided to call the superior customer service line...and they said, and I quote "because the heat index will not be in the 100s, it is not an emergency"! So 96 is not hot enough...but 100 is? It may be 96 outside...but I bet the heat index will be way over 100 in my house!

Needless to say...I have to come out of pocket for a repair man to come out and fix the problem. And it won't be covered by the warranty, because its not 100 in my house! I do not think that ANYONE should have to wait 4 days to get an air conditioner fixed...especially people who live in states where it's freaking HOT! SO DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR SERVICE...I AM CANCELLING MY IMMEDIATELY, well Tuesday because they are closed for the holiday. PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK...YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO PAY ANYWAY.

A/C Delay and Lie
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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI -- Called the complaint in to AHS and was issued a number. Three days later service guy shows up and finds refrigerant leak in evaporator. He calls AHS for approval. One week later, AHS says they will pay for coil and replacement of coil, but not to remove furnace (must be removed to replace coil). I have to pay for that in addition to deductible.

I asked for a review and was connected with an EXPERT. He is expert in denying coverage. I will pay for the excess and will at every opportunity tell everyone I know how sorry AHS is. I will try to cost them 1,000,000s in premiums. All they needed to do was what they agreed to in the contract and not dig up Section I #4 which lets them deny almost anything. It is like paying to install a new engine in your car, but you must pay to have the hood removed. Pure idiocy and crookedness.

Where Do I Start
By -

LOGANVILLE, GEORGIA -- A few months ago I had my furnace cleaned. The technician advised I had a small crack in the heat exchange. He suggested that I keep paperwork to prove I had kept it maintained. I called AHS and they sent a tech out 4 days later; who insisted there was no crack.

I called the supervisor of the other company that cleaned it and he walked the tech through to find the crack. Tech went outside and called AHS after telling my husband crack was small and he would trust it with his family. Tech never came back in the house to tell me what AHS said. I called heating company. Guy advised me part would be ordered and it would take about a week.

Well it was Feb and kind of cold. When it did come, they'd ordered wrong part. Took all day to track down right part and install. If I had not called the manager of the company that cleaned the furnace, the tech would have lied and said there was no crack. Carbon monoxide kills. They did not want to pay for the heat exchange.

The manager told the tech "you know you have to replace the furnace or at the very least replace the heat exchange". It took the manager of another company into forcing the tech to do the right thing. The guy never even came back in the house to get the check for the service fee. There are other horror stories but this one takes the cake 'cause they were forced to pay.

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