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Liars And Thieves Posing As An Insurance Company
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SAINT ANGELO, TEXAS -- AIG - it's been in the news for months. It needs money to keep its doors open, but it doesn't tell of the tricks, lies and theft it forces on policy holders. Here is one example on an accident victim. Accident on a highway in Texas:
results - helicopter call to take a passenger quickly to a hospital, dire emergency. AIG is the insurer. Hospital gives emergency service, calls AIG to confirm insurance and next day puts the bleeding, cut up, unable to walk patient in a cab with two pain medication prescriptions in hand and sends him to recuperate in a motel. Reason: AIG refuses to pay for services given that early morning, accident was at 2-3 A.M.

AIG would not pay for needed medical care - would not pay for needed medicines, lost salary about $1.000 a week and AIG pays $100 for 5 weeks and stops payments altogether. Meanwhile AIG is paying huge bonuses as we keep reading in the newspapers, having exquisite outings for executives, receiving free tax funds.

Warning: buy your health/accident/disability insurance with someone other than AIG. AIG takes the fee, leaves you to bleed. Trillion dollar company can't pay for a 10-day hospital stay which is what was required? Not saying much about the Texas Hospital either. But that would be a different review. This one is to tell all who listen: do not buy AIG policies, they are worthless. AIG is worthless. Be warned.

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