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Overcharged by $700 and 15% Restocking Fee After Shipment Return
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- AjRichies is an unscrupulous business that conducts deceptive business practices. Numerous complaints appear on several consumer-watch websites. Similar complaints have been reported by many customers. Do not do business with them!!! If you are taken in, don't waste your time trying to deal with them. File a complaint with your bank's consumer claims department and request a full refund for your credit card transaction. Since phone calls and e-mails are routinely not returned, it is unlikely that they will successfully dispute a customer claim when a bank attempts to investigate a sale and negotiate a settlement.

AjRichies conceals unfavorable terms and conditions of sales on their website. They charge a 15% restocking fee and a 10% fee for refused shipments. A common complaint is that sales people call back customers after an initial sale is made to upsell accessories that are exorbitantly priced. If this is not accomplished, deliveries are long delayed or do not occur at all. All sorts of excuses are made. Customers who thought they were getting a deal wind up being charged more than advertised prices or get wrong products.

The history of my purchase is revealing in many ways. Over the phone, I was persuaded to purchase a $3,000 “package deal” for a camera body, 2 lenses, accessories, and extended warranties. I naively agreed to the sale without an itemization of prices. An e-mail with a confirmation of the sale and a tracking number was promised, but it was never received. Unlike many other customers, I actually received my shipment in a few days. The shipment enclosed a sales invoice which did not show any unit prices for the ordered items. In fine print at the bottom of the receipt was a 15% restocking fee policy.

Another policy was absent that states that incorrect and missing items are replaced, but no refunds are allowed. At the time of purchase, I was never informed orally or in writing of the restocking fee policy and other terms and conditions of sales that are buried in the website. When the restocking fee for a phone sale was questioned, the policy was justified by explaining that the policy appeared on the website. However, when one looks carefully at the language on the website, it explicitly states that the sales policies apply to website orders. There is no mention of phone transactions.

Several of the delivered items were lacking. The camera and lenses were defective in packaging and were missing items. The camera and lenses were missing original manufacturer's certificates of warranty. This placed in doubt whether the items were new products and US warrantied. It was evident that the camera body was restocked merchandise that had been resold. Manuals and accessories were missing from the box. Extended warranties that were purchased were not what they were purported to be.

Insured replacement and repair costs were limited in amount and accidental damage was explicitly excluded contrary to the representations of the sales person. I called the company and obtained the unit prices for my order. After accounting for the actual prices of the order and the prices of comparable products on the internet, I determined that I had been overcharged by $700. When I complained that I had been overcharged, an offer was made to adjust the sales price by $700. This was a clear acknowledgement of an overcharge. I refused the offer to the surprise of the salesperson.

I was intent on not doing business with AjRichies and getting a full refund of my money. I returned the entire shipment and bought identical equipment from Amazon companies to my satisfaction. When I received a Return for Refund form enclosed with a returned merchandise RMA, I was charged $450 for a 15% restocking fee based on the original inflated price of $3,000 and not the offered adjusted price of $2,300. Interestingly, the language of the form contradicted some of the return policies on the internet.

It stated that items that were incorrect or missing things would not be charged a restocking fee. When I last contacted AjRichies on October 29th, they surprisingly promised me a full refund by November 1st. However, I never received it. I then contacted my bank to file a claim. In the case AjRichies planned to object to my bank's credit card claim, I sent the bank a 7 page memo with various attachments and 4 unanswered e-mails to document the circumstances of my purchase. My bank credited me immediately after doing an “investigation” on the day I made the claim.

I am sure that they had no better luck than I had in attempting to reach AjRichies when I repeatedly called them on different days and was placed on hold for one and half hours before I gave up. The lesson I learned is always to investigate the reputation of a company before making a purchase. I feel quite safe making purchases on Amazon. They have very good customer support, and they back the sales of the companies that do business on their site. My wish is that someone would warn all potential customers and shut down AjRichies.

AjRichies's business address is not the place where they actually do business. It's a storefront in an apartment building in Brooklyn. It can be viewed on Google Maps. The location is obviously used only for shipments to conceal the true business address of the company. This prevents frustrated customers from serving legal papers on the company. An enterprising person in New York would do a great service to many dissatisfied customers by staking out the storefront and following shipment carriers to the actual location where shipments are processed and hopefully where the sales office exists. I am angry that so many people have been hurt by AjRichies.

BUYER BEWARE if buying from
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Do NOT purchase anything from (formerly: "BUYER BEWARE!!! Proceed with caution!! These folks are scam artists and need reported to the New York State Attorney General's Office for fraudulent business practices! This type of practice should be illegal! There was no easy way for me to explain to my husband how I got so dooped/scammed, so badly by the Ajrichies customer service dept!! If you just HAVE to be foolish enough to place an order with them,.. Proceed with caution and do NOT call them until your order has been shipped!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!!

I wish I would have checked reviews on this retailer first. I now see that other people have had similar complaints about them. This was my first purchase at,(formerly: The only reason I bought the item there and not or BestBuy was Ajrichies had the item on sale and I thought I could save 20.00. Anyway, I went through the checkout. My credit card charge had been approved ''INSTANTLY'' and then several days later Ajrichies sent me an e-mail stating that if I did NOT contact them to confirm my order that my order would be canceled. Needless to say I made my second mistake by calling them to confirm my order.

Their customer/sales representative was a very deceptive sales person!! He convinced me that I NEEDED additional and special items for this camera that I would NOT be able to purchase at Walmart or BestBuy. I ended up being SCAMMED and deceived into buying an additional $161.00 worth of items/accessories that I did NOT need. There was no easy way for me to explain to my husband how I got so dooped/scammed, so badly by the Ajrichies customer service dept!! I feel sooo stupid to have fallen for his lying sales pitch!

I will never again purchase from this retailer and can NOT ever recommend them! SAD. Very deceptive way to run a business... they will not be in operation much longer if this is how they continue to run their business! I will post bad reviews for this company... EVERWHERE!!!"

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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- After many weeks of searching I decided to buy a Canon T4i DSLR body from AJRitchies. I was directed to their web site by a reputable web reseller I regularly purchase from. Price was good, $529.99, and promised delivery - not bad. Before they shipped my order I received a phone call late one evening from a guy (think his 'name' was Tom), purporting to check the delivery address. That was not the purpose of his call. He was hard-selling accessories. Batteries, memory cards and extended warranties. I refused to accept the warranty but agreed to purchase 2 batteries (1 Free) and one 'special' memory card. Cost approx $50.

The order arrived on January 2nd. Canon body, only one battery and an 8GB memory card. OK, looked fine until I checked the accompanying Invoice/Delivery note. I was dumbstruck - the figure on my document was $699.99. I was therefore paying $170 for two items with a value of $30, and I am being generous by suggesting that figure. All my attempts to contact them, telephone and emails have proved fruitless. I am now directing my dispute through the card division of my bank.

I have since researched AJRichies on the internet and discovered many buyers complaining about the service, lack of, and overcharging activities of this company. Wish I knew who to contact so I can have them closed. Do not buy anything from this company.

Questionable Sales Practices
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Rating: 1/51

I was considering purchasing a camera from this company until I found a significant number of complaints about this company on the Internet. Before ordering from this company I thought it advisable to contact the sales department by email and ask for written confirmation that the camera they had advertised was new, unused, undamaged and in its original packaging. I also asked for confirmation that the camera had a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, could be registered with the manufacturer, and had all the accessories shipped by the manufacturer with the camera.

When I did not get a response from the sales department I sent the same message to their customer services department. Still no reply. I decided not to buy the camera rather than risk a runaround after placing the order, which seems to be the normal order of business for this company.

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