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American Kennel Club Chase Visa
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LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- American Kennel Club has been selling/lending the names of people that are registering animals, MINORS ALSO. I have received several applications from CHASE VISA credit cards. This is a 1-877-203-3729 number located on the letter. I have placed calls to ask nicely for no more mail from them. Well it does not work. They just keep sending more.

The last time I called I noticed a difference in the accent. I asked if they were AMERICAN and if they were located in AMERICA. The person said no to both. What are these people doing with the information they receive? I know we have enough in AMERICAN scamming people that we sure do not have to let a bunch of others get in on it. I am fed up with any company that hires people outside of AMERICA and all AMERICANS should be too. Stop and ask WHERE THE COMPANY IS LOCATED AND IF THE PERSON IS AN AMERICAN!

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