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Ole Carolina Bacon
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Rating: 5/51

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- I have read many bad reviews on the ALDI Carolina bacon, but my experiences have been just the opposite. This bacon is actually a Tyson Foods product and is typical Tyson quality bacon, which is quite good. Anyone familiar with bacon knows it is a crap shoot as to the amount of lean to fat ratio in any package of bacon. That said, ALDI bacon is as good as any out there and at a great price. I'm sorry for the bad experiences others have had, but please be reminded of the ALDI guarantee. Full refund and product replacement if one isn't pleased with any product. I have absolutely no affiliation with the ALDI company, nor do my friends or family.

Please retrain the manager of Aldi
By -

Unsatisfied customer. I shop there once every week. I like to buy a lot of groceries in bulks most of time for my business. This is like the 4th time. The store needs to keep their stocks on hand according to my purchases and other customers purchases. Every business needs happy satisfied customers. Unfortunately, this brand new store is not setting their standards.

Please re-train the manager. When the mgr. came by the cashier not to sale to me all my purchases she did not even apologize. She just said the products needed to be evenly sold to other customers according to her orders for the store. The mgr. face was not smiling but the cashier was smiling and happy faced. Is the store mgr. the CEO, founder, or the owner? If not, she needs to be fired. Retrained. Or demoted. Or something else.

On Friday 9.30.2011, I purchased bananas by the cases. I had only 2 cs. previous shopping times. She saw me and said it was ok. Today, she sold only 1 case. But read this carefully. The posted price of bananas I saw at 0.30 cents per lb. Then at the checkout she ran there to the cashier and said something to her. My receipt showed 0.44 cents per lb. I then walked back to check on the posted price "the manager (she)" had already changed to 0.44 cents in just few minutes.

She stood there waiting for me to go back and check on the "quick price change". Wow. Outrageous!!! I hope your store have camera to check on her. Please do so. I also purchase avocados. I always bought 40 pieces or more. But today she took back 30 pieces. She had just pushed a customer away. So shameful on her.

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