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There have been several break-ins in lockers at this gym located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Gym Alem Fitness center is owned by Olympic gold medalist **. Things ranging from laptops to expensive watches and most recently around $600.00 in cash were stolen from lockers. Several customers have also complained about duplicate keys and one key opening multiple lockers. Management has not taken any action to solve the problem. The owner and the management of the facilities, instead of trying to identify the thieves and ensuring that such incidents do not happen have repeatedly blamed the customers for leaving items in the lockers.

The owner of the gym has even stated to the customer who had the items stolen that he doesn't care about the $600. stolen from the customer rather he cares about the millions he has and might lose as a result of word getting out about the theft. The owner has also threatened to sue anyone who reports theft at the gym for defamation of character.

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1 reviews & complaints.
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Alem Fitness Center
Bole Road
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
251-11-663-38-97 (ph)
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