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Rude Staff, 5 hour delay on runway, Hot Sauna type plane
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NY TO ROMA -- On May 26 2011 I made my first trip to Europe. We were flying Alitalia via Delta. The plane was delayed for FIVE hours while we were inside this plane. US rules do not apply to international flights. There's no individual air on this plane and the temperature was HOT. We were served food that tasted like cardboard and only 4 cups of water in the 13 hours we were trapped inside this aircraft. At one point my son went back to an attendant and asked for a Pepsi. The attendant was rude and said there are no drinks.

My son pointed to a 3/4 full Pepsi on the table behind him. The guy said, "Fine! Pour it yourself." I complained June 9th when I returned. I have had NO RESPONSE from them yet. None. Do everything you can to avoid flying Alitalia. Our return trip aboard Delta was perfect.

Uncaring and Insensitive Customer Service
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I was asked by an 86-year-old neighbor who speaks very limited English to help purchase two tickets online so he could visit ailing relatives. He is retired and poor, and we tried to save money by switching dates around. When we bought the tickets, we found we had changed a 2-week trip to 1-week. I tried calling customer service twice, and their corporate office in NYC once, but they wouldn't waive the $440 change fees or let me speak to a supervisor. I'm unemployed, and I had to pay the fee myself. They were rude, uncaring and insensitive, and I recommend people avoid flying on an airline that treats its customers this way.

Luggage Stolen or "lost"!!!
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- My daughter flew with several other students to Italy and Greece and 10 of the students and chaperons "LOST" their luggage through this airline and they refuse to return it. She traveled on June 13 and this is now July 25 and she still hasn't received her luggage. He have filed claims, contacted our congressman and the American embassy in Italy, still no luggage.

AND... do not contact their corporate offices, no one answers the phone!!! If you call Italy direct and it happens to be the end of someones shift, THEY HANG UP ON YOU!!! This is the worse airline ever. There was a website, but I see they got that off the internet... TOO MUCH PRESSURE!!!

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